The Woodoo Dunes was a run-down cantina on the east side of Mos Eisley. It was frequented by day-shift workers from the docking bays and low-life ruffians and spice peddlers. The doors were open all day and all night, offering little security for its denizens. At some point, the front window was broken when things inside got a little rough, and it was replaced with plain sand-worn alloy plating.


When Prello the Hutt, a member of the Anjiliac kajidic, hired a group of individuals to find the Fell Star, a powerful Sith artifact, and obtain it for her, their path led them to Mos Eisley. They were searching for the Balosar thief Barin Trevina and had tracked him to the Woodoo Dunes. There they encountered a Twi'lek associate of Trevina's named Cel N'ero. In questioning N'ero, the group discovered they had just missed catching Trevina, who had departed a mere twelve hours earlier. N'ero claimed not to know where his associate was headed, but with a fair amount of intimidation, revealed that Trevina had left for Point Nadir. The group then departed the Woodoo Dunes to follow their quarry.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the image of the cantina, the side of the building has the words "Eat Wookie" written in Aurebesh. Oddly, the artist misspelled Wookiee.


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