Wookiee with Pups was a painting made sometime after the Battle of Yavin. It was part of a series of five paintings, alongside Kashyyyk at Night, Proud Wookiee, Red Robed Wookiee, and Gift Giving Wookiees, that were made for the festivities of Life Day. The painting in question depicted a Wookiee adorning a Life Day robe holding two Wookiee pups that were also wearing Life Day robes. It was supplied during the events of an annual Life Day celebration on Kashyyyk.

Behind the scenesEdit

Wookiee with Pups, alongside Kashyyyk at Night, Proud Wookiee, Red Robed Wookiee and Gift Giving Wookiees, were supplied during the 2006 Wookiee Life Day festivities.


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