The Witch's Finger was a unique-looking cliff located on the jungle world of Akiva, located within the larger Canyon of Akar. It was named by the ancient Ahia-Ko people after the way it looked like a bent and accusing digit. A cascading waterfall leaped over the cliff's edge, resulting in the establishment of one of the oldest temple complexes nearby the feature, with the ancient Ahia-Ko's religious belief in the purity of water. A narrow channel existed underneath the finger's 'bridge of stone.'[1]

Months following the destruction of the second Death Star, Norra Wexley piloted the Moth through the narrow gap in an effort to escape the final two TIE/ln space superiority starfighters chasing them from the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Vigilance. With Wexley and Owerto Naiucho seeking to make it past the planet's blockade due to its soon-to-be involvement in hosting the Imperial Future Council, Wexley would manage to fit the ship through the narrow passage owing to her piloting skills, while the other TIE pilots would not.[1]


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