"Silence, foolish droid! Be quiet or I will have you sold for scrap!"
―Wimateeka losing his temper with C-3PO[src]

Wimateeka was the Jawa leader of the Nkik clan.


Wimateeka was a friend of moisture farmer Ariq Joanson. He taught Ariq Jawaese and played an instrumental role in Ariq's plans to make peace between settlers, Jawas, and the Tusken Raiders. At some point, Wimateeka and his clan was invited to Eyvind and Ariela's wedding. About 31 members arrived at the wedding, bringing with them rock salt, a tiny droid, cloth, and water. The wedding was later attacked by a group of young Tusken Raiders attempting to steal a speeder. In the resulting confusion, Eyvind was killed and Ariela was captured. Wimateeka assisted in the negotiations for Ariela's release by translating the sand people language for Ariq.

In 1 ABY, Wimateeka's clan was attacked by Humans and aliens and several Jawas were killed in the raid. In retaliation, Wimateeka hired a well-armed individual to destroy the base or their enemies.[1]

On another occasion, Wimateeka contracted a number of hunters to eliminate wild animals that were attacking his clan's supply of hubba gourds.[2]

Wimateeka also had been known to work with the Holocam E and a Rebel agent to stop the Empire from creating assassin droids on Tatooine.

Personality and traitsEdit

Wimateeka was as passionate as he was wise. Depending on the circumstance, his strong feelings shone through, be it exuberance over a job well done or snappishness over disruptions. C-3PO learned this latter the hard way, when Wimateeka threatened to scrap the protocol droid if he did not be quiet. He appeared to care for the galaxy at large and sympathized with the Alliance to Restore the Republic in their struggle against the Empire.



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