Wojarra was a Wookiee.


He was part of a group, along with Es'loma, San Herrera and Nia Reston, who transported a box made from Mandalorian iron to Coruscant from Almas as part of an operation to move the Pulas there. On arrival, they were met by the Bothan Jedi Knight Nysis Belzara, while Es'Loma screamed and seemingly fell off the ledge of the landing platform. A group of humans approached in a speeder, who killed Belzara and injured San and Nia. Wojarra was able to shoot their speeder with a tracer, before he was shot with a stun bolt and collapsed. A group of spacers, who were also part of the Pulas operation, came over from a nearby platform just afterward and Wojarra explained to then what had happened.