Captain Willa Udine was the commanding officer of the Kathol Republic Navy Marauder-class corvette Bravado III in 8 ABY. She commanded the ship when it was engaged by the Imperial ship Lialic II, operating under the name Lance of Endor and claiming to be part of the New Republic. The Bravado III was crippled in the engagement, but Udine survived, sending out a distress signal to any other Kathol Republic ships in the area.

When the distress call was answered by the legitimate New Republic ship FarStar, Udine believed them to be in league with the Lance. However, knowing that the rest of the Kathol Republic Navy was on the way in response to her distress call, she kept talking to the crew of the FarStar to distract them. Udine also attempted to keep the FarStar in the system by diverting the last of the Bravado III’s remaining power into its only functional tractor beam projector.