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A complete directory of shortcuts for the Wookieepedia namespace. A list of shortcuts divided by type is also available. If more shortcuts are created, please add them to this master list as well as WP:DIR.

Complete listEdit

Shortcut Page name Category
F:CT Forum:Consensus track
F:NB Forum:Administrators' noticeboard
F:SH Forum:Senate Hall
WP: Wookieepedia:Complete list of shortcuts Wookieepedia: Navigation
WP:3RR Wookieepedia:Three-revert rule Wookieepedia: Policies
WP:A Wookieepedia:Administrators Wookieepedia: Organization, Wookieepedians
WP:AA Wookieepedia:Administrative autonomy Wookieepedia: Policies
WP:AC Wookieepedia:AgriCorps
WP:AIC Wookieepedia:Avoid instruction creep Wookieepedia: Guidelines
WP:ALIENS Wookieepedia:WookieeProject Aliens WookieeProject
WP:AMB Wookieepedia:WookieeProject Ambition WookieeProject
WP:AN Forum:Administrators' noticeboard Community
WP:AP Wookieepedia:Awards Community
WP:AS Wookieepedia:WookieeProject Aliens WookieeProject
WP:ASR Wookieepedia:Avoid self-references Wookieepedia: Guidelines
WP:Atlas Wookieepedia:WookieeProject Atlas WookieeProject
WP:ATT Wookieepedia:Attribution
WP:Aw Wookieepedia:Awards Community
WP:B Wookieepedia:Bureaucrats
WP:BJAODN Wookieepedia:Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense
WP:BLOCK Wookieepedia:Blocking policy
WP:BOLD Wookieepedia:Be bold in updating pages
WP:BOT Wookieepedia:Droids
WP:BP Wookieepedia:Blocking policy
WP:BR Wookieepedia:Bot requests
WP:C Wookieepedia:Copyrights
WP:C4 Forum:Celebration IV
WP:CANON Wookieepedia:Canon policy Proposed policy
WP:CIV Forum:Celebration IV
WP:CIVIL Wookieepedia:Civility Wookieepedia: Proposed policy
WP:CON Wookieepedia:Consensus
WP:COPY Wookieepedia:Copyright problems
WP:CP Wookieepedia:Community Portal
WP:CSD Wookieepedia:Speedy deletions
WP:CT Wookieepedia:Consensus track
WP:DASH Wookieepedia:Manual of Style/Proper use of the dash
WP:DIR Wookieepedia:Shortcuts Navigation
WP:DP Wookieepedia:Deletion policy Wookieepedia: Policy
WP:DR Wookieepedia:Dispute resolution
WP:E Wookieepedia:WookieeProject Ewoks
WP:ENT Wookieepedia:WookieeProject Entertainment
WP:EQUAL Wookieepedia:Equality Wookieepedia: Policy
WP:F Wookieepedia:Jedi Exile
WP:FA Wookieepedia:Featured article
WP:FAN Wookieepedia:Featured article nominations
WP:FANON Wookieepedia:What Wookieepedia is not (Fanon subsection)
WP:FAQ Wookieepedia:FAQ
WP:FAT Wookieepedia:Featured article tutorials
WP:G Wookieepedia:Glossary
WP:GA Wookieepedia:Good articles
WP:GAN Wookieepedia:Good article nominations
WP:GOOD Wookieepedia:Good articles
WP:GTH Wookieepedia:The Great Typo Hunt
WP:I Wookieepedia:Images Wookieepedia: Policy
WP:ICON Wookieepedia:Search icons
WP:ID Wookieepedia:Improvement drive
WP:IFD Wookieepedia:Images and media for deletion
WP:IM Wookieepedia:WookieeProject Images
WP:IN Wookieepedia:Interviews Wookieepedia: Policy
WP:INQ Wookieepedia:Inquisitorius
WP:INT Wookieepedia:Interviews Wookieepedia: Policy
WP:IR Wookieepedia:Image requests
WP:IRC Wookieepedia:IRC
WP:JW Wookieepedia:Jundland Wastes
WP:KOTOR Wookieepedia:WookieeProject Knights of the Old Republic
WP:LE Wookieepedia:WookieeProject Legacy Era
WP:LG Wookieepedia:Layout Guide
WP:LIST Wookieepedia:Complete list of shortcuts
WP:M Wookieepedia:Mofferences
WP:MOFF Wookieepedia:Mofferences
WP:MOS Wookieepedia:Manual of Style
WP:MoS Wookieepedia:Manual of Style
WP:MRSW Wookieepedia:Mister Star Wars 2005
WP:MSSW Wookieepedia:Miss Star Wars 2005
WP:NC Wookieepedia:Naming policy
WP:NEGTC Wookieepedia:WookieeProject The New Essential Guide to Characters
