"What matters is not if you trust the Force. It is if you think you trust it"
―Anakin Kenobi[src]

Anakin Kenobi was the Force–sensitive son of the legendary Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. He served as a Jedi under the New Republic and as a general during the First Yuuzhan Vong War.

Despite having become one of the galaxy's greatest war heroes, he came from humble roots. Kenobi, along with his twin brother Caedus, was born in 6 BBY, on Tatooine, to Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and his wife Ruth. They lived in hiding for the first ten years of his life, constantly on the run from the Empire. While in hiding, his father trained his brother and him in the ways of the Force, to become another hope if Luke Skywalker failed. Once Obi-Wan died, however, Caedus refused to be trained by Ferus Olin, who was to train them in the event Obi-Wan was incapacitated. In 4 ABY, he was brought to the Jedi Temple to train, while Caedus stayed home on Tatooine.

In 6 ABY, while Ferus and Kenobi were visiting Tatooine, a wild rancor attacked Mos Ekra, the town in which the Kenobis were living. In the attack, Ruth was killed and Caedus went missing, presumed dead. Kenobi was ambushed by a dark figure in an alleyway, who injected him with a serum that erased the image of his brother's face from his mind.

Kenobi trained to become a Jedi, and served in the First Yuuzhan Vong War. In 7 ABY, he flew through a black hole, following Darth Ominous, and landed on planet Earth. He spent three years there, eventually killing Ominous, before returning to Coruscant. On Coruscant, he was knighted, but was assassinated by a Vong assassin shortly after the ceremony was over.

One thousand years later, in 1,007 ABY, his force ghost was sent by the Council of Heavenly Elders to guide Jason Skywalker on his quest to destroy Emperor Kane and his empire. During the events that followed, the two visited the Hall of Spirits to find answers. In the hall, they discovered Kenobi's body. Since Skywalker had obtained the Force Amplifier from Kane, Skywalker chose to resurrect Kenobi.


Early lifeEdit

Anakin Qui-Gon Kenobi was born in Mos Eisley, Tatooine, in 6 BBY, to Obi-Wan and Ruth Kenobi. He, and his twin brother Caedus were both trained in the ways of the Force from a very young age by their Father, Obi-Wan. They were both trained, but it was clear that Anakin was Obi-Wan's favorite. In 0 BBY, Obi-Wan was killed on the Death Star I, and was no longer able to train the children. Caedus refused further training, but kept his lightsbaer, while Kenobi was trained by Ferus Olin. Strangely, Caedus was still a match for Kenobi when they spared. Kenobi was suspicious that he was still receiving training from other sources, although he didn't know what. Little did he know that Caedus was being trained by the son of a Sith Lord, Derech Palpatine, via hologram. In 5 ABY, Olin and Kenobi moved to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Rancor attackEdit

"It's over"
Caedus Kenobi, as he refuses to fight the rancor[src]

In 6 ABY, Olin and Kenobi went to Mos Ekra to visit Ruth and Caedus. During the visit, a rogue rancor attacked the town, and Olin disappeared mysteriously. The two Kenobi brothers, drawing their lightsabers, were able to fight off the rancor for a short amount of time, but Ruth was killed. Halfway through the battle, Caedus turned around, and, saying "It's over," ran off.

Later that day, Anakin was ambushed in an alleyway on the way back to Olin's shuttle. A serum was injected into his neck that made him forget his brother's face and the end of the rancor battle. He met up with Olin at the shuttle, who described a similar event. After attending the funeral of Kenobi's mother, they embarked back for Coruscant.

Yuuzhan Vong hostage crisisEdit

In 6 ABY, the New Republic declared war on the First Yuuzhan Vong Empire after the battle of Zonama Sekot. Shortly afterwards, a Yuuzhan Vong raiding party, led by Supreme Overlord Yuuzhan'rarr and Darth Ominous, broke into the Jedi temple and took ten Jedi hostage, before escaping off-world. Kenobi and his master quickly commandeered a small fleet of Interdictor-class Star Destroyers to follow the hostages. The hostage shuttle was taken down at the outskirts of the Zonama Sekot system, but Rarr and Ominous escaped. Kenobi and Olin received new instructions: the goal of their mission was now to capture Darth Ominous.

Battle of Zonama SekotEdit

The fleet of Interdictors was ambushed by a small fleet of Vong battle cruisers and one Yuuzhan Vong bloodship, the flagship Reign of Yuuzhan'rarr, coming out of darkspace.File:Battle of Zonama1.png|thumb|250px|Kenobi pursues Ominous during the Battle of Zonama Sekot Anakin watched while Olin commanded the fleet, but once the Vong gained the upper hand, with more cruiser coming out of darkspace. The two Jedi ran through their Star Destroyer, Skyalker's Return, fighting off Vong boarding parties. Kenobi was able to launch his X-wing, but the hangar was destroyed by laser fire before Olin could launch his. Kenobi pursued Darth Ominous through Ominous' escaper route, a dovin basal-generated black hole, to Earth.

Escape to EarthEdit

After flying through the Black Hole, Kenobi engaged Ominous in a dogfight over the planet Earth. File:Escape to Earth1.png|thumb|Ominous pursues Kenobi's damaged X-wing|left Sustaining great damage to his X-wing and plummeting to the planet below, Kenobi cloaked his X-wing into a Space Shuttle, and landed in Vancouver, Canada.

First Duel on EarthEdit

The first night after crash-landing, file:Screen shot 2011-06-26 at 10.59.26 AM.png|thumb Anakin engaged Ominous in a duel that took place in the yard of the house that Ominous had acquired that night by killing the owners, 1138 Tony Hubbard Xavier way. The duel resulted in Anakin discovering the existence of the Force Amplifier, and after Ominous fled, leaving the keys behind, he moved into that house.

In the RestaurantEdit

A few days after the duel, Anakin was having dinner at a diner, using money that he found in the house. Ominous walked into the same diner, and, when Ominous wasn't looking, made a grab at the Amplifier, and fled.

Home invasionEdit

File:Screen shot 2011-06-01 at 4.50.53 PM.png|thumb|Anakin, during the home invasion|left

"I see you have discovered the power of the Device.. deflect my own lightsaber!"
―Darth Ominous[src]

Two weeks after the insident in the restaurant, Darth Ominous, attempted to assaisnate Kenobi, in his bed, while asleep. Kenobi reached for his lightsaber, only to remember that he had left it on the counter, in the kitchen of the house. Anakin, who was in possesion of the Amplifier managed to use its power to fight off Ominous, repelling his Force Lightning, and forming it into a Solid wall of lightning. This gave Anakin enough time to get to his lightsaber, but Ominous jumped out of a window. Anakin heard a beeping noise, then realized that Ominous had left a bomb in the house. He ran for it, and made it out of the house before it blew.

Life on EarthEdit

Anakin quickly adjusted himself to life on earth, using his astromech, R5-G19 to start a bank account with 4 million dollars. He used this money to buy a new house. During his time on earth, he got glasses for his ailing eyesight.

Duel with a brotherEdit


Personality and traitsEdit

Anakin was a good Jedi.

Behind the scenesEdit

Anakin Kenobi was created to be the main character in Star Wars Tales of the Amplifier: The Ominous Encounter. In the film, he is played by User:VideoGamePower.