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August 25 (Week 35), 2014Defender-class light corvette and Confrontation in the Caverns of the Hidden One

The Defender-class light corvette was produced by the Rendili Vehicle Corporation for the Jedi Order during the Great Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Manufactured on Corellia, the Defender-class light corvette was modeled after a similar consumer corvette that was inspired by the Republic Military's Thranta-class corvette, but the Defender-class was modified specifically for use by Jedi as a mobile operations base and a capable starfighter in its own right. The corvette could be flown by a single pilot, and it was equipped with heavy shielding, two sets of dual laser cannons, and missiles. The ship's interior was laid out over two decks, and a secure holoterminal, transceiver, multiple conference rooms, and a medbay were among the vessel's numerous amenities. The Defender-class saw use by the Jedi throughout the Cold War and the Galactic War with the Empire, and several of the Order's greatest heroes flew Defender-class corvettes on their adventures across the galaxy. At least one corvette survived to the time of the Galactic Civil War, when agents of the Alliance to Restore the Republic stole the vessel and used it on one of their missions. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Confrontation in the Caverns of the Hidden One

A confrontation took place in 43.5 ABY between Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker and Koro Ziil, leader of the Hidden Ones, a secret sect of the Force-based organization Baran Do tasked with preserving their knowledge. The duel took place in the Hidden Ones' home, the Caverns of the Hidden One. Skywalker—who had recently been exiled from Coruscant for failing to prevent Jedi Knight–turned–Sith Lord Jacen Solo's fall to the dark side of the Force—and his son, Jedi Knight Ben Skywalker, had traveled to the Kel Dor homeworld of Dorin, where they hoped to speak with Ziil to find out more about Solo's fall. After a short time training with the Baran Do Sages on the surface, they discovered the existence of the Hidden Ones. The Baran Do allowed the Skywalkers to go to the Caverns of the Hidden One, where they were allowed to speak with Ziil, who had become known as "The Hidden One."

However, in order to protect the Hidden Ones' secrecy, Ziil told the Skywalkers that they could never leave the caverns. Luke believed that the Hidden Ones had inadvertently turned their backs on the Force, and to prove that they were weakening, Luke suggested that Ben duel Chara, the Hidden Ones' newest member and best fighter. Ben defeated Chara, despite the Kel Dor by far being his superior. The Hidden Ones began to believe Luke's theory, greatly angering Ziil. The Hidden One attacked Luke, and they dueled with the Force, with Luke emerging the victor. The Hidden Ones then returned to the Baran Do on the surface. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Defender-class light corvette

September 1 (Week 36), 2014Dar Keyis and Cragmoloid

Dar keyis
Dar Keyis was a Human male from the planet Churba who served as a member of the New Republic Starfighter Corps during the Galactic Civil War. In 4 ABY, nine months after the Battle of Endor, he was transferred to Rogue Squadron just prior to the Battle of Brentaal IV and was assigned the call sign Rogue Ten. The New Republic had targeted the planet Brentaal IV as part of an ongoing operation to establish a foothold in the Core Worlds, and to eventually liberate the galactic capital of Coruscant. Keyis served in the assault on the Brentaal IV moonbase, helping to secure it as a staging area for a direct assault on the planet itself. He then participated in the attack on the city of Vuultin, a diversionary feint that allowed the New Republic to establish a base in the city of Oradin. During the evacuation of Brentaal IV—an effort by the Imperial authorities to spirit away the wealthy and elite citizens of the planet—Keyis' fighter was destroyed by weapons fire from a TIE Interceptor, and he was killed in the resulting explosion. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Cragmoloid


Cragmoloids were a rare sentient species of intimidating pachydermoids with massive builds. They had big, flat ears, manipulative trunks and a number of tusks that could be used in combat—and that were valued by hunters. They also had less pachydermoid traits, including hands with five nailed fingers. Although prone to attacking in a rage, particularly when facing subterfuge, Cragmoloids disliked gratuitous violence and were a proud, peaceful people. Cragmoloids loved their families and tended to get depressed if separated from them.

Cragmoloids evolved on the rocky planet Ankus, where they were enslaved by the Galactic Empire and forced to allow the planet to be strip-mined by a corporation called TaggeCo. Cragmoloids also suffered frequent attacks by hunters who sought their valuable ivory, a peril that prompted many Cragmoloids to the humiliation of simply off sawing their own tusks off. A small number of Cragmoloids left their world to earn a living among the stars; some of these were Boulad, an information broker living on Coruscant; and Rooty, a gambler and smuggler operating in Hutt Space. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Dar Keyis

September 8 (Week 37), 2014Diblen Harleys and Marcus Trant

Diblen Harleys was a Human male from the planet Coruscant. The son of an Imperial bureaucrat, Harleys grew up believing that the Galactic Empire stood for order and justice, so he wanted to join the Imperial Survey Corps. Following the death of his mother around his fifteenth birthday, his father revealed the true nature of the Empire to him, explaining that a career in the Imperial Survey Corps would result only in the discovery of worlds that the Empire could exploit. Angry at being lied to all his life, Harleys joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic, serving in the capacity of a starfighter pilot and tactician. Harleys's tactics later proved effective during the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, when he assisted in the Alliance victory over the Empire. By 9 ABY, during the Thrawn Crisis—a military campaign against the New Republic led by the Chiss Grand Admiral Thrawn—Harleys was a Wing Commander and spent much of his time out of the cockpit planning missions. The Wing Commander was later involved in a scheme headed by Princess Leia Organa Solo and New Republic Intelligence agent Winter to search for Delta Source—a highly effective Imperial spy within the New Republic's highest echelons. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Marcus Trant


Marcus Trant, known to his subordinates simply as the Director, was a Human male spy for the Galactic Republic who notably served as Director of the Strategic Information Service (SIS). Originally a decryption analyst employed by the SIS when it was the covert branch of the Senate Library, Trant became a field agent when the agency began to expand at the start of the Great Galactic War in 3681 BBY, with the return of the Sith Empire. Trant helped Lieutenant Elin Garza of the 45th Infantry Division fight a successful ten-month campaign on the planet Bomodon, during which they forged a close bond. However, their fledgling marriage ended in divorce less than two years later.

In the later years of the war, Trant rose through the ranks of the SIS to become Bureau Chief on Nar Shaddaa. His work caused tensions at home, and Trant's relationship with his second wife ended in divorce as well. Three years after the war's end and the beginning of the ensuing Cold War, Trant ascended to the position of Director of SIS. He did not shy away from making hard decisions, even if they caused hundreds of deaths, as long as there was a greater good that was served. As the Republic's intelligence director, Trant believed the SIS was responsible for conducting the dirty work that would protect the Republic. He initiated several operations that would lead to the Galactic War and the Republic's victory over the Sith Empire. That included a mission that resulted in the destruction of the Sith's planet-destroying Sun Razer weapon, and Operation End Game, which brought about the defeat of the Sith Empire's most powerful warship, the Ascendant Spear. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Diblen Harleys

September 15 (Week 38), 2014Talisman of the Raven and Baydo Chasdy


The Talisman of the Raven was a ring used by the Nightsisters of Dathomir as a Talisman of Transformation that allowed the user to assume the form of a raven. According to Mother Talzin, who led the united clans of Nightsisters during the Clone Wars, the Talisman would tap into the prime raven spirit in the spirit world and lend its powers to the user. Originally held under the custodianship of a Shaman of the Nightsisters, it was stolen by Sister Charal, one of the Dathomiri witches. She fled to the moon Endor and never returned the Talisman to the coven.

Charal used it to great effect during her service to the Sanyassan Marauders, a band of Sanyassan pirates. However, the Talisman was later seized by the Marauders' leader, King Terak, who wore it around his neck. Eventually, the ring was destroyed in an encounter with the moon's native Ewoks. The great power of the ring was unleashed upon Terak, burning him to death. As Charal was flying around in raven form during the fight, the untimely destruction of the Talisman trapped her in this shape with no hope of escape. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Baydo Chasdy

Baydo Chasdy

Baydo Chasdy—"Bay" to his friends—was a Human male who owned the HyperDive Cantina on the planet Mon Calamari during the Galactic Civil War. Part of the Fathoms entertainment complex, the HyperDive's unique selling point was that the entire establishment was submerged under a meter of water. A self-admitted gambler, womanizer and con man, Chasdy was also a member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, operating as a Foster Agent for Alliance Special Operations. Chasdy was a point of contact for Rebel agents who had been stranded in the field or had their covers exposed, and it was his duty to return them to the Alliance using his personal starship, the modified YT-1300 light freighter Chaser. His frequent absences from managing the HyperDive were explained by the multitude of scams and cons that he was always running, and it offered the perfect cover for his activities. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Talisman of the Raven

September 22 (Week 39), 2014Nathema and Skup

Nathema, originally known as Medriaas, was a fertile agriworld located in the Nathema system of the Outer Rim Territories' Chorlian sector during the time of the Sith Empire. The planet's Sith ruler, Lord Dramath, was deposed in 5103 BBY by his own illegitimate son Tenebrae at the age of ten, and the child received the title of Lord Vitiate and rulership of Medriaas from the reigning Dark Lord of the Sith, Marka Ragnos. Renaming the planet Nathema, Vitiate kept his world isolated from the power plays of his fellow Sith over the next century, and his isolation spared Nathema from the Great Hyperspace War in 5000 BBY. The following year, Vitiate summoned the eight thousand remaining Sith Lords to Nathema in order to save the crumbling Sith Empire, but the powerful Vitiate dominated their minds instead and proceeded to use their strength in a complex ritual of Sith magic that granted him immortality while stripping the Force from the entire planet.

Every living thing on Nathema was instantly killed by the Ritual of Nathema, and the planet became a barren wasteland devoid even of droids and technology as Vitiate, now known as the Sith Emperor, hid his past and the hyperspace routes to Nathema from his newly reconstituted Empire. Nathema's rediscovery and the revelation of what he had done to the world sparked a plot among the members of the Empire's ruling Dark Council to unseat their Emperor and prevent him from repeating the ritual, but the destruction of the conspiracy once again erased knowledge of Nathema from the mind of the Empire. However, the memory of Nathema inspired the Sith Lord Scourge to betray the Emperor over three centuries later, causing him to ally with the Jedi Knight known as the Hero of Tython in order to stop the Emperor from repeating the ritual on a galactic scale. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Skup

The Skups, or Sionian Skups, were a near-Human species who differed from standard Humans due to their small, closely spaced eyes, delicate hair, and skin the color of dianoga cheese. Legend held that in ancient times, another species genetically altered the Skups to sell them to the Hutts, who dominated the region of space around the Skup homeworld, Sionia. The species exhibited a wide range of genetic features, and at least some Skups were referred to as biomorphs. The Skups were not known for their prowess as bounty hunters, although their thieves were renowned. Anky Fremp, a denizen of the moon Nar Shaddaa and a friend of the Rodian street urchin Greedo, was a Sionian Skup. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Nathema

September 29 (Week 40), 2014Nullada and Riiken

Nullada was a hermaphrodite Shell Hutt, a clan of the Hutt species, with a male persona. By 1 BBY, the immense being, who used a repulsorlift cylinder to stay mobile, was one of the elders and leaders of the Shell Hutts on their planetoid base of Circumtore. That year, Oph Nar Dinnid, who had a bounty on his head, traveled to Circumtore for refuge, and a group of bounty hunters led by the infamous Boba Fett followed him. However, although Dinnid was worth money to the Shell Hutts and Nullada, Gheeta, another Shell Hutt, took out his old grudge against Fett by killing Dinnid and sending mercenaries to attack the hunters. In the resulting battle, Gheeta was killed, and the mercenaries all but destroyed, leaving Fett and the surviving hunters victorious. Fett speculated that Nullada would be the one to seize most of Gheeta's estate after the Shell Hutt's death. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Riiken


Riiken was a Human male who served as an officer in the planet Onderon's military prior to and during General Vaklu's militaristic rebellion in 3951 BBY. He was one of the Captains of the Guard placed in charge of maintaining order within the walled capital city of Iziz's Merchant Quarter. He was assisted in the investigation of Captain Sullio's murder by the former Jedi Knight Meetra Surik. Later, he supported the Royalist faction backing Queen Talia and the Galactic Republic while Vaklu's forces wished to depose her and secede from the galactic government. Riiken was imprisoned for his loyalties during the attempted coup, but he was later freed by Surik, who helped to resolve the conflict. After the resolution of the brief war, he was promoted to major and sent to command reinforcements during a Sith attack on Telos IV's orbital space station, Citadel Station. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Nullada

October 6 (Week 41), 2014Cato Parasitti and Battle of Sarrish


Cato Parasitti was a Clawdite female bounty hunter from Zolan who operated during the Clone Wars. As a changeling, Parasitti used her natural abilities to make a career as a spy and assassin, charging a massive rate and quickly becoming one of the leaders in her field of work. She employed holographic technology alongside her advanced shape-shifting skills to make her impersonations nearly flawless. A member of the galaxy's criminal underworld, Parasitti frequently worked with the bounty hunter Cad Bane, often subcontracting assignments or hiring assistance for him as needed. On one such endeavor around 22 BBY, Parasitti worked with Bane to steal a Jedi holocron from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, as part of a job from the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious. She adopted the guise of the late Jedi Master Ord Enisence to infiltrate the Jedi Archives, acting as an inside agent to help Bane and his techno-service droid, Todo 360, gain access to the heavily guarded Holocron Vault.

