"Come, come. I'm sure you'll prefer being reasonable."
―Wonn Ionstrike[src]

Wonn Ionstrike was a crime lord based in Cloud City on Bespin. He employed a Houk strongbeing named Morg Nar. After an accident which left him paralyzed, Ionstrike spent his time laboring even from his specially-designed hoverchair to remove Jabba the Hutt's influence from the floating metropolis.


Wonn Ionstrike was a Human male who was born around 60 BBY. He began his career as a gambler, making numerous underworld connections before moving into computer forgery. Ionstrike then moved to Cloud City on Bespin, where he became one of the most powerful crime lords in all of Port Town, organizing an elite band of criminals including smugglers, bounty hunters, slicers, mercenaries into the Lenushaa gang. The gang had sixty-three members, along with two stock light freighters, the Iviitz and the Bountiful Hunter, and operated out of Cloud City and along the Corellian Trade Spine.[1]

Ionstrike performed several illegal experiments in implanting himself with biocomp implants in order to assist his computer forgery work. However, the experiments failed, and destroyed several major neural groupings in his spine. The result left him crippled, and requiring an exoskeleton attached to his upper body to assist with eating, drinking, reading, and object manipulation. He was also confined to a hoverchair. As a result, four large mercenaries attended him as bodyguards.[1]

Ionstrike operated out of a partially empty level between Port Town and the Tibanna gas storage levels, and his main objective was to drive Jabba the Hutt out of business.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Wonn Ionstrike stood 1.4 meters, with a thin face and silver hair that gave him a graceful air. He was cold and calculating, and ran his criminal enterprise like a game of chess. Due to his accident, Ionstrike's body was confined to a specialized hoverchair, as his body was crippled and withered due to the destruction of nerve groups along his spine. The nerve damage affected Ionstrike's speech; he could only speak out of the right side of his mouth. Although his speech was slurred, the slow and deliberate way he spoke gave him an elegant and commanding tone. Ionstrike's smile was also grim.[1]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Ionstrike was skilled in the use of a blaster, as well as in bureaucratic procedure. As a crime lord, he had an intimidating and commanding presence, and was a skilled forger. Ionstrike could program and repair computers, and bypass security systems. He was also an proficient gambler.[2]


Ionstrike was confined to a hoverchair, which had a blaster mounted on it. He also carried a datapad and a comlink.[2]



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