This page lists the procedural bylaws of the AgriCorps for posterity and quick reference.


Removing successful nominationsEdit

  • Nominations that receive at least five total AC/Inq support votes—three of which must be AgriCorps votes—with no further outstanding objections before the standard one week has passed and after a minimum of 24 hours on the nomination page may be removed and archived as successful.
  • Any AC should add the {{Acapproved}} tag to the "Comments" section of a nomination when a) after one week since being nominated, there are b) at least five support votes, at least three of which are from AC/Inqs, and of those votes two of which must be from an AC member, and c) no remaining outstanding objections. This is done as an indicator that the nomination process is effectively complete, the nomination has been successful, and the nomination may now be removed from the page and archived.
  • It is the responsibility of the AC member who has last voted on or added the {{Acapproved}} template to a successful nomination to archive that nomination within the next 24 hours.

Removing failed nominationsEdit

  • A consensus of at least three AC support votes is needed on the GAN page to remove a nomination. This consensus of three support votes may alternatively be obtained from present users in IRC. This is typically done when a nomination has become idle after a period of two weeks with remaining outstanding objections from reviewers.
  • Nominations that exhibit strong evidence showing that the nominator has no inclination to work on the article during the review process will be candidates for the "nonsense nomination clause" and may be removed short of the stipulated two-week idle period with a consensus of three AC support votes. This consensus of three support votes may alternatively be obtained from present users in IRC, in which case a note will be left on the GAN page that the nomination has been removed via AC consensus.
  • The AgriCorps may remove as idle nominations from users who have not edited the wiki in a month or longer, provided that no one is willing to take up the nomination in the original nominator's absence.
  • A nomination may be removed from the GAN page at the request of the original nominator without the need for a formal vote by AC members.

Striking invalid objectionsEdit

  • A consensus of at least three AC support votes (and less than two opposing votes) is needed on the GAN page to strike an objection from a reviewer that is deemed otherwise invalid (refer to the accompanying section below for what constitutes an invalid objection). This consensus of three support votes may alternatively be obtained from present users in IRC, in which case a note will be left on the GAN page that the objection has been stricken via AC consensus. However, if the nominator of the article in question is an AC member, he/she cannot be included in the three support votes.

Invalid objection rationaleEdit

  • An objection may be considered invalid if the objection has been addressed by the nominator and the original objector has not responded for a week or longer.
  • In the event of two or more objections in direct conflict with each other, a single objection may be deemed valid by consensus, and all other conflicting objections will be considered invalid.
  • An objection may be considered invalid if said objection is identified as contradicting established Policies on Wookieepedia. This will specifically include, but not be limited to, the following policies: Manual of StyleLayout GuideSourcingNeutral point of view.

AgriCorps meetingsEdit

  • A consensus of at least four AC members present on IRC is needed to remove from an AC meeting page an article nominated for review for a future meeting in the instances that others have satisfactorily handled the objections to that article prior to the meeting. Consensus may also be reached on the meeting page itself; see the instructions page for details. This is done in an effort to eliminate any unnecessary time spent looking at articles during meetings.
  • During AgriCorps meetings, absentee votes may be overridden by present members of a given meeting when necessary for the purpose of reaching a decision on a given article. This is done in the event that a new development regarding an article arises that otherwise renders absentee votes/comments obsolete. At least three support votes with less than two opposed from present members will be required to override absentee votes.

Paperwork and meeting scheduling dutiesEdit

At Meeting 34, the AgriCorps decided that all members must participate in the post-meeting paperwork duties as well as in meeting scheduling. A list of AC members was shuffled to create a random order, which is as follows. This list was last updated on September 28, 2017.

Duty Meeting 96 Meeting 97 Meeting 98 Meeting 99 Meeting 100
Scheduling Exiledjedi Master Fredcerique Imperators II Xd1358 Toprawa and Ralltiir
Paperwork Exiledjedi Imperators II Xd1358 Toprawa and Ralltiir Master Fredcerique

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