Posing as Enisence and then as Chief Librarian Jocasta Nu, Parasitti was able to neutralize the Temple's security systems so that Bane and Todo 360 could reach the Holocron Vault. When a Jedi Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, uncovered her deception, Parasitti attempted to escape, wielding Nu's lightsaber against Tano. However, Parasitti lacked Nu's superior talents in lightsaber combat, and she was defeated in the ensuing duel. Before being taken away for incarceration, Parasitti offered the Jedi information on Bane's next target: Bolla Ropal, the keeper of the Jedi Order's Kyber memory crystal. By around 21 BBY, she was out of custody and, at one point, visited the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Battle of Sarrish

The Battle of Sarrish, fought on the planet Sarrish between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, took place in 20 BBY during the Outer Rim Sieges of the Clone Wars. Following a Republic victory at Duro, High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Grand Army of the Republic's 212th Attack Battalion pursued Confederate forces to Sarrish, where they staged an assault on the entrenched battle droid infantry from the Separatist Droid Army. With a mountaintop anti-aircraft gun supplying heavy cover fire for the droids on the surface, Kenobi split his clone troopers to fracture the enemy lines. After his LAAT/i gunship was shot down, Marshal Commander CC-2224, nicknamed "Cody," led the soldiers of the 212th's "A" Squad to capture the anti-aircraft gun, using the droids' own artillery against them. Yet the Separatists ultimately routed the Republic forces, inflicting devastating clone trooper casualties. Clone Captain CC-5576-39 went missing in action during the battle, later ending up on the remote planet Abafar. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Cato Parasitti

October 13 (Week 42), 2014Riileb and Sarn Shild

Riileb SWJ13

The Riilebs were a sentient species of humanoid insectoids that were indigenous to the planet of Riileb. Members of the species were relatively tall, with gray, knobbly skin and two antennae, which were capable of detecting changes in the biorhythms of other organisms. Using their antennae, the species could detect the mood of those around them, which made them good at setting others at ease and so resulted in others perceiving the Riilebs as a likable people. They also possessed four nostrils on a nose that was much flatter than a Human's; two nostrils were for inhaling and two were for exhaling.

The Riileb homeworld was within Hutt Space; however, after its discovery by Nimbanese scouts working for the Hutts, the Riilebs refused to bow down to the Hutts and serve them. Following several attempted invasions of Riileb by the Hutts, the slug-like species relented and the Riilebs retained their independence, making them one of the few species in Hutt Space to do so. Riileb society was controlled by the individual in possession of a piece of jewelry known as the ClanRing, which traditionally belonged to the eldest member of the motherclan, descendants of a mythical first Riileb, who was believed to have created the ring. The Riileb Tere Metallo was an agent of the Rebellion and the New Republic. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Sarn Shild

Sarn Shild was a Human male who served as the Moff of the Baxel sector and Hutt Space in the Outer Rim Territories prior to the Galactic Civil War. Shild made little attempt to enforce Imperial law in Hutt Space and often accepted "gifts" from powerful Hutts to ensure that he turned a blind eye toward the Hutt clans' illegal activities. That all changed, however, in 3 BBY, when Emperor Palpatine ordered the Moffs to put an end to the trade in illegal weaponry in response to growing unrest among the populations of many worlds. Shild ordered Admiral Winstel Greelanx, the commander of his fleet, to lead an assault on the Y'Toub system, home to the Hutt homeworld of Nal Hutta. Shild intended to make an example by destroying Nal Hutta's "Smuggler's Moon," Nar Shaddaa. The Hutt Grand Council made an unsuccessful attempt to bribe Shild to call off the attack and, when he refused, approached Greelanx instead. Greelanx had already received orders to make the attack fail as part of a plot to discredit Shild, and accepted the Hutts' offer. At the Battle of Nar Shaddaa, a smuggler fleet under Mako Spince and Han Solo forced Greelanx to retreat, and Shild was recalled to the Imperial capital world of Coruscant to explain his failure. The Moff committed suicide rather than face the Emperor's wrath. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Riileb

October 20 (Week 43), 2014Praven and Moradmin Bast


Praven was a male pureblood Sith who served the reconstituted Empire as a Sith Lord and later protected the Galactic Republic as a member of the Jedi Order. Trained as a Sith Warrior by Darth Angral, Praven participated in the attack on the Jedi Temple on the Republic capital of Coruscant at the end of the Great Galactic War in 3653 BBY. In the subsequent Cold War, Praven took on Angral's son Tarnis as his own apprentice and trained the Human as a Sith Lord, but Praven's training was not enough to prevent Tarnis' death at the hands of a young Jedi Knight when Tarnis attempted to unleash the Planet Prison superweapon against Coruscant near the end of the Cold War. Angral's pursuit of revenge drove him to dispatch his apprentices across the galaxy in order to steal other Republic weapons projects, and Praven acquired the Shock Drum weapon on the planet Tatooine after defeating the Jedi Master Bela Kiwiiks.

However, Praven's sense of honor caused him to disobey his Master and challenge the Jedi Knight to a duel instead of destroying Tatooine with the Shock Drum, and the Knight was able to convince the Sith Lord to abandon the dark side and become a Jedi. Finding a new purpose as a Jedi Padawan, Praven learned the ways of the light side and gladly joined the Republic Military in defending the planet Corellia during the Battle of Corellia when the Galactic War broke out with the Empire. Under the leadership of the instrument of his redemption, the Jedi Knight now known as the Hero of Tython, Praven and the rest of the Outer Rim Jedi Forces foiled the plans of the Sith Emperor and prevented the Dark Jedi Tol Braga from killing thousands of civilians. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Moradmin Bast

Chief Bast
Moradmin Bast was a Human male from the planet Dura-Kahn. An Imperial general, Bast was stationed on the first Death Star, the Galactic Empire's planet-destroying superweapon. On the station, he was the chief personal aide to Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and the subordinate to High General Cassio Tagge. In 0 BBY, Bast was present for a meeting in the battlestation's conference room, discussing the lost Death Star plans, which had been stolen by the Rebel Alliance. After the Battle of Yavin began, Bast received information that the Rebels had found a small vulnerable thermal exhaust port in the Death Star's superstructure. Since the exhaust port was a danger to the battlestation, Bast wanted Tarkin to evacuate the Death Star, although the Grand Moff believed that the Imperial forces would thwart the Rebels' attack. However, after the Rebel Luke Skywalker successfully launched a proton torpedo into the Death Star's thermal exhaust port, the Death Star exploded, killing Bast and everyone else on board. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Praven

October 27 (Week 44), 2014Battle in Brentaal space and Kintan crusher

Battle in brentaal space cropped
In the year 0 ABY, the Alliance to Restore the Republic privateer frigate Far Orbit attempted to apprehend the Imperial freighter SPF 14897 near the planet Brentaal IV. However, the freighter was the lure for a trap set by Imperial Captain Vocis Kenit, and as the troopers hidden inside SPF 14897 attempted a counter-boarding, Kenit's naval task force arrived. Though the Imperial forces tried to capture the Far Orbit in the resulting battle, the privateer vessel managed to escape after the Far Orbit damaged one of the gravity wells of the Interdictor that was keeping the Far Orbit from withdrawing. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Kintan crusher


The Kintan crushers, also known as Kintan enforcers and a host of other names, were a species of powerfully-built creatures from the planet Kintan in Hutt Space. They were related to the semi-sentient Kintan striders, a species they surpassed in intelligence. Indeed, the Kintan crushers' obedience and ability to follow complex orders made them a favorite source for enforcers for members of the Hutt Cartel, and the species had been subject to centuries of domestication by the Hutts by the time of the Cold War.

Crushers were built to pound and bash: While their legs were short and stocky, their upper body and arms were immense and helped propel their meaty fists in combat. They became savage opponents in battle, slapping, stomping, and bashing foes and even causing minor groundquakes. Crushers varied in size from slightly taller than an adult Human to truly gargantuan proportions. While the Hutts often employed beast masters to manage crushers in captivity, the species was capable of surviving in the wild by foraging.

Kintan crushers roamed the grounds of both the palace of Fa'athra the Hutt and that of Karagga the Hutt on the planet Nal Hutta. Among these, Foreman Crusher was the most immense and formidable, guarding the entrance to Karagga's palace until being defeated by a group of invaders. Kintan crushers also lived beyond the borders of Hutt Space during the Cold War and its aftermath, with one specimen roaming the Clabburn Tundra of the ice planet Hoth. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Battle in Brentaal space

November 3 (Week 45), 2014Defense of Cato Neimoidia and Uphrades


A battle took place around 20 BBY, the third year of the Clone Wars, when a Confederate Navy fleet invaded Cato Neimoidia, a Galactic Republic world and major base of the Trade Federation. Despite the planet's ties to the Confederacy of Independent Systems through secret Trade Federation dealings, the Republic authorized a defense of the Neimoidian purse world, with Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, commanding an assault force from the 501st Legion. While a fleet from the Republic Navy held off the Separatist frigates in orbit, Skywalker and Tano breached the enemy aerial defenses with an escort of starfighters, clearing the way for LAAT/i gunships with Clone Captain CT-7567 and his 501st clone troopers aboard. They then moved in to engage the squadrons of droid tri-fighters that the Confederate fleet, which was occupying the Neimoidian bridge cities, deployed.

Both Jedi were separated from their squadron when a swarm of buzz droids disabled Skywalker's starfighter, forcing Tano to stage a mid-air rescue of her Master before his ship crashed. While the 501st Legion continued its efforts to repel the Separatists, Jedi Grand Master Yoda recalled Skywalker and Tano from Cato Neimoidia to investigate a bombing of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Uphrades

Uphrades was a planet located in the Uphrades system of the Inner Rim. Originally a green and fertile agriworld during the years leading up to the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, Uphrades supplied the Republic capital planet of Coruscant with much of its food supplies. This earned it the nickname "Coruscant's Granary" until the Sith Lord Darth Angral targeted the agriworld during his campaign of vengeance in 3643 BBY. As part of his revenge against the Republic and the Jedi Order for the death of his son, Tarnis, Angral tested the Desolator superweapon on Uphrades and devastated its surface, killing millions and trapping the few hundred survivors on the planet by ionizing its atmosphere. Thanks to the efforts of Doctor Senessa and the crew of the Republic medical frigate Daybreaker, the survivors endured the several months it took for the ion field to dissipate, but the planet itself remained a desolate and barren world. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Defense of Cato Neimoidia

November 10 (Week 46), 2014Kina Margath and Kharrus

Kina Margath

Kina Margath was a Human female who resided on the planet Elshandruu Pica. A businesswoman, she managed Margath's, a complex of hotels, bars, and casinos—including the famous 27th Hour Social Club—with a galaxy-wide reputation for excellence. Having inherited the business from her parents, Margath successfully ran her business empire for many years. In addition to her duties running Margath's, Margath was a Foster Agent for the Alliance to Restore the Republic, using her facilities to house orphaned operatives and assist them in returning to the Alliance. Margath also assisted the New Republic, the successor state to the Alliance, and helped Commander Wedge Antilles during his campaign against former Imperial Intelligence director, Ysanne Isard, by providing him with information on one of Isard's fleet captains, Sair Yonka of the Avarice. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Kharrus


Kharrus was a respected Gran male senator from Kinyen who served in the Senate of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. A loyal supporter of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, Kharrus became a highly skilled diplomat and embarked on a number of missions on the Republic's behalf, often operating under perilous circumstances. At one point, he spent three weeks in captivity while on a ransom mission.

In 22 BBY, Kharrus was tasked with delivering one million credits' worth of spice to Florrum, where the Ohnaka Gang of Weequay pirates was holding the Confederate Head of State Count Dooku hostage. Accompanied by a clone trooper detail led by Clone Commander CC-5869 of the Diplomatic Escort Group, Kharrus was to deliver the spice ransom and bring Dooku back to the Republic capital of Coruscant for incarceration. On their approach to Florrum, Kharrus's shuttle was shot down by the pirate lieutenant Turk Falso's breakaway faction of the Ohnaka Gang, which sought to pilfer the payment of spice for themselves. Kharrus died in the resulting crash, leaving his team under the command of its junior representative, Jar Jar Binks. Binks saw to it that the esteemed senator was buried and laid to rest near their crash site in the Doshar fields. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Kina Margath

November 17 (Week 47), 2014B'rknaa and Dron

B'rknaa typical

The B'rknaa were a mineral-based sentient species native to Indobok, a moon orbiting the planet Kalarba in the Mid Rim region of the galaxy. In actuality, the moon was itself an enormous member of the species. The B'rknaa's true appearance was that of crystalline clusters, but their inner energy could induce life into inanimate matter. When they were deemed old enough to take up a host body, the B'rknaa crystals animated giant stone husks in which they could move about. These sentients were considered unusual by Humans, and they were known to Jedi biologists for their resistance to Force abilities. The B'rknaa were also capable of merging together several stone bodies to form a much larger unit.

