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The content of this Star Wars Legends article was cut.

This article covers a subject that was cut from the final version of a Star Wars Legends source. The subject appeared in no other source and was therefore considered non-canon within the Legends continuity.

"Outstanding, Mu 1! You are like Woden, Sky God of War!"
―Briefing officer to Maarek Stele in the Missile Boat simulator[src]

Woden was the Sky God of War. An Imperial briefing officer once likened Maarek Stele to Woden after his performance in a Missile Boat training mission.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Woden is mentioned in the game files for Star Wars: TIE Fighters second Missile Boat training mission, "Anti-warhead Defense." The full quote listed above should appear if you complete the bonus objectives - however, the line appears to have been cut after the exclamation point (due to a NULL character), and the audio file for that line doesn't reference Woden.
  • In various mission files for Star Wars: TIE Fighter, the mission editor shows either the word "Woden" or "Madmax" near the player's craft.


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