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Wingmates in T-47 airspeeders

"If you've got anything worth protecting with those flight helmets, you'll remember this: stay with your wing man. Without him, you're dead. Two ships together are five times as effective as they would be alone, and they're ten times safer."
Han Solo, to a group of inexperienced pilots, prior to defending an outlaw tech base against Corporate Sector Authority forces[src]

A wingmate, also referred to as one's wingman was a starfighter and its pilot that served as the second ship within a flight element. The basic purpose of a wingmate was to keep his element leader safe from attacks from enemy starfighters while the leader prosecuted targets, usually enemy craft. Within a flight element, wingmate and leader often switched roles as the situation within the engagement dictated; sometimes the leader would be out-of-position to deal with incoming enemies while the wingmate had a better chance of doing damage.



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