The B'rknaa of Indobok were known to the wider galactic community since at least the first millennium before the Battle of Yavin. Compared to the civilized worlds of the galaxy, their technology level was very low: they did not build cities and wore no clothing, but they did develop a language of their own. Despite their bulky appearance, they were usually friendly to strangers, with the notable exception of those who tried to steal B'rknaa crystals. Around 6 BBY, the pirate Jace Forno planned on stealing some of them so she could supply the black market. Thanks to the intervention of the Pitareeze family from Kalarba, Forno's henchmen were driven off, and her plan was thwarted. Twenty years later, during the Great War, the B'rknaa were put in jeopardy when the Yuuzhan Vong, a species of extra-galactic invaders, destroyed Kalarba, dispersing radioactive material across the system in the process. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Dron


Dron was a Human male admiral in the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars. In the early stages of the conflict, he served with Jedi Generals Keelyvine Reus and Kit Fisto during an expedition to the vital agriworld of Ukio. The world was of major importance to the Galactic Republic, as it supplied food to the Grand Army of the Republic as well as to the entire Abrion sector, and the expedition was tasked with securing the planet's allegiance in order to aid the war effort. Dron and his fleet held station over Ukio at General Reus's behest, and watched for any suspected Confederate activity. Soon, Dron's men detected a lone enemy battleship approaching the planet.

The Jedi investigated and discovered that the enemy was deploying a dark, cloudy substance that adhered to Ukio's planetary shield. Fisto was able to collect data, which he transmitted to Dron, and the admiral subsequently had his men analyze the material. Captain Pharl McQuarrie determined that it was Moorjan soil, which was electromagnetic and photo-sensitive. Essentially, the cloud would leave Ukio's crops in perpetual night. The admiral then worked with General Reus to avert the disaster, and although Ukio was successfully defended by the Republic, it was later purchased by Magistrate Passel Argente of the Confederacy. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: B'rknaa

November 24 (Week 48), 20143D-4X administrative droid and Boz (Lizling)

3D-4X Administrative Droid

The 3D-4X administrative droid was created by Genetech Corporation in an effort to compete with their rival Cybot Galactica's hold on the galactic protocol droid market. Realizing that they could not compete one-on-one with the 3PO-series protocol droid and its AA-1 VerboBrain, Genetech opted to fashion a droid more suited to systems administration rather than diplomacy. The result was the 3D-4X series, which was a highly intelligent droid capable of taking initiative in completing tasks and possessed of a large information database concerning business, administrative, and financial procedures. Fluent in over two and half million forms of communication and able to act as a negotiator in preliminary business meetings, the 3D-4X was favored by senior executives and traveling businessbeings throughout the galaxy.

Constructed on the factory world of Mechis III, 3D-4X droids were common sights in the galaxy, ranging from the Jedi Temple droid pool on the galactic capital Coruscant during the waning years of the Galactic Republic, to docking bays in Mos Espa on Tatooine; they were even found in the employ of crime lords. Although successful, the reputation of the 3D-4X series was damaged when it emerged that one of their number, 3D-4X, had killed his master, Administrator Hekis Durumm Perdo Kolokk Baldikarr Thun, during the takeover of Mechis III by a quartet of IG-88 assassin droids. Despite 3D-4X's reprogramming by IG-88A to commit that act, sales of the 3D-4X declined as confidence in the line wavered. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Boz (Lizling)


Boz was a Lizling male and the companion of the aggressive Herglic Ry-Kooda by 10 ABY. That year, after the pair learned that the bounty hunter Boba Fett had killed Ry-Kooda's brother, Bar-Kooda, they set out to take vengeance upon Fett and a trio of Hutts who had been involved with the murder—Orko, Gorga, and Anachro. On the planet Skeebo, Boz and his friends caught up with the Hutts and attacked Orko's ship but were shot down in their own ship by the bandit-like Skavers of Skeebo, who had also kidnapped Anachro and were holding the Hutt for ransom.

On the surface, Boz and Ry-Kooda saw Fett, who was aiming to free Anachro from the Skavers' clutches, and they set off after him. However, the bounty hunter defeated Boz's companion by downing the ceiling of a mine on the strongarm, preventing Boz and the Herglic from gaining their revenge. Nevertheless, Boz's companion survived, and the two exacted their revenge on Orko, killing him in his palace on the world of Orkana. Shortly thereafter, a showdown ensued between Boz, Ry-Kooda, Fett, and the two surviving Hutts—a skirmish that saw Fett kill Ry-Kooda, leading Boz to swear to get even with the bounty hunter someday. (Read more…)
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December 1 (Week 49), 2014Otto and Farstine

General Otto

Otto was a Human male from the planet of Coruscant who served in the Imperial Military, the armed forces of the Galactic Empire. As a general, he took part in the Galactic Civil War, a conflict between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Despite his status, Otto was regarded as largely incompetent. If it had not been the intervention of his friend, Admiral Conan Antonio Motti, Otto would have lost both his career and his life at the hands of Darth Vader, the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet. The general was relocated to the barren planet of Lok, where he was tasked with commanding an Imperial outpost. During his tenure on Lok, the general was forced to deal with an intruder who had been sent by the Rebel hero Han Solo to sow discord in the outpost. Dissatisfied with his situation, General Otto later deserted the Empire and entered Jabba the Hutt's demolition games with a stolen AT-ST. The general hoped he could garner enough money in the contest to fulfill his dream of buying a luxury apartment in Cloud City, a floating metropolis suspended high among the clouds of the planet Bespin. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Farstine


Farstine was a planet within the Farstine system, situated in the Mid Rim's Ryndellian sector. The planet was located on two major hyperlanes: the Five Veils Route, which connected the Mid Rim to the Svivreni and Skine sectors in the Outer Rim Territories, and the Triellus Trade Route, which spanned a large section of the Outer Rim within the Slice. Farstine possessed a methane atmosphere, requiring oxygen-breathing species to use breath masks for survival on the surface. Relatively untouched by galactic events, a battle was fought at Farstine in 19 BBY between Separatist holdout forces commanded by Trade Federation Customs Vizier Marath Vooro, and an Imperial fleet headed by the Imperial officer Octavian Grant. The planet was known to be one of the spice trade's major transshipment hubs, and was under Imperial occupation at some point during the Galactic Civil War. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Otto

December 8 (Week 50), 2014Boorka and Terror

Boorka not Jabba

Boorka was a hermaphrodite Hutt crime lord with a masculine personality who operated on the planet Tatooine around 22 BBY. Around the time of the outbreak of the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Boorka received information from Bogeega Bu'Daay, an operative on the planet Eredenn Prime, about a new series of superweapons that the Republic was building known as the Decimators. Boorka made it known that the information was available to the highest bidder and his offer was soon taken up by the Confederacy, who sent a contingent of its droid army led by General Sev'rance Tann to Tatooine.

Boorka agreed to trade his information to the Separatists if they destroyed a Republic spaceport near the city Mos Osnoe. The spaceport was interfering with the profits of the Hutt Cartel, a criminal organization that Boorka was part of, and the Separatist army was able to accomplish the task. Boorka then gave his information to the Separatists, leading them to ultimately gain control of the Decimators and take over the Republic energy-producing planet Sarapin. When the Republic retook Sarapin, Jedi General Echuu Shen-Jon discovered that the Hutt Cartel had knowledge of General Tann's location, and Shen-Jon soon learned that Boorka had begun a partnership with the Separatists and had allowed them to set up a secret trade operation on Tatooine. The Jedi led his army to attack Boorka's forces, killing the Hutt in the process and removing the Separatists from Tatooine. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Terror

The Terror was an Executor-class Star Dreadnought in service to the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. Under the command of Admiral Sarn, the Terror was assigned to protect the development of a new cloaking device for use with the TIE Phantom starfighter and was itself fitted with one of the devices, allowing it to become invisible to both sensors and the naked eye. During a visit from the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader to oversee the deployment of the new starfighter in 3 ABY, the Terror was infiltrated by two Rebel saboteurs. The infiltrators, Rookie One and Ru Murleen, managed to steal a TIE Phantom and used it to destroy the Terror's main reactor while it was docked to the TIE Phantom factory over Imdaar Alpha. Lord Vader escaped the Terror moments before the reactor exploded, destroying the Star Dreadnought, but he executed Sarn for his incompetence before leaving. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Boorka

December 15 (Week 51), 2014Cadomai Prime and Dansra Beezer


Cadomai Prime, also known as simply Cadomai, was a planet located in the Outer Rim Territories' Catarlo sector, along the northern end of the major hyperlane known as the Hydian Way. A frigid world with intolerably cold winters, Cadomai's tundra plains were home to the Snivvians, a species renowned for its art. Cadomai held a large system of subterranean caverns, where the Snivvians made their homes during the subfreezing winters. The world possessed a single moon and was part of the Cadomai system. Cadomai had a democratic government, with a leader chosen every year solely on the basis of artistic ability.

Despite the artistic sensibilities of the native Snivvians, the history of Cadomai was an extremely bloody one, with the Snivvian genetic flaw known as the Blood Code of the Snivvian resulting in a number of brutal dictators. However, Cadomai eventually became well-known as a resort world, despite the freezing climate. Historically a Galactic Republic planet, by the time of the Galactic Empire, Cadomai came to the attention of the Imperial Coalition for Progress, which wanted to ensure that Cadomai's famous transnovels would remain suitable according to the tenets of the Empire's New Order. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Dansra Beezer

Corporal beezer

Dansra Beezer was a Human female native of the planet Alderaan who held the rank of corporal in the Alliance to Restore the Republic by 4 ABY. She was a slicer, technician, and communications specialist who trained under Sergeant Brooks Carlson to serve as a scout for the Alliance commandos. In 4 ABY, Beezer was part of a strike team sent to the Forest Moon of Endor to deactivate the planetary shield generator protecting the Galactic Empire's second Death Star battlestation in orbit around the moon. Part of the strike team's Renegade Squadron detachment, Beezer was responsible for communications. After arriving on Endor, Beezer and the strike team were separated from the command crew following encounters with Imperial scout trooper patrols. Eventually, they encountered an All Terrain Scout Transport while making camp for the night. Beezer, whose role included jamming Imperial transmissions in case of emergencies, did so with the walker's transmissions. She later fought in the Battle of Endor, which ended with the destruction of the shield generator, allowing Alliance starfighters to destroy the Death Star.

At some point after 5 ABY, Beezer served as a sergeant in the New Republic's Intelligence Service. She worked alongside her commanding officer, Major Bren Derlin, in a mission to suspend the Reuss Corporation's rule over the planet Reuss VIII by aiding Calian shockboxer Lobar Aybock in a match that the corporation had set him up to lose with the intent of subsequently selling his organs. Beezer worked as a slicer to protect Aybock from a hostile rival employed by Reussi Torel Vorne of the Reuss Corporation, whose intent was to ensure Aybock's death. Ultimately, the New Republic succeeded in the mission, Aybock won his match, and the Reuss Corporation lost control of Reuss VIII, with the New Republic taking over the planet's government. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Cadomai Prime

December 22 (Week 52), 2014Andov Syn and Valius Ying


Nariss Siv Loqesh, later known as Andov Syn, was a Kerestian male who forged a successful career for himself as a bounty hunter during the reign of the Galactic Empire and the early years of the New Republic. Loqesh specialized in claiming bounties placed on other bounty hunters, and he achieved a capture rate of almost 90%. In 3 ABY, in the wake of the Battle of Hoth, the Imperial Supreme Commander Darth Vader summoned several high-profile bounty hunters to pursue the fugitive Rebels Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa, and he commanded that Loqesh join the hunt. The Kerestian learned of his commission from Vader via the Bimm expeditor Crote, and he immediately turned down the assignment, because he preferred to work for only himself. The Empire did not take kindly to Loqesh's rejection of Vader's demand, and a bounty was placed on Loqesh's head, forcing him to go into hiding.

About a year and a half later, Loqesh reemerged and resumed his bounty hunting career under the alias "Andov Syn." He hired out his services to both corporations and wanted criminals, and he soon gained notoriety as a result of an assignment that he completed on the planet Adim. After engaging in various illegal acts, Syn had a bounty of AurebeshSans-Serif credit60,000 placed on his head by the New Republic, and in 7 ABY, he featured in a dossier of dangerous fugitives compiled by New Republic Chief of Intelligence Airen Cracken. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Valius Ying


Valius Ying was a male Twi'lek pirate who was notorious in the Outer Rim during the Mandalorian Wars. Ying was the captain of the starship Oroko, and headed a crew of several gangsters. Once captured by Galactic Republic Captain Saul Karath, Ying had his operation back up and running by 3964 BBY. That year, Ying, not normally a bounty hunter, joined the potentially lucrative search for runaway Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick, who was accused of murdering four of his fellow classmates on Taris. Ying and the Oroko soon tracked down Carrick in the Taris asteroid belt, capturing the fugitive along with alleged accomplice Marn Hierogryph and two Arkanian Offshoots, Jarael and Gorman "Camper" Vandrayk.

