"They call me, Smootie."
―Wim Smoot[src]

Wim "Smootie" Smoot was a male Peripleen inmate at Desolation Alley around the time of the Battle of Naboo. He had been there for over 150 years, though he did not even know his own age, or why he was imprisoned in the first place (though it did get him a life sentence). Warden Booda granted him full access to the prison. His jobs included delivery and laundry transportation. He enjoyed talking with other prisoners and guards when not too busy. Because many of the prisoners assumed he had gone deaf years ago, they would often let slip rumors and secrets in his presence that they might not have otherwise.

Shortly after the Battle of Naboo, he helped Jango Fett break in and out of Oovo IV. On his way to the mining area, Jango Fett joined Smootie in the elevator. Smootie told Jango where Bendix Fust (Jango's bounty) was, and also revealed some information he knew about Komari Vosa and the Bando Gora.

Later, Smootie again helped Fett escape the prison by telling Fett how to disable the shield. He declined Fett's offer to take Smootie with him; he was having too much fun. His final words to Fett were, "See you on the other side, eh stranger."

Behind the scenesEdit

Wim "Smootie" Smoot was voiced by Bill E. Martin in Star Wars: Bounty Hunter.


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