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"Warrant Officer Urman Nakk, Security, are you widely considered to be an idiot? Because in less than a day, I can guarantee that you will be. By your fellow security officers. By your superiors. By your family and your pets. By the officers who court-martial you. And the taint will stay with you throughout your life, because I am a brilliant historian and commentator and you are, at best, a mediocre desk pilot."
―Wolam Tser[src]

Wolam Tser was a noted holodocumentarian and historian of the New Republic. His voice was easily recognized by those who lived in the years following the Battle of Endor. After escaping Coruscant following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, he brought crucial information on the occupation and Vongforming of the planet to New Republic leaders on Borleias. He was later responsible for narrating the holo Battle of Borleias, filmed by his partner, Tam Elgrin.

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