"Every day is a good day to make a credit."

Woetar was a Zarian con man. He won 1,500 credits in a game of sabacc with a spacer on Tekurr'k. Shortly thereafter, while running a courier job in the city of Lis'an on Antiquity, Woetar ran afoul of a displeased former customer who surrounded his ship with goons, preventing him from escaping. Soon after, Woetar noticed the arrival of the ship belonging to the spacer he'd met on Tekurr'k; out of options, he approached the spacer to make a deal that would enable him to complete his courier run while eluding his enemies. The spacer agreed to hear Woetar out.

Diminutive and hairless, Woetar had thick, resilient green skin and a high, nasal voice. He used his humorous, non-threatening appearance to his advantage in various confidence schemes.


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