"You will leave your adversaries in a blinding trail of ionized dust."
Fiz Cor'gril on the Wild Star.[src]

The Wild Star was a modified Deep-X "Explorer", manufactured by Uulshos Manufacturing and modified by the techs of Fizzi's Slightly Used Ships.


The Wild Star was a Dpx yacht of the Deep-X "Explorer" variant that was equipped with a dual hyperdrive, two blaster cannons, and starfighter-level ion engines. Garginoolaara, the chief technician at Fizzi's Slightly Used Ships, replaced the already powerful engines with Boshaa-C'hi Ion Engines and pushed these beyond their limits. This made the Wild Star a ship purely built for speed.[1]


The Wild Star was put on sale at Fizzi's Slightly Used Ships for AurebeshSans-Serif credit 95,000.[1]


SWAJsmall "Fizzi's Slightly Used Starships"—Star Wars Adventure Journal 9

Notes and referencesEdit

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