WP:NEW Wookieepedia:Welcome, newcomers
WP:NEWS Wookieepedia:Wookieenews
WP:NFP Wookieepedia:Notability of fan projects
WP:NOR Wookieepedia:Attribution (No original research)
WP:NOT Wookieepedia:What Wookieepedia is not
WP:NOTCENSORED Wookieepedia:What_Wookieepedia_is_not#Wookieepedia_is_not_censored
WP:NOTFORUM Wookieepedia:What Wookieepedia is not#Wookieepedia is not a general-purpose message board
WP:NP Wookieepedia:Naming policy
WP:NPA Wookieepedia:No personal attacks
WP:NPOV Wookieepedia:Neutral point of view
WP:NSW Wookieepedia:WookieeProject New Sith Wars
WP:OFOW Wookieepedia:Official Friends of Wookieepedia
WP:OFOW/N Wookieepedia:Official Friends of Wookieepedia/Nominations
WP:OR Wookieepedia:Attribution (Original research)
WP:PACU Wookieepedia:Policy and consensus updates Policy
WP:POINT Wookieepedia:Don't disrupt Wookieepedia to prove a point Guideline
WP:POV Wookieepedia:Neutral point of view Policy
WP:PP Wookieepedia:Protection policy Policy
WP:PR Wookieepedia:Inquisitorius (Peer-review)
WP:PRIVACY Wookieepedia:Privacy policy Policy
WP:QOTD Wookieepedia:Quote of the Day
WP:QOTD/IU Wookieepedia:Quote of the Day/In-Universe
WP:QOTD/O Wookieepedia:Quote of the Day/Other
WP:R Wookieepedia:Rollback
WP:RF Wookieepedia:Ruined FOREVER
Wookieepedia:Requests for user rights (Adminship requests)
WP:RFB Wookieepedia:Requests for user rights (Bureaucrat requests)
WP:RFP Wookieepedia:Requests for protection
WP:RFRA Wookieepedia:Requests for removal of user rights
WP:RFRUR Wookieepedia:Requests for removal of user rights
WP:RFU Wookieepedia:Requests for user rights
WP:RWM Wookieepedia:WookieeProject Real World Music
WP:S Wookieepedia:Sourcing Policy
WP:SAND Wookieepedia:Jundland Wastes
WP:SD Wookieepedia:Speedy deletions
WP:SEARCH Wookieepedia:Searching
WP:SH Forum:Senate Hall
WP:SHORT Wookieepedia:Shortcut
WP:SIG Wookieepedia:Signature policy Policy
WP:SIV Wookieepedia:Single-issue voters Policy
WP:SOCK Wookieepedia:Sockpuppetry Policy
WP:SP Wookieepedia:Signature policy Policy
WP:SPELL Wookieepedia:List of common misspellings
WP:SPOILER Wookieepedia:Spoiler policy Policy
WP:SWE Wookieepedia:WookieeProject Star Wars Encyclopedia WookieeProject
WP:SWG Wookieepedia:WookieeProject Galaxies WookieeProject
WP:T Wookieepedia:Tutorial
WP:TC Wookieepedia:Trash compactor
WP:TCW Wookieepedia:WookieeProject The Clone Wars
WP:TEA Wookieepedia:WookieeProject Atlas
WP:TFU Wookieepedia:WookieeProject The Force Unleashed
WP:TINC Wookieepedia:Words of wisdom
WP:TM Wookieepedia:Templates
WP:TN Wookieepedia: Technical notes
WP:TODO Wookieepedia:Things to do
WP:TOTJ Wookieepedia:WookieeProject Tales of the Jedi
WP:TRIVIA Wookieepedia:Trivia Policy
WP:TYPO Wookieepedia:The Great Typo Hunt
WP:UBX Wookieepedia:Userboxes
WP:UIP Wookieepedia:User image policy
WP:UP Wookieepedia:Userboxes (Formally, Userbox proposals)
WP:UPD Wookieepedia:Policy and consensus updates
WP:USER Wookieepedia:User page policy
WP:V Wookieepedia:Attribution
WP:VAND Wookieepedia:Vandalism
WP:VFD Wookieepedia:Trash compactor (Votes for deletion)
WP:VG Wookieepedia:WookieeProject Video Games
WP:VIC Wookieepedia:Visual Identity Contest
WP:VIP Wookieepedia:Vandalism in progress
WP:VP Wookieepedia:Vandalism
WP:W Wookieepedia
WP:WC Wookieepedia:Wookiee-Cast
WP:WC/T Wookieepedia:Wookiee-Cast/Transcripts
WP:WN Wookieepedia:Welcome, newcomers
WP:WOTM Wookieepedia:Wookieepedian of the Month
WP:WOW Wookieepedia:Words of wisdom
WP:WP Wookieepedia:WookieeProject
WP:VG Wookieepedia:WookieeProject Video Games
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