A Wookiee village on Alaris Prime was the sight of a battle between wookiee rebels, Jedi Anakin Skywalker, and his ally Bera Kazan against Separatist forces. When Republic forces arrived later in the skirmish, they successfully defeated the initial waves and proceeded to push Separatist forces back to their point of origin.


The village was perched atop a small hill overlooking a group of trees with several routes leading to several valleys beyond. Seven circular wooden huts were grouped together with smaller structures positioned nearby. The wookiee inhabitants kept domesticated Maru among themselves.[1]


During the Dark Reaper Crisis, the village came under fire from multiple waves of STAPs, AATs, GATs, HAGs, and spider walkers. Skywalker helped his new found ally Bera Kazan defend the village along with wookiee's utilizing Maru armed with bowcaster saddles. The village was lightly damaged following the battle.[2]



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