Hierogryph negotiated for his and the Offshoots' freedom in exchange for the codes to his Taris storehouses, and Ying brought Carrick alone to Taris to turn him over to the Jedi Order. Greeted by a massive throng of onlookers, Ying took Carrick to the five Jedi Masters of the Tarisian Jedi Tower, hoping for a substantial reward. It was there that Ying learned, much to his surprise, that Carrick was not the Padawan killer—the Masters had done the deed and framed Carrick. Although Ying tried to leave, Jedi Master Lucien Draay decided that the Twi'lek knew too much, and slew him with his lightsaber. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Andov Syn

December 29, 2014 (Week 1), 2015The Wraith and Kilmaulsi


"The Wraith" was the codename of a Human male who served the Galactic Empire as a spy, assassin, and saboteur during the early years of the New Republic. Around 6 ABY, the Wraith successfully penetrated the New Republic Intelligence Service and caused the collapse of the Archive system, an effort to create a extensive network of intelligence gathering and data collation centers. The officer supervising the creation of the system, Major Breslin Drake, vowed to hunt the Wraith down for his actions, leaving the service of the New Republic to track him. The Wraith escaped into the Kathol sector in the Outer Rim Territories, where he entered the service of Moff Kentor Sarne, the local Imperial warlord. The spy operated as an assassin for the Moff's forces, eliminating Sarne's political enemies with a virulent poison harvested on the primitive planet Sebiris.

In 8 ABY, after two years in service to Sarne, the Wraith was stranded on the planet Pembric II after the New Republic liberated the sector capital Kal'Shebbol and forced Moff Sarne to retreat into the wilds of the Kathol sector. The Wraith, under the alias Drenn, had been tasked by Sarne to infiltrate the organization of the local crime lord, Crev Bombaasa. Following the fall of Kal'Shebbol, the Wraith deemed his mission unnecessary and sought to rejoin Sarne, but Bombaasa had restricted travel off-planet. He spent several months working alongside Major Drake at the ThrusterBurn Tapcafe—the Wraith as a bouncer, Drake as the manager—after the latter had fallen afoul of Bombaasa during his search for the former. Neither knew of the other's identity or allegiance. The Wraith eventually made his way off Pembric II with the crew of the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar when he assisted them in liberating a slicer named Gaelin from Bombaasa's clutches.

Serving as part of the FarStar's technical crew, the Wraith planned to rejoin Sarne by giving the Moff's forces the location of the FarStar while it underwent resupply at the planet Galtea and assassinating the corvette's commanding officer, Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum. The FarStar managed to survive the subsequent ambush, but Adrimetrum was left comatose by the Wraith's poison, with only days to live. Drake suggested that they might find a cure for the poison on Sebiris, as his investigations into the Wraith's activities had led him to the planet where he suspected the Wraith had operated under the alias Klendost Petrivoor. During the expedition to the planet, the Wraith's identiy was compromised when the headman of a Sebiri village recognized him as Petrivoor. He fled the planet in a freighter that he had concealed on the surface sometime prior. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Kilmaulsi

The Kilmaulsi were sentient avians indigenous to the planet Kilmaulsias. While they possessed no wings, they had colorful ruffs of feathers under their jaws and along their arms. Members of the species were curious but devout by nature, leading their tribal society to become strongly religious. Originally a warlike species, they ended numerous intertribal conflicts when the Vorzydiak species made space travel available to them. Once introduced into the wider galaxy, the Kilmaulsi became common as guards and soldiers, particularly throughout the Vorzyd Cluster, where their homeworld was located. The former Jedi Dass Jennir encountered a Kilmaulsi on the planet Cato Neimoidia in 19 BBY, and Rebel agents Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker ran into a Kilmaulsi working as a guard on the world Vorzyd V during the Galactic Civil War. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: The Wraith

January 5 (Week 2), 2015Dewell Bronk and Unidentified young new recruit

Dewell Bronk

Dewell Bronk was male Kedorzhan who served as a senator in the Galactic Senate of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. Bronk was best known for his desire to help others, a fact that the Republic's successor state, the Galactic Empire, eventually used when attempting to track him down. Toward the end of the war, Bronk was one of many senators who, as part of the Delegation of 2000, signed the Petition of 2000, a document condemning the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's misuse of emergency powers and the formation of the new office of Moff. In 19 BBY, after the Clone Wars had ended, Bronk attempted to flee the galactic capital planet of Coruscant in an attempt to escape the persecution that many members of the delegation were facing from the newly formed Galactic Empire. During his journey off-planet he encountered the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was also fleeing with the young infant. Bronk did not recognize Kenobi, though the Jedi saved Bronk from a pair of clone troopers who attempted to arrest the Kedorzhan. Kenobi then revealed the reality of life in exile to the senator, persuading him to try and return to Coruscant and falsely announce his support for the new Empire. This would better enable the senator to help others without fear of persecution. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Unidentified young new recruit

Around 32 BBY, in the aftermath of the Battle of Naboo, a young new recruit was brought to the Jedi Temple on the planet Coruscant and placed under the responsibility of Jedi Master Yoda. The old Jedi assigned various tasks to the young recruit related to helping the planet Naboo return to a state of peace after the Trade Federation's invasion of the world, and to also keeping Anakin Skywalker, a rising star of the Jedi Order, content in his new role as a Jedi Padawan. Despite being very young and still untrained, the child proved very resourceful in completing difficult tasks such as terminating the remaining battle droids lurking in the Sacred Forest of Naboo, finding ancient statues in the Gungan Caves, and fixing the personal computer of Queen Amidala, ruler of Naboo. Under the watchful gaze of Yoda himself, the young recruit also recorded a collection of songs for Skywalker and programmed stories into the memory core of C-3PO, Skywalker's homemade protocol droid. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Dewell Bronk

January 12 (Week 3), 2015Battle of Ord Radama and New Bakstre

Ord Radama orbit

The Battle of Ord Radama was a major engagement of the Great Galactic War between the belligerent powers of the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. Ord Radama had previously been a holding of an old Sith Empire, but had fallen under the rule of the Republic since the conclusion of the Jedi Civil War. Although it was situated within the Esstran sector in the Seat of The Empire, the planet had resisted Sith conquest in the Great Galactic War until 3660 BBY, during the Rim Campaign led by the Sith Lords Darth Malgus and Darth Venemal. That year, the two led a detachment of the Imperial naval armada to the world and began an eighty-six-day–long campaign to secure it for the Empire.

The battle began with an assault on a mountaintop Republic stronghold while Imperial dreadnaughts set up a defensive perimeter in orbit above the planet. Malgus and Venemal led the successful incursion on foot and established a beachhead on the planet to plan for an advance on the capital city of Livien Magnus, which was heavily fortified against attack by Republic soldiers and artillery, as well as an all-enveloping ray shield. Fourteen days after their touchdown on the planet, the Imperials launched their siege of the capital, with Malgus planning on winning though attrition. A week into the onslaught, he and Venemal were joined by Lord Adraas, who travelled to the planet with platoons of battle droids under the orders of the Empire's ruling Dark Council. Although Republic infantry quickly destroyed Adraas's droids, the distraction allowed Malgus and Venemal to lead troops into the city and destroy the shield generator.

After using air strikes to quash native resistance, the Sith Lords occupied the capital as a headquarters while they waited to be resupplied. The situation quickly turned to crisis for the Imperials: as they ran low on war matériel, the Republic retaliated by sending a sizable fleet of corvettes and cruisers to retake the system and uproot the entrenched Imperial ground forces. Although Malgus attempted to take command of the situation in space, he quickly lost most of his fleet, and the battle became untenable. After one of the Empire's damaged Harrower-class dreadnaughts fell to the surface of Ord Radama and obliterated Livien Magnus and all of the Imperial forces stationed within—including Darth Venemal—Lord Malgus was forced to retreat from the planet aboard the dreadnaught Lindworm. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: New Bakstre

New Bakstre

New Bakstre was a planet located within the Tendrannan subsector of the Outer Rim's New Territories. Part of the loosely affiliated domain known as the Cassandran Worlds, New Bakstre was a planet dominated by industry situated on the important Braxant Run hyperlane that served much of the galaxy's northern quadrant. One of New Bakstre's major settlements, Havridam City, was partially destroyed in 22 BBY after activists from the Mechanical Liberation Front accidentally detonated a shipment of Vindicator XM-15 "brilliant" missiles. The planet was involved in the later stages of the Clone Wars when Jedi-led Galactic Republic forces engaged the military of the Confederacy of Independent Systems on the world's surface. Annexed by the Galactic Empire along with the entirety of the Cassandran Worlds roughly twenty years later, New Bakstre remained under Imperial control during the Galactic Civil War and the Second Galactic Civil War, with a brief intermediate spell, during which it was allied with the New Republic. New Bakstre possessed seven moons, a rapid rotation rate, and a sky that was colored purple. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Battle of Ord Radama

January 19 (Week 4), 2015Coruscant riots (3680 BBY) and Unidentified Imperial guard

In 3680 BBY, the second year of the Great Galactic War, a series of public demonstrations broke out on Coruscant, the capital world of the Galactic Republic, in response to political infighting in the Galactic Senate and the Sith Empire's invasion of the Outer Rim Territories. Tensions began to mount in Galactic City after the Empire made itself known through a series of conquests and massacres in the Outer Rim, but the situation became particularly volatile after the Republic's biting loss of the Tingel Arm and the Empire's siege of the Minos Cluster. While the Senate was mired in political gridlock over how to best respond to the assault, members of the Jedi Order moved forward with a plan to liberate the Minos worlds. Their departure, along with continued inaction from Republic leaders, sent the people of Coruscant into panic, resulting in mass demonstrations consisting of political gatherings, anti-war rallies, and violent riots. The upheaval lasted for days but came to a conclusion as stories of Jedi heroics in the embattled Minos Cluster began to return to Coruscant. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Unidentified Imperial guard

Imperial bully-SWHS

A Human male worked as a guard and an officer in the Imperial Military during the Galactic Civil War. In 1 ABY, the man was on leave on the planet Kashyyyk shortly before the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, ordered a blockade of the planet. While off duty, the guard paid a visit to a trading post near the city of Rwookrrorro and bullied the shopkeeper, Saun Dann, into giving away some of his goods for free. Having successfully pressured Dann, the guard left the trading post with an extorted high-tech groomer tucked in his belt. (Read more…)

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January 26 (Week 5), 2015Lost Reef and Granakk

The Lost Reef was a DeepWater-class light freighter produced by Mon Calamari Shipyards for the use of Mon Calamari Commercial Expeditionary Service. During its rule, the Galactic Empire dissolved the organization, and the Lost Reef was sold in auction. It was purchased by a Yarkora antiquities dealer, Saell-Terae, who used the ship to map the Unknown Regions. After an extended stay in the Unknown Regions Saell-Terae abandoned the Lost Reef and the ship was discovered empty and adrift near the Elrood sector, carrying three valuable statues in a hidden compartment as well as a dataplaque with astrogation charts for a part of the Unknown Regions. Around that time, the Lost Reef was coveted by its owner Saell-Terae, as well as by the Chiss Imperial officer Thrawn—he was interested in the three statues that the freighter carried, as their design would provide valuable information on his enemies.

At some point before 0.8 ABY, the Lost Reef had fallen into Thrawn's hands. In turn, he presented the ship as a gift to his longtime friend, smuggler Jorj Car'das. When the alien warlord Nuso Esva threatened the Poln system—located at the border between the Unknown Regions and the Empire—Thrawn enlisted Car'das' help. The Lost Reef was essential in turning the tide of the battle of the Poln system, when Thrawn used it to prevent a collision between the Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera and the Golan station guarding Poln Major. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Granakk


Granakk was a female Wookiee who was exiled by her species from her homeworld of Kashyyyk. After her banishment from her home planet, Granakk became one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. During her time as a bounty hunter, Granakk traveled the galaxy in a YT-1300 light freighter named Reckoning, which was heavily modified with increased durability, added shields, and improved weaponry. Shunned by other members of her species, she gained fame for the number of bounties that she had killed. Her reputation for killing and disfiguring her prisoners to the point that they could barely be recognized caused some individuals to commit suicide rather than face capture or death at the hands of Granakk, who was also known for relentlessly pursuing her targets. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Lost Reef

February 2 (Week 6), 2015Gharn and Dutra Zeneta


Gharn was a Nagai male Jedi Padawan who was active in the Jedi Order during the era of the Mandalorian Wars. The Padawan of the Jedi Master Xamar, one of five stationed at the planet Taris's Jedi Tower, Gharn was close friends with four other Padawans in his class—Humans Zayne Carrick and Shad Jelavan, the Ho'Din Oojoh, and Kamlin, a Falleen. One of very few Nagai Jedi candidates, Gharn, by 3964 BBY, was close to being named a Jedi Knight.

