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"A priority dispatch from Rampart Station, sir."
―The adjutant interrupts Tarkin's uniform fitting[src]

A human male served Governor Wilhuff Tarkin as an adjutant during the Governor's time as commander of Sentinel Base. Five years after the establishment of the Galactic Empire, the adjutant was forced to interrupt a uniform fitting Tarkin was holding in his personal quarters to inform the Governor that the nearby Rampart Station was under attack. Tarkin abandoned the fitting and marched with the adjutant in tow to Sentinel Base's command center where he discovered the transmission from Rampart was actually a hoax, designed to draw Imperial forces away from Sentinel Base so that a warship controlled by a rebel cell could attack the facility. After the attack, the adjutant found Tarkin in the base's maintenance hangar and informed him that Grand Vizier Mas Amedda was trying to contact him from the planet Coruscant. The adjutant had blonde hair, clear eyes and was shorter than Tarkin.[1]

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The adjutant first appeared, but was not named, in the 2014 James Luceno novel Tarkin.


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