Wind turbines were aerodynamic bladed wheels that harvested the energy from wind to provide energy for power or mechanical power used by installations, buildings or forts.


Before the advent of interstellar travel and the energies that propelled them; for thousands of years societies gathered energy from their natural resources. The process of providing energy by harnessing the is as old as civilization. Agrarian societies in general used wind energy harness by windmills to process food and pump water. As technology evolved; mechanical energy gave way to electric power which could be stored or utilized later.

Used as a cheap and renewable resource, wind energy required no combustion or complicated reactor, generated no radiation or toxic byproducts and required no fuel supply. With the exceptional downside that wind needed to be constant, weather permitting the turbines where the wind would cease would be of no use. Regardless they were used to power remote or distant locations that didn't have a steady supply of fuels or heavy generators or were simply taking advantage of substantial wind resource. Military bases and strongholds in remote locations used wind turbines to provide either primary or secondary power. However, due to the large amount of power needed by most modern technologies such as blasters, shields,etc., wind turbines were often only used in harsh environments where high winds were a constant and steady occurrence. Utapau's sinkhole cities were powered by these devices as the massive downdrafts from the atmosphere were a constant feature on the planet. Wind turbines could also power a individual residence with low power demand. Agricultural homesteads and farms made extensive use of them.