Gharn's final test as a Padawan, along with the rest of his class, was to cross Taris's rogue moon, which was constantly bombarded by meteors, blind. All of the Padawans completed the trial, and a banquet and ceremony was set up shortly afterward, where the class would learn which of them would be Knighted. However, the five Jedi Masters of the Taris Jedi Tower—secretly comprising a Jedi Covenant dedicated to watching for the rise of the dark side—had decided that their class of prospective Jedi would bring about the return of the Sith. After the banquet, the Jedi Masters slew Gharn and his friends. Carrick managed to escape due to a timely late arrival but was officially blamed for the murders. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Dutra Zeneta


Dutra Zeneta was a male Jin from the Zchtek worlds who joined the growing resistance that became the Alliance to Restore the Republic shortly after the Galactic Empire subjugated his homeworld. A decorated and highly skilled commando and infiltrator, Zeneta participated in some of the Alliance's most perilous missions, including the Vidicx and Loac Campaigns, and was a member of the elite Scandium Team, leading Unit Theta. One of only six Scandium Team survivors from the Wellte-ir Massacre, Zeneta suffered from recurring nightmares and depression as a result of the battle, which resulted in the deaths of fifteen operatives out of the twenty-one deployed.

After completing his twentieth assignment for Alliance Intelligence, Lieutenant Zeneta faced retirement or a desk job, as was standard procedure. Instead, he petitioned Alliance High Command to grant him a posting as a Foster Agent responsible for assisting stranded Alliance operatives to return to the Alliance and to give him command of a whole team of Foster Agents, a previously unheard of concept. High Command agreed to his request, and the all-alien Shroud Team was formed. Zeneta and his unit were inserted into Corint City on the planet Pirik in the Divis Arm, where they successfully returned sixteen agents to the Alliance in the space of seven standard months. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Gharn

February 9 (Week 7), 2015Spindrall and Pulas


Spindrall was a Human male adherent of the Sith Order during the era of the Sith Empire's resurgence. By the time of the Cold War between the Empire and the Galactic Republic, Spindrall was an elder Sith prophet and Lord who had made his home on the Sith's holy world of Korriban. In the deepest reaches of the tomb of the ancient Sith Lord Ajunta Pall, Spindrall counseled new acolytes on the Code of the Sith and retrained failed students who hoped to earn re-entry into the prestigious Sith Academy of Korriban.

During the Cold War, Lord Zash, a supervisor at the academy who visited Spindrall during her own training, mandated that all of her prospective apprentices seek out the hermit during their early trials so that he might judge their worth. Around 3643 BBY, Zash's new class of students traveled into the tomb to find Spindrall in the Sacrificial Chamber. Although all seven of them successfully traversed the dangers of the tomb, only one student, a slave-turned-promising acolyte, truly impressed Spindrall. The elder Sith allowed all seven of Zash's Sith hopefuls to leave the tomb, but chose to condemn the timid acolyte Kory—a condemnation that resulted in her execution upon her return to the Academy. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Pulas

The Pulas was a black, fist-sized crystal that radiated dark side energy. Over the years, the Pulas was wielded by various members of the Sith Order, until it disappeared around the time of the Ruusan campaign. The crystal subsequently lay abandoned inside a Sith fortress on the planet Almas for centuries. Around 31 BBY, the Pulas was rediscovered by a group of Jedi researchers who were exploring the citadel, and the artifact was taken to the Almas Academy, a Jedi academy that was located on the world. However, the facility's headmaster, Lanius Qel-Bertuk, feared that the Jedi could not keep the Pulas safe from the clutches of a group of Sith cultists who were active on Almas, and he arranged for the crystal to be transported to the Jedi Temple on the planet Coruscant for safekeeping. Though the cultists attempted to steal the Pulas while it was en route to Coruscant, the artifact was successfully relocated to the Jedi Temple. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Spindrall

February 16 (Week 8), 2015Thilis-Brin and Uunu


Thilis-Brin was a female Ishi Tib serving with the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War against the Galactic Empire. A technician, she was assigned to the Mon Calamari Shipyards as a troubleshooter after completing recruit training. After two years, Thilis-Brin desired a more active Alliance posting and accepted an offer to join Shroud Team—an all-alien unit of Foster Agents tasked with returning stranded operatives to the Alliance—under the command of Lieutenant Dutra Zeneta, a member of the Jin species. Based out of Corint City on the planet Pirik, she served as the group's technician and secondary Foster Agent after the Rodian Dheendo. A thrill-seeker, Thilis-Brin reveled in using her personal Sunwolf speeder bike to assist in operative extractions while evading Imperial pursuit, such as the time she successfully helped a high-ranking officer return to the Alliance after a speeder bike chase through the Talamp Industrial Sector. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Uunu

Uunu was a Yuuzhan Vong female Shamed One who was alive in 26 ABY, when the Yuuzhan Vong were invading a galaxy other than their own. Still young at the time of the war, Uunu served as a field hand working with lambents on the captured moon of Yavin 4, and it was there that she was assigned to be the overseer of the slave Bail Lars, who was actually the Jedi Knight Anakin Solo in disguise. During their time together, which ended when Lars left to rescue his friend Tahiri Veila from the Yuuzhan Vong forces on Yavin 4, Uunu and Lars talked of many things, varying from the nature of the Yuuzhan Vong to the ideals of the New Jedi Order. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Thilis-Brin

February 23 (Week 9), 2015Shad Jelavan and Padawan Massacre

Shad Jelavan was a Human male Jedi Padawan apprenticed to Miraluka Jedi Master Q'Anilia at the planet Taris' Jedi Tower. A native of Taris, Jelavan was one of five Padawans apprenticed to the five Masters at the Jedi Tower, and he was considered to be one of the most promising of the group. Jelavan was orphaned in an accident that killed both his parents in 3966 BBY, and he used his stipend to support his sister and brother. Very talented with the Force, Jelavan was a loyal friend to the other four Padawans in his class. Jelavan was especially close with fellow Human Zayne Carrick, whom he tried to motivate despite Carrick's dubious grasp on the Force. By 3964 BBY, Jelavan was close to being named a Jedi Knight, passing his final trial by crossing Taris' dangerous rogue moon blind. Afterward, the group returned to Taris for a banquet and Knighting ceremony. Little did Jelavan or the other Padawans know, their Jedi Masters were actually part of a secret Jedi Covenant dedicated to stopping the return of the Sith—during the rogue moon test, they had had a vision where a figure they interpreted to be one of their Padawans destroyed the Jedi Order. Feeling the need to quash this threat, the Masters murdered Jelavan and three of his classmates at their Knighting ceremony. Carrick managed to escape thanks to a late arrival, and was publicly blamed for the massacre. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Padawan Massacre


In 3964 BBY, the Jedi Masters of the planet Taris' Jedi Tower killed their Padawans at a false Knighting ceremony that became known as the Padawan Massacre. The Masters were all members of the Jedi Covenant, a secret faction within the Jedi Order dedicated to keeping watch for and preventing the return of the Sith, and the five comprised the Covenant's First WatchCircle. During the Padawans' final trial, a blind traverse of Taris' hazardous rogue moon, the Masters had shared traumatic and violent Force visions depicting not only their deaths but the destruction of the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic. Believing that one of their Padawans would be the one to bring about this doom, the Masters made plans to slay them all in a preemptive strike. After the Padawans completed their test and returned to Taris, the Masters scheduled a banquet and a Knighting ceremony—after the banquet, the group retired to the Masters' chambers, supposedly for the Padawans to discover which of them would be Knighted. There, the inquiries of Padawan Shad Jelavan, who felt that something was amiss, forced the Masters to strike quicker than they anticipated. Four of the five Padawans were slain, but the fifth, Zayne Carrick, was able to escape because he arrived late.

Framed for the murders, the fugitive Carrick eventually learned the truth of the Padawan Massacre and set out to clear his name. Now one of the most wanted men in the Republic, Carrick investigated the murders, discovering more and more about the Jedi Covenant and its secret operations. Along the way, he encountered the five members of the WatchCircle, and events were put in motion that led to the Masters meeting their ultimate fate. Raana Tey was killed on Taris in the midst of a Mandalorian invasion of the planet—an offensive that was prompted by the Padawan Massacre—and the Feeorin Master Feln was slain by his own tribesmen on his homeworld of Odryn after a violent encounter with Carrick. Their deaths led the Khil seer Xamar to confess the Covenant's secret activities to the Jedi High Council and clear Carrick's name. Both Xamar and the Miraluka Q'Anilia died soon afterward, however, during an insurrection against the Council led by the failed Padawan Haazen. After Haazen was defeated, Lucien Draay, the only survivor of the First WatchCircle, dropped out of sight, and Carrick refused an offer to rejoin the Jedi Order in favor of entering into business with his "accomplice," Marn Hierogryph. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Shad Jelavan

March 2 (Week 10), 2015Unidentified Majoor species and Shea Hublin


A species of sentient, green-skinned humanoids made up at least part of the population of the planet Majoor, in the Expansion Region. Each member of the species had two three-fingered hands, a globular head, and thick lips. The species had access to galactic-standard technology by the time of the early Galactic Empire. Their architecture featured dome- and saucer-shaped, white-colored structures, some held aloft by narrow towers. Their government supported a fleet of spacegoing vessels, some of which were used to engage in diplomacy with neighboring peoples. To this end, the species also fielded ambassadors.

During one such mission, the Ambassador Zell led a convoy to the planet Armath to discuss peace. However, the ships were attacked by the pirate captain Reddjak, who had been freed from incarceration on Majoor by Zell's own son, Llez. Llez had a child's romantic view of piracy, but the boy soon saw his mistake when he realized that Reddjak intended to attack his father's peace mission. With the help of his droid caretakers, C-3PO and R2-D2, Llez saved his father's convoy and allowed Zell to lead a security team to Reddjak's ship to overpower and apprehend the fugitive pirate. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Shea Hublin

SheaHublin ENS

Shea Hublin was a renowned Human male pilot of the Galactic Empire known as "the Rebel Destroyer." Born around 35 BBY, Hublin grew up on the planet Talcene before joining the naval forces of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars at the age of sixteen. Hublin had not yet completed his flight training when the Confederacy of Independent Systems surrendered, but entered the service of the Republic's successor, the Galactic Empire, at the end of the war and soon became an ace V-wing pilot. As leader of Sword Squadron in the 77th Air Wing, Hublin fought in the Western Reaches Operation of 17 BBY, helping to bring Imperial law to the Western Reaches of the galaxy. HoloNet coverage of Hublin's actions, most notably his assault on the Citadel of Axes at the Battle of Kelrodo-Ai, made him famous throughout the Empire and his likeness was subsequently used on Imperial recruitment posters.

Following the end of the Western Reaches Operation, Hublin moved to Eriadu, where he was appointed as air marshal of the Greater Seswenna and married Eriadu News Service reporter Eris Harro. Hublin led Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin's starfighters against pirates and criminals until he was injured when his squadron was ambushed by enemy fighters in 13 BBY. He subsequently took a position aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Kabalian Cross. After the death of Emperor Palpatine, Hublin returned to active duty as a TIE pilot in service to Superior General Sander Delvardus's Eriadu Authority. He was killed in action against New Republic forces at Sanrafsix in 5 ABY. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Unidentified Majoor species

March 9 (Week 11), 2015Rast'tul and Vanquo

Rast'tul was a Human male who served as a colonel in the armed forces of the Thaereian system during the latter years of the Galactic Republic. Around 21 BBY, during the Clone Wars, Rast'tul masterminded a plot to kidnap Night Wren, the daughter of Senator Lavina Wren of the Cularin system, so as to blackmail the senator into supporting Thaereian interests. The child was taken to live with Rast'tul in his residence on the planet Thaere Privo, and he attempted to manipulate her into becoming a loyal Thaereian servant. However, over one year after Rast'tul's abduction of Wren, the child was rescued by the Heroes of Cularin, a band of freelance agents from the Cularin system.

