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"Sir, one rebel ship escaped the blockade."
―Woldar, to Grand Admiral Thrawn[src]

Woldar was a human male who served as a commander in the naval forces of the Galactic Empire in 2 BBY. He served in Grand Admiral Thrawn's Seventh Fleet, and was frequently sent to serve under other officers linked to Thrawn's campaign.


A human male[2] officer in the Galactic Empire's Navy,[1] Woldar was a high-ranking commander[2] in the Seventh Fleet and as such, he answered directly to Grand Admiral Thrawn.[1] In 2 BBY,[3] Thrawn sent him on several missions to work for other Imperials involved in his campaign.[1]

Woldar accompanied Admiral Kassius Konstantine to Mykapo in an Arquitens-class command cruiser, where there was a growing Iron Squadron. With Woldar at the ship's helm, it was heavily damaged by Phoenix Squadron, the focus of Thrawn's hunt, who were assisting the local insurgents.[4]

Later, he served on Captain Brunson's command cruiser at Geonosis. A proximity sensor went off, and so the cruiser investigated. The Spectres of Phoenix Squadron had triggered the alert, after they were investigating the planet's sterilization. The rebels fled down an underground air shaft in their ship, and repelled a group of Jumptroopers sent by Brunson. Seeming trapped, the rebels instead flew straight up, splitting the cruiser in half with their proton torpedos.[5]

Woldar then helmed Lieutenant Yogar Lyste's cruiser over Lothal, where he unknowingly intercepted a rebel disguised as a bounty hunter. He later flew Lyste and Agent Alexsandr Kallus in a Sentinel-class landing craft to Thrawn's flagship the Chimaera, where the grand admiral had arranged a meeting for many of the Imperials who had fought the rebels.[6]

During the Battle of Atollon, Woldar was present on the bridge of the Chimaera, and reported to Thrawn that a ship had escaped their blockade. Although all the rebels eventually escaped, their base was destroyed.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Woldar first appeared in the Star Wars Rebels Season Three episode "Iron Squadron" which aired on November 19, 2016, though he would not be identified until the end credits of Zero Hour which first premiered on Disney XD on March 25, 2017. He was voiced by Steve Blum, who also voiced the protagonist Garazeb Orrelios and many others in the series. Although his name and rank were confirmed in the episode's credits, his identity remained unknown, as he wasn't named in the actual episode.[2] Matt Martin later spoke out on Twitter, and revealed who the character actually was, and confirmed his earlier appearances.[1]

In Season Four, Woldar's character model was used to fill in several background Imperial officers. In "In the Name of the Rebellion", the model was used three different times for three unrelated characters,[7] including for Captain Wells.[8]


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