"The armadas of the Wives of Tingrippa sailed arrogantly between the Rim's beacons, boasting that their weapons could puncture any Republic hull and that their shields could soak up any Republic counterattack."
Supreme Chancellor Nagratha, 25th anniversary of Victory in the Waymancy Storm[src]

The Wives of Tingrippa were a naval force associated with the Waymancy Hollow in 7811 BBY. During the Waymancy Storm, Waymancy's religiously-motivated war against the Galactic Republic, the pulse-wave weapons of the Wives of Tingrippa's ships were considerably more powerful than those of the Republic Navy, while efficient power generators meant that their deflector shields could absorb any Republic attack. This put the Republic Military at an extreme disadvantage until it reverse-engineered Waymancy weapons and power generators captured at Sif-Alula.