The colonel was later assigned to serve in the Grand Army of the Republic at the head of a Thaereian military delegation that formed part of the flotilla Strike Force Cularin, alongside Republic regulars and forces from the anti-Thaereian Cularin Militia. Rast'tul was appointed as the second-in-command of the task group's ground forces. For its inaugural mission, Strike Force Cularin was assigned to attack a Separatist base in the Ando system. During the raid, Rast'tul masterminded an attempt to take the lives of the Heroes of Cularin, who had accompanied the flotilla as part of the Cularin Militia detachment. After he was later wounded in combat and rescued by the agents while under fire from Separatist forces, Rast'tul inadvertently confessed to being behind the kidnap of Night Wren and the attack on the freelancers. He was subsequently arrested and placed on trial for his crimes. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Vanquo


Vanquo was a mining world in the Outer Rim's Meerian sector that became the site of one of the early battles of the Mandalorian Wars. A mountainous planet, Vanquo was a resource world for the nearby ecumenopolis of Taris and a haven for refugees from the early conquests of the Mandalorian armies. When Taris was threatened by the Mandalorians, Vanquo became part of a Republic security cordon known as the Jebble-Vanquo-Tarnith line. In 3964 BBY, Vanquo was attacked by the Mandalorians in force, commanded by Mandalore the Ultimate and his lieutenant, Cassus Fett. After a heated space battle with Republic Navy forces led by Captain Saul Karath, the Mandalorians conquered Vanquo, giving them a stronghold that they did not relinquish during the war. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Rast'tul

March 16 (Week 12), 2015M'Kae and Sadic


M'Kae was a Human male Warrant Officer of the Galactic Empire who lived during the time of the Galactic Civil War, a major galactic conflict fought between them and the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Sometime following the Battle of Yavin, M'Kae was stationed in the city of Restuss on the planet Naboo's moon of Rori. While there, he led a group that rescued the pilot Cal Handro from Alliance operatives. However, he was persuaded to give away Handro's whereabouts by a spacer working for the Alliance, and the spacer pursued and killed Handro. By 3 ABY, M'Kae served as the communications officer, as well as the hard-working signal officer, of the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Avenger, attached to Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader's personal Star Destroyer fleet, Death Squadron. He apprised Darth Vader's flagship, the Super Star Destroyer Executor, of the Avenger's activities, and relayed orders from the Executor to the Avenger's captain, Lorth Needa. He also coordinated and tested tractor beam equipment.

In 3 ABY, following the Battle of Hoth, M'Kae was aboard the Avenger's command bridge when the Star Destroyer pursued the fugitive YT-1300 light freighter Millennium Falcon from the Hoth system. When the Avenger lost the Falcon in the Anoat system, M'Kae relayed Lord Vader's order for an update on the pursuit to Needa. The Captain decided to go to the Executor and apologize to Vader for the failure, while ordering his crew to continue searching for the Falcon. The rest of Death Squadron would ultimately disperse into hyperspace in search of the Falcon, along with the Avenger. Before the Avenger went to hyperspace—not knowing of the Falcon still being on its conning tower—it disposed of its garbage, and the Falcon took the opportunity to float away with the garbage, effectively avoiding detection. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Sadic


Sadic was a humanoid male Sith Lord of the Sith Empire during the Cold War with the Galactic Republic. Born to low-class parents, Sadic's Force-sensitivity gained him admission to the Sith Academy on the planet Korriban, and he orchestrated the deaths of many rival acolytes at the Academy before he became the apprentice and personal assassin of the Sith Lord Umbriss. After Umbriss was killed by his superior Darth Angral, Sadic became Angral's apprentice, and he achieved the rank of Sith Lord alongside his fellows Praven and Nefarid. When Angral's son, Tarnis, was killed by a Jedi Knight in 3643 BBY, Sadic was sent to the moon of Nar Shaddaa to take control of the Republic's Power Guard supersoldier project as part of Angral's war of vengeance against the Republic. Willingly undergoing the Power Guard process himself in order to gain further power, Sadic planned to fashion an army of Power Guards from the throngs of refugees who made Nar Shaddaa their home, but he was killed before his plans could come to fruition by the same Jedi Knight who had killed Tarnis. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: M'Kae

March 23 (Week 13), 2015Drowl and Anni Capstan


Drowl was a Human male Sith Lord who served the Sith Empire during the Cold War between the Empire and the Galactic Republic. He was frequently used by the Empire to eliminate rebellions on Imperial planets. Around 3643 BBY, Drowl was assigned to end a slave rebellion on the Imperial capital world of Dromund Kaas, where a group of slaves had taken over a section of jungle outside of Kaas City. To end the rebellion, the Sith Lord planned to contaminate the slaves' water supply with an experimental poison known as Quell that he hoped would cause the rebels to die slow, agonizing deaths. However, one of Drowl's subordinates, Sergeant Slarin, wanted to put down the rebellion quickly using a higher dose of the poison, instead of merely satisfying the Sith Lord's desire for suffering.

Shortly after Drowl analyzed the territory under the slaves' control, he gained the assistance of an individual who served with the Sith Empire. Drowl assigned the individual to obtain Quell toxin from Slarin, inject the poison into the slaves' water filters, and destroy the slaves' reserve water supply. Despite the arguments of the sergeant, the individual chose to use the less potent dose, which caused the slaves to suffer painfully before they died. The outcome pleased Drowl, who believed that Quell would prove very useful for the Empire as a tool that could be used to erode rebels' will to resist. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Anni Capstan

Anni Capstan was a female from the planet Corellia who served in Rogue Squadron as a starfighter pilot in 25 ABY, during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Recruited at the time of Rogue Squadron's participation in the action between the Yuuzhan Vong and the forces of the New Republic over the world of Dubrillion, Capstan went on to fight alongside her wingmate, the Jedi Knight Jaina Solo, and became good friends with her. Flying as Rogue Twelve, Capstan helped evacuate refugees from the planet Dantooine and participated in getting a reconnaissance team onto and off the planet Garqi. At Ithor in 25 ABY, where the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant fought to defend the jungle world from the invaders, Capstan fell victim to enemy coralskippers in the early stages of the fighting. Her damaged X-wing starfighter crashed into a Yuuzhan Vong landing craft, killing her. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Drowl

March 30 (Week 14), 2015Zodoh and Lynaliskar K'ra Snyffulnimatta

Zodoh's Face

Zodoh was a Hutt crime lord during the later years of the New Sith Wars, a conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Sith, who profited by selling slaves and munitions to the Sith based in Hutt Space. By 1032 BBY, Zodoh had grown weary of the constant warfare between the Hutt clans and set out to expand his influence into the Sith-dominated Grumani sector. The key to Zodoh's plans was his fleet of Stormdrivers, starships which were capable of harnessing moisture from planetary atmospheres and unleashing it as storms which could flood an entire world, wiping out all life. As a demonstration of his power to the Sith Lords operating in the area, Zodoh tested his new weapon on the planet Aquilaris Minor in the Daimanate, a region of space controlled by the Sith Lord Daiman. The Hutt was forced to abort the operation early when Jenn Devaad, a Republic starfighter pilot and former slave of Zodoh's, set off a number of explosives aboard Zodoh's flagship, the Voracious, disrupting the coordination of the Stormdrivers.

The Stormdrivers still proved successful, and Zodoh soon turned his attention to Daiman's capital world of Darkknell. Although he caught Daiman's forces off-guard, Zodoh's attack on Darknell was foiled by Devaad and the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt. The Voracious was destroyed, effectively disabling the Stormdriver fleet, and Zodoh was left stranded in the vacuum of space. Following the battle, Zodoh was found injured but alive by Daiman's forces and taken before the Sith Lord, who used a miniature Stormdriver to exact revenge by dehydrating the Hutt. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Lynaliskar K'ra Snyffulnimatta


Lynaliskar K'ra Snyffulnimatta, also known simply as Sniffles, was an Elomin male who served as the navigator on board the vessel Uhumele, guiding the starship alongside the pilot, Crys Taanzer. He and the rest of the crew were grounded by Imperial forces on the planet New Plympto shortly after the declaration of the New Order in 19 BBY. After the Uhumele took aboard two fugitives seeking to escape the Empire—the Human Dass Jennir and Nosaurian resistance fighter Bomo Greenbark—the crew put together a plan to escape with the pair's help, and Snyffulnimatta successfully navigated the ship off-world when the plan came to fruition.

After their escape, Snyffulnimatta and the rest of the crew agreed to help Greenbark rescue his wife and daughter, who had been captured and sold into slavery. The group traveled first to the slave world of Orvax IV, where they learned of the death of Greenbark's wife and the location of his daughter on the planet Esseles, to which they next traveled. On Esseles, the group attacked the villa belonging to Dezono Qua, the man who had bought Greenbark's daughter, only to discover she too was dead. After Qua was killed, Greenbark revealed to the group that Jennir was a Jedi, and Snyffulnimatta was amongst those in the ship's crew who believed that having Jedi with them would be a bad idea. The group eventually agreed to continue without the Jedi.

The crew of the Uhumele later decided to sell Dreypa's Oubliette, a valuable piece of cargo that they possessed. The buyer for the cargo was Haka Hai, an old acquaintance of the Uhumele's captain, Schurk-Heren, who operated in the swamps of the world of Mimban. Upon meeting with Hai, though, the group became involved in a firefight when Hai betrayed them and attempted to steal the cargo. One of Hai's men then betrayed him in an attempt to claim the Oubliette. During the fight, Snyffulnimatta was killed while trying to save Taanzer, jumping between her and an incoming blaster bolt. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Zodoh

April 6 (Week 15), 2015Hero of Tython and Battle of Rhen Var

The Hero of Tython was a powerful Jedi Knight and later Jedi Master who battled the resurgent Sith Empire during the Cold War and subsequent Galactic War. Born before the end of the Great Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, the Hero trained under several Masters across the galaxy during the following Cold War until 3643 BBY, when the Jedi was sent to the Jedi Order's homeworld of Tython. There, the learner was taken on as a Padawan by Orgus Din during the conflict with the native Flesh Raiders and worked to foil the Dark Jedi Bengel Morr's plans to destroy the Jedi Order, during which the apprentice gained a loyal companion in the astromech droid T7-O1, or Teeseven. As a newly elevated Jedi Knight, Din's former apprentice foiled a plot by the Sith Lord Tarnis to use the Planet Prison superweapon against the Republic capital planet of Coruscant. As the Knight took on the young Jedi Kira Carsen as a Padawan, the Jedi was also recruited into the Republic Navy's elite Coruscant Aegis squadron, in which the Knight piloted a Defender-class light corvette under the call sign "Shield."

Tarnis's death at the hands of the Knight caused the Sith Lord's father, Darth Angral, to declare war against the Jedi Order and the Republic, which forced the Knight and crew to travel the galaxy in order to stop the Sith's apprentices from unleashing stolen Republic superweapons. The trio halted the efforts of Imperial Intelligence to capture the Republic scientist Doctor Nasan Godera on the planet Taris, and worked with the Republic Strategic Information Service, the Republic's own intelligence agency, to destroy the Power Guard Project and defeat Angral's apprentice Lord Sadic on the moon Nar Shaddaa. The Knight and crew also hunted down and destroyed the Shock Drum weapon on the planet Tatooine, where they also convinced Angral's apprentice Praven to become a Jedi and rescued Carsen's former Master Bela Kiwiiks. The Knight's mission to Alderaan saw the destruction of the Death Mark laser and the death of Angral's apprentice Nefarid, but Angral killed Master Din and tested his new Desolator weapon on the agriworld Uphrades with horrific results. However, the Knight foiled Angral's attempts to use the Desolator against Tython and defeated the Sith Lord in battle, and as a result, Grand Master Satele Shan granted the Knight the ceremonial title of "Hero of Tython."

The Hero soon joined a strike team led by Jedi Master Tol Braga whose purpose was to capture the Sith Emperor himself. While the Jedi recovered a prototype cloaking device on the war-torn planet Balmorra, the Hero gained a new ally in the combat medic known as Doc, and rescued Braga's Padawan Sajar from Imperials and the threat of the dark side on Quesh. The final preparation for the capture of the Emperor was a mission to the ice planet of Hoth, where the Hero worked with Sergeant Fideltin Rusk of the 301st Infantry to recover the plans for the Emperor's space station, after which Rusk joined the Jedi's crew. However, when the Knight joined the rest of the strike team in a confrontation the Emperor, the Sith ruler easily defeated the Jedi and turned the entire strike team to the dark side.

After months of training as a Sith under Overseer Chaskar, the Hero was freed by the ghost of Master Din and escaped from the space station with the unlikely help of the Emperor's Wrath Scourge, the Emperor's personal executioner. Scourge revealed to the Jedi High Council that the Emperor intended to consume all life in the galaxy with a dark ritual, and the Sith Lord joined the Hero's crew as the group traveled to Belsavis in order to prevent the Imperial officer Krannus from destroying the planet and starting the Emperor's ritual. The Knight then fought and redeemed fellow strike team member Leeha Narezz before traveling to the planet Voss, where the Hero worked to stop the Sith Lord Fulminiss from unleashing a plague of madness. After defeating yet another fallen strike team member, Warren Sedoru, the Hero of Tython assumed command of all Jedi on the embattled planet of Corellia, and led the Outer Rim Jedi Forces against a corrupted Tol Braga's attempts to start the Emperor's ritual. In the Emperor's moment of weakness, the Hero and T7-O1 confronted their enemy in the Dark Temple on the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas while a Republic invasion fleet assaulted the world. Despite the Emperor's immense power, the Knight apparently struck down the Sith ruler, for which the Hero was awarded the Cross of Glory and the rank of Jedi Master. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Battle of Rhen Var


The Battle of Rhen Var was a conflict between the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic during the Great Galactic War, fought around 3653 BBY. The engagement was catalyzed by the Empire's invasion and seizure of the icy Outer Rim world of Rhen Var—an operation overseen by the Dark Council member and Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Mekhis. Mekhis, a Sith scientist and alchemist, intended to use the world to test her new creations, and though she was initially successful in her endeavors, a Republic intervention force led by members of the Jedi Order arrived on the planet to challenge the Empire for control.

