Wizar II was a planet located within the Wizar system of the Wild Space. It was the homeworld of a species of sentient cephalopoids known as Uroths. It was a terrestrial planet, largely unknown to the outside galaxy.[3]


At some point, a high-end StelProbe V exploration/contact droid was sent to Wizar II by the Karflo Corporation.[2] It crash landed there and stopped sending reports to its owners.[3] The company put out a call for independent spacers to recover the droid, for which the company would pay 10,000 credits.[2]

A group of spacers traveled to the world and found the StelProbe V had been captured by the Uroths, who were worshiping it as their god of death. The newcomers managed to wrest it form the natives and return it to Karflo.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Wizar II features in "Droid Hunt," an adventure seed for the Second Edition of Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, written by Bill Olmesdahl. The plot outline is offered as an example of a quest-type adventure. The players are supposed to take the role of the spacers who recover the droid, but two variants of the adventure offer alternatives. In one, the player characters are agents of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, their mission on the world to recover the StelProbe V for the Alliance to analyze.[2] Alternately, a reactor problem in the droid might be headed for an overload, a catastrophe that would kill off many Uroths. Finally, the player characters may face not only hostile Uroths, but also rival droid hunters on Wizar II..[3]


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