Commanded by Jedi Knight Satele Shan, the Republic defense group engaged the Imperial Army on Rhen Var and carved a path toward Darth Mekhis's command center. Although the ranks of the Republic Army suffered enormous losses in the battle, Shan and fellow Knights Syo Bakarn, Jaric Kaedan, and Bela Kiwiiks rallied their forces and continued their advance. After an extensive skirmish in the frosted forests of Rhen Var, Shan herself stormed Mekhis's compound and engaged the Dark Lord, grievously wounding the Sith during their duel and claiming victory for the Republic. The Republic's losses during the battle were immense, but the triumph on Rhen Var halted the Empire's advance and briefly turned the tide of the Great Galactic War. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Hero of Tython

April 13 (Week 16), 2015Kintaro and Llerd

Kintaro was one of the first twenty Grand Moffs of the Galactic Empire, ruling over the Sarin Oversector as its regional governor from 19 BBY until his death around 3.5 ABY. Kintaro was first appointed a Moff under the Galactic Republic during the final days of the Clone Wars as a result of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's Sector Governance Decree, which placed twenty military governors in command of the Republic's twenty Sector Armies to maximize the war effort. Supporting the Republic's Fifteenth Army in the Sarin Oversector, Kintaro maintained his military territory as Palpatine reorganized the Republic into the Empire and declared himself Emperor. Kintaro was soon elevated to Grand Moff and eventually established his capital on Talofan.

During the Galactic Civil War, Kintaro contributed to his own downfall by allowing the criminal venture Ororo Transportation to operate a large-scale spice trade in his territory in exchange for hefty kickbacks. Unbeknownst to Kintaro, Ororo's secret shipyard in the Bajic sector, which the Grand Moff helped to conceal, doubled as a sizable Rebel Alliance safe port. When the Emperor learned of the Rebel base from Prince Xizor of the Black Sun crime syndicate, Ororo's major rival, shortly before the Battle of Endor, he ordered it destroyed and had Kintaro executed for failing to secure his borders against Rebel incursion. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Llerd

Llerd was a Human male serving the Dark Lord Naga Sadow's Sith invasion fleet in 5000 BBY as a lieutenant aboard the Sith dreadnaught Harbinger. He unhesitatingly accepted orders from his superiors and enjoyed watching his enemies die. During the Great Hyperspace War, when Harbinger was on a mission to acquire Lignan ore in the Phaegon system, it was ambushed by the Jedi Master Relin Druur. The ship attempted to enter hyperspace, but its hyperdrive and bridge had been heavily damaged, causing it to misjump and travel over 5,000 years into the future to 41.5 ABY. Llerd was promoted to colonel by Harbinger's captain, the Sith Lord Saes Rrogon, and he oversaw both the reparations of the warship's instrumentation and the pursuit of an enemy freighter by Blade-class starfighters. When Rrogon discovered that Druur, who had traveled in time with them, had again boarded Harbinger, Llerd hunted for the Jedi from the warship's secondary bridge. He was killed when Druur used the dark side of the Force to destroy the dreadnaught. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Kintaro

April 20 (Week 17), 2015Guardian police droid and Unidentified Dulok (O)


The Guardian police droids were utilized by the Coruscant Security Force (CSF) to assist with law enforcement on the galactic capital planet Coruscant during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. The blue-gray droids had masculine programing and were humanoid in shape, with a head that formed into a cylindrical helmet. They patrolled Galactic City and responded to calls either on foot or in RapidResponse police speeders and Coruscant police speeders. Most often, the police droids were the first responders to situations. They created perimeters, questioned witnesses, and collected evidence before handing the cases over to organic police officers and investigators. Police droids were armed with blaster pistols and batons. The police droids were involved in several cases, including the investigation of the kidnapping of Che Amanwe and Chi Eekway, the daughters of Chairman Papanoida of Pantora. They also assisted Lieutenant Tan Divo during the homicide investigation of Rodia Senator Onaconda Farr. They collected evidence, secured the crime scene, and assisted in arresting the murderer. By 19 BBY, the police droids began to be phased out, though they saw continued general use. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Unidentified Dulok (O)

O portrait (The Haunted Village)
A male member of a Dulok tribe who inhabited the Dulok Swamp on the Forest Moon of Endor was distinguished from the other swamp dwellers by a yellow "O" on his green-furred torso. He served as a scout and soldier during the tribe's war with the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village. In 3 ABY, the Dulok undertook several missions for the tribe's king, Gorneesh, who often paired him with another Dulok marked with an "X" symbol. Over the course of that year, the "O"-marked Dulok helped steal the Ewoks' shadowroot soap, kidnapped the Ewok Latara to babysit the three rambunctious children of Queen Urgah, rode aboard a stolen Ewok battle wagon in an assault on sacred Ewok trees, and joined a hunting party to gather trophies for Gorneesh. In each of these cases, the Ewoks and their allies foiled the Duloks' plans. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Guardian police droid

April 27 (Week 18), 2015Kesin Ommis and Preparing for War


Kesin Ommis was a Human male member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. A native of the galactic capital planet of Coruscant, Ommis joined the Rebellion about a year after the Battle of Yavin, serving as a skilled gunner on capital ships and starfighters. His longest tenure came aboard the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Tharen before he was assigned to the Alliance High Command's Echo Base on the remote ice planet Hoth. Ommis fought in the Battle of Hoth in 3 ABY as the T-47 airspeeder tailgunner for Rogue Group pilot Derek "Hobbie" Klivian. Ommis was wounded in the battle but survived. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Preparing for War

Preparing for War

Preparing for War is the first roleplaying game adventure scenario that was published in Timothy S. O'Brien's The Far Orbit Project, a 1998 supplement to West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. As one of the eight scenarios released in The Far Orbit Project, it follows the adventures of the Far Orbit, an Alliance to Restore the Republic privateering frigate, as it operates against the Galactic Empire. Preparing for War tells how the Far Orbit went to the space station known as StarForge Station to take on crew members and sign an agreement with the Alliance. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Kesin Ommis

May 4 (Week 19), 2015Star Wars: Legacy: Fight Another Day and M'shinn


Star Wars: Legacy: Fight Another Day is the ninth story arc of the comic series Star Wars: Legacy. It stars Treis Sinde, an Imperial Knight of the Empire-in-exile, as he and the Mon Calamari Rangers of the water world Dac fight against the aquatic forces of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire in the year 137 ABY. Darth Krayt has declared genocide on the Mon Calamari in the midst of an Imperial Civil War, and Sinde, stranded on-world, is serving as an advisor to the Rangers as they hold off the onslaught brought by Krayt's war machines. His beliefs in sacrificing others for the greater good contrast with those of the Rangers' Captain Tanquar, who wants to save everyone he can, and their opposing viewpoints come to a head after they disable but fail to capture an Imperial Acklay battle fortress. Meanwhile, Darth Azard and Vul Isen—two members of Darth Krayt's One Sith—unleash a monstrous Sea Leviathan into Dac's oceans, and Sinde and Tanquar must reach a compromise regarding how best to deal with the new threat.

Fight Another Day is composed of two issues: Legacy's thirty-second and thirty-third. Both were written by John Ostrander, with Omar Francia penciling and inking; Francia created fully poseable 3D models of the story's various vehicles before putting them to the page. Fight Another Day, Part 2 introduces new continuity by naming Jagged Fel, a star of several Star Wars novels, as the first Emperor of the Fel Empire—Ostrander held off making the revelation for nearly three years but felt that the time was finally right. The two issues of Fight Another Day were released by Dark Horse Comics in January and February of 2009, respectively, and around 25,000 copies of each were shipped to comic shops worldwide. Reception to the story was generally positive amongst fans and reviewers, with its examination of loyalty and duty often named as a highlight. Fight Another Day was later included in the 2009 Star Wars: Legacy Volume 7: Storms trade paperback and the 2013 hardcover omnibus Star Wars: Legacy Book 2. Digital versions of its two issues were released in 2012. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: M'shinn


M'shinni, also known as mossies, were a sentient species of humanoid mammals who shared a symbiotic relationship with a species of plant. Each M'shinn had no hair but instead a thick covering of the soft moss-like plant, which was normally a shade of green in color and provided increased healing rates for its hosts. The humanoids were native to the planet Genassa in the Mid Rim but, due to the size of their population, colonized many worlds through the M'shinni sector, including the homeworld of the Skrilling species, which they named Agriworld-2079. Each planet that the M'shinn colonized was controlled by a Council of the Wise, which ensured that the land was split up suitably between the different M'shinn families on the planet, known as Rootlines. All M'shinni within a Rootline looked incredibly similar, although different Rootlines had distinctive looks. This was because M'shinni only possessed one gender, female, and reproduced by parthenogenesis, which was close to cloning in terms of passing on genes to offspring.

M'shinn culture focused on agricultural development due to their unique relationship with plants but was also highly advanced in botanical and genetic understanding. This led to them producing large quantities of unique plant species, which they then traded with the rest of the galaxy, rivaling the Ithorian species for botanical dominance. The species integrated itself into the galactic community soon after encountering the Galactic Republic, and, because each Rootline worked like an independent business, some groups of M'shinni continued to work with the Republic's successor, the Galactic Empire. Following the death of Galactic Emperor Palpatine, the M'shinni colonies fell in and out of Imperial Space regularly due to the various conflicts between the remnants of the Empire and the New Republic, and Genassa was controlled by the Yuuzhan Vong for a period during the Yuuzhan Vong War. (Read more…)

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May 11 (Week 20), 2015Flashpoint Stellar Research Station and Vana Dorja


Flashpoint Stellar Research Station was a Galactic Republic scientific research station on the Outer Rim planet of Flashpoint that was captured by the Mandalorian warrior clans in 3964 BBY. Originally intended for the study of stars and related phenomena, Flashpoint Station was located inside a powerful magnetic shield—the planet Flashpoint was located extremely close to its star, and organic life usually could not survive on the world's barren surface. In the beginning stages of the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders' war with the Republic, Flashpoint Station was taken by the marauders and turned into the operating base for the notorious Mandalorian biologist Demagol. From Flashpoint Station, Demagol furthered research into the source of the powers of Jedi Knights, conducting brutal live experiments on Jedi captured near the front lines.

Demagol's collection grew to include a number of Jedi crusaders captured on Suurja, led by the Human Alek. After the Mandalorians mistakenly captured and brought to Flashpoint a non-Jedi named Jarael, the Arkanian Offshoot's friends, including fugitive former Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick and escaped Mandalorian warrior Rohlan Dyre, formulated a plan to rescue her. With Carrick posing as a Jedi whom Dyre had captured, they were able to incapacitate Demagol and simulate a fake Republic attack to clear the other Mandalorians off the station. The captive Jedi were freed, although Demagol escaped Republic custody by knocking out Dyre and switching armor with him. After the ordeal was over, the Jedi destroyed Flashpoint Station. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Vana Dorja

Vana Dorja was a Human female who served as a commander in the Navy of the Imperial Remnant during the Yuuzhan Vong War. She was an inquisitive and observant woman with a partisan Imperial frame of mind. Her family had a long history of naval service to the Galactic Republic and Galactic Empire, with her father having captained an Imperial Star Destroyer into the era of the Remnant. Although the Remnant's Council of Moffs chose not to participate in the war, Dorja was sent on an allegedly commercial mission to the New Republic's capital planet of Coruscant, where she witnessed the extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong attack the world in 27 ABY. She escaped before the invaders conquered the capital, and in 28 ABY, she made her way to the New Republic's provisional capital planet of Mon Calamari and requested a ride back to Imperial Space.

Dorja was shuttled home by Captain Han Solo and the ambassador Leia Organa Solo aboard their freighter, the Millennium Falcon, as the Solos were themselves on a diplomatic mission to the Remnant. Organa Solo suspected that Dorja had been serving as an Imperial spy on Coruscant and was frequently unsettled by the commander's presence, but when the freighter was interdicted from hyperspace by a Yuuzhan Vong dovin basal, Dorja crewed one of the Millennium Falcon's quad laser turrets and helped destroy Yuuzhan Vong coralskipper fighters. Their victory was aided by the arrival of a force of New Republic starfighters, whose leader, Colonel Jagged Fel, came aboard the Millennium Falcon and discussed with Dorja what he thought the Remnant's best interests would be as the Yuuzhan Vong War continued to rage. After Fel departed, the freighter continued to Imperial Space, and Dorja quietly slipped away from the Solos when they landed aboard a Super Star Destroyer at the Remnant's capital of Bastion. (Read more…)

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May 18 (Week 21), 2015Unidentified Gran (Rimmer's Rest cantina) and Cinda Tarheel

A Gran male operated out of the moon Nar Shaddaa in the period following the Battle of Endor, working as a bounty hunter and a bodyguard. At some point, he had a run-in with Rebel Alliance agent Kyle Katarn, in which the Gran received a blaster injury to the leg. In 5 ABY, the droid information broker 8t88 hired the Gran to serve as backup during a meeting with Katarn at the Rimmer's Rest cantina on Nar Shaddaa, where 8t88 was going to divulge information regarding the death of Katarn's father. However, the droid double-crossed Katarn and left the Gran and another hireling to kill him. Katarn disarmed both hirelings before they could shoot him, however, with the agent making his escape soon after. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Cinda Tarheel


Cinda Tarheel was a Human female from the planet Socorro who served the Rebel Alliance as a pilot during the Galactic Civil War. Fast-talking and quick-shooting, she often made rash combat decisions and only survived due to her superb reflexes. In 3 ABY, Tarheel was part of the Alliance's starfighter complement at Echo Base on the world of Hoth, when the Galactic Empire discovered the base and attacked. Nala Hetsime in a T-47 airspeeder pilot's chair and Tarheel as the craft's rear gunner jointly made up Rogue Seven, flying in the makeshift Rogue Group against Imperial AT-AT walkers in the Battle of Hoth. The Rogues' efforts bought the Rebels enough time to evacuate the planet.

Later in the year, Captain Tarheel was stationed on Arbra at the Alliance's Haven Base, and she joined Commanders Luke Skywalker and Berl on a mission to make contact with the Serps of the planet Serphidi. She landed her X-wing fighter safely on the planet despite receiving an engine-disabling shot from Imperial TIE fighters, but a raiding party led by the Serps' tyrannical King S'Shah killed Berl and took Tarheel captive. After learning that her fate lay on the cannibalistic King's dinner plate, Tarheel attempted to escape from Castle S'Shah but was held steadfastly by her captor. Only when Skywalker defeated S'Shah in the Serps' annual Doom-Joust competition was Tarheel released and freedom restored to Serphidi. (Read more…)

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May 25 (Week 22), 2015Ambush on the Vulture's Claw and Arbeloa


The Ambush on the Vulture's Claw took place in 22 BBY, the opening year of the Clone Wars, when Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, attempted to recover the astromech droid R2-D2. The astromech droid had gone missing during the previous Battle of Bothawui, so Skywalker and Tano set out aboard the freighter Twilight and ventured to the droid's last known location: Bothawui Prime's asteroid belt. While scouring the asteroid belt, they happened upon the scavenger Gha Nachkt's salvage ship, the Vulture's Claw, and boarded it disguised as peasant customers. Nachkt showed the Jedi to his wares, but after Skywalker's replacement astromech droid, R3-S6—who was secretly a spy for General Grievous of the Confederacy of Independent Systems—activated a pair of IG-86 sentinel droids within the cargo hold, Skywalker and Tano were forced into combat with the deadly assassin droids. After dismantling their assailants, the Jedi left the Vulture's Claw empty-handed, remaining unaware that Nachkt had salvaged R2-D2 and promised the droid to Grievous. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Arbeloa

Unidentified warrior

Arbeloa, also referred to as Arb, was a male member and sole survivor of the Cilare, a species of warriors whom the extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong exterminated around 25 ABY at the start of the Yuuzhan Vong War. He was able to transmit a message warning others of the threat of the invaders before being taken captive. His transmission was intercepted by the crew of the Pythea, an exploratory ship that was traveling along the edge of the galaxy, to whom he relayed his story. However, the crew of the ship was killed during an encounter with Yuuzhan Vong vessels before they could warn Artorias, a peaceful planet located in the Outer Rim Territories that the Yuuzhan Vong later captured. Arbeloa went on to join forces with the Artorian princess, Kaye Galfridian, and other slaves in a revolt on the Tsam P'ah, the slaveship aboard which they were being help captive. He then accompanied the Galfridians aboard the former Yuuzhan Vong ship, now renamed the Heart of Artorias, in their quest to rescue the refugees from Artorias. During his travels on the Heart of Artorias, he participated in battles on Dibrook and Shramar. (Read more…)

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June 1 (Week 23), 2015Scourge (Sith) and Kolot

Lord Scourge

Scourge was a pureblood Sith male who served as a Sith Lord of the reconstituted Sith Empire and later as the Emperor's Wrath, the personal enforcer of the Sith Emperor, before he allied with the Jedi Knight known as the Hero of Tython in order to prevent the Emperor from extinguishing all life in the galaxy. Born several decades before the Jedi Civil War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire under the Sith Lord Darth Revan, Scourge excelled during his time as a student at the Sith Academy on the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas. After two years of service in the outer reaches of the Empire, Scourge was recalled to Dromund Kaas to uncover the person responsible for the recent string of assassination attempts against Darth Nyriss of the Empire's ruling Dark Council.

Scourge battled political intrigue and rivals in his search for the truth, and after he was led to believe that Nyriss's fellow Dark Councilor Darth Xedrix was responsible, he killed Xedrix—only to learn that Nyriss had manipulated him: the assignment had been a test of his loyalties. Nyriss revealed the existence of a conspiracy against the Emperor as she showed the younger Sith how the Emperor had stripped the Force from his own homeworld of Nathema and killed millions in order to become immortal. Convinced that the Emperor needed to be stopped, Scourge allied himself with the Jedi Masters Revan and Meetra Surik while planning to confront the Emperor—but when he witnessed the future and saw that it was another Jedi who was destined to destroy the Emperor, Scourge turned on his allies to ensure his own survival.

Rendered immortal and appointed as the Emperor's Wrath, Scourge served the Emperor loyally for over three centuries, killing the Emperor's enemies and carrying out his will. Not until the Galactic War began to break out between the Empire and the Republic did Scourge encounter the Hero of Tython, the Jedi from his vision, and set in motion his plans to aid the Jedi. Scourge watched as the Hero was forced to become a servant of the Emperor when a strike team of Jedi failed to capture the Sith ruler, but when the Hero broke free from the Emperor's control, Scourge betrayed the Sith to help the Jedi escape. Pledging his loyalty to the Hero, Scourge aided the Knight and the Jedi's crew in foiling the Emperor's plans to repeat the dark side ritual that he had used to devastate Nathema but on a galactic scale. With Scourge's aid, the Hero defeated the Emperor's servants and vanquished the Sith ruler in a final confrontation, and Scourge was awarded the Republic's Cross of Glory for his role in stopping the Emperor's plans. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Kolot

Kolot was an Ewok male upon whom Imperial Warlord Zsinj's Project Chubar experimented. The experiments, which left Kolot able to pilot a shuttle, were inspired by the tale of Lieutenant Kettch, a semi-fictional Ewok member of the pirating Hawk-bat Independent Space Force. In 7 ABY, Kolot was in the secret laboratories aboard the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Iron Fist when it was in the Selaggis system. There, Kolot and other test subjects were freed by New Republic–allied Gara Petothel, and the Ewok helped pilot the escapees to freedom in a Sentinel-class landing craft. After his escape, the Ewok later became the co-pilot for Petothel, who took the name Kirney Slane, as she headed a shuttling business out of the planet Corellia. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Scourge (Sith)

June 8 (Week 24), 2015Duel on Lenico Colony Blue and Dorja


During the Great Galactic War, a duel between Teneb Kel and Exal Kressh occurred on Lenico Colony Blue, a hospital space station orbiting the dead world of Lenico IV. Kel, a disgraced Sith apprentice, was tasked by the Dark Council of the Sith Empire to hunt down and eliminate Kressh, a traitor to the Empire and the Sith Emperor's former apprentice. Over a month earlier, Kressh had abandoned the Empire over a month earlier and begun leaking confidential Imperial intelligence to the Sith's adversaries in the war, the Galactic Republic, with the intent to disrupt the Emperor's life-twisting Sith rituals. Kressh traveled to Lenico after managing to flee from the Empire's agents, hoping that entering a medically-induced stasis would prevent her former Master from detecting her Force presence.

Intending to bring an end to her treason, Kel tracked Kressh to Lenico Colony Blue, where he found her emerging from her state of suspended animation. The two quickly entered into combat, and although Kel fought ferociously, Kressh's superior lightsaber skills and command of the dark side of the Force overwhelmed the young apprentice. The melee resulted in extensive damage to the station's medical facilities and superstructure, crippling the satellite and forcing its denizens to evacuate. Although Kel attempted to defend himself for a time, he was severely wounded and his bid to capture the Emperor's rogue apprentice ultimately failed. Kressh allowed her adversary to flee from the engagement before continuing to ruin Lenico Colony Blue and send it hurtling toward the surface of Lenico IV. In doing so, she covered her own flight from the facility and trapped Kel and her other pursuers on the surface of the dead world, granting herself time to continue her treason and further subvert the Emperor's goals. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Scourge (Sith)

Captain dorja

Captain Dorja of the Imperial Navy was a career military officer who commanded the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Relentless in the fleet of the Galactic Empire and later the Imperial Remnant. A Human male, Dorja embraced the tenets of Emperor Palpatine's New Order and took command of the Relentless prior to 4 ABY, during the Galactic Civil War between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. He was known for a cautious command style that saw his ship suffer no casualties, and he held his Star Destroyer back from the main combat lines at 4 ABY's Battle of Endor, an engagement with the Rebels that saw the Emperor killed and the Empire splinter into warlordism. Over the next five years, as Imperial Space was greatly diminished by the Alliance's successor state, the New Republic, Dorja plotted to seize control of the fleet from Captain Gilad Pellaeon. His plans were foiled, however, when the tactically gifted Grand Admiral Thrawn returned from the Unknown Regions in 9 ABY and was given control of the Empire. Dorja and the Relentless were put in command of the navy's secondary force, and Dorja saw his exclusion from the Grand Admiral's primary armada as a personal slight against himself.

During Thrawn's campaign against the New Republic, the Relentless came across several high-profile enemy targets on the planet New Cov, and although they escaped from the Star Destroyer, Dorja captured the ship thief Niles Ferrier and presented him to Thrawn. Ferrier tracked down a number of dreadnaughts for the Grand Admiral that proved to be a turning point in the campaign, but Thrawn was later betrayed and killed by his bodyguard Rukh. His campaign came to an end, and by 19 ABY Dorja was serving the reorganized Imperial Remnant. When Pellaeon decided to sue for peace with the New Republic, his plans were sabotaged by a group of treasonous Imperials who included a con artist named Flim. Posing as a reborn Thrawn, Flim recruited Dorja to capture Pellaeon's courier before he could make any overtures to the New Republic. As Pellaeon waited in seclusion for peace talks that would not actually occur, Flim took to using the Relentless as his flagship while "Thrawn" expanded Imperial influence throughout the galaxy. When Dorja intercepted a covert New Republic strike at Imperial-held Yaga Minor, Pellaeon suddenly walked onto the ship's bridge and brought the ruse to an end. Peace accords were signed with the New Republic, and in the following years, Dorja's daughter Vana became a commander in the Imperial Navy. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Duel on Lenico Colony Blue

June 15 (Week 25), 2015Bric and Kirst


Bric was a battle-worn Siniteen male bounty hunter whom the Galactic Republic hired to help train clone cadets on the planet Kamino during the Clone Wars. For his assignment, Bric assumed the role of drill sergeant and, along with the Arcona bounty hunter El-Les, also received the rank of Master Chief as he trained squads of clone cadets. Bric personally conditioned the members of Domino Squad, a unit that displayed disobedience. In 22 BBY, toward the end of Domino Squad's training, Bric was disgusted with the five cadets' inability to work together and wanted to reassign them to Tipoca City's Military Complex maintenance crew, where rejected cadets were sent. After Domino Squad failed to pass its final challenge, the clones were given a second chance to retake the test, during which they came together and passed, an accomplishment that impressed the Master Chief. Bric and Domino Squad parted ways after its members became battle-ready clone troopers, though Bric continued working on Kamino until at least circa 20 BBY. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Kirst (pilot)


Kirst was a Human female starfighter pilot who flew in the Rebel Alliance's Rogue Squadron in the year 4 ABY. She was close with her fellow Rogue, Wister. When the Alliance Fleet struck at the Galactic Empire's unfinished Death Star II battlestation in orbit of the moon of Endor, Kirst and the Rogues—temporarily rechristened Red Squadron by Rogue Leader Wedge Antilles—flew their X-wing fighters in the attack. The Empire had anticipated their strike, however, and the Battle of Endor saw the Alliance Fleet fight off an onslaught from the Imperial Navy until Antilles and several other pilots were able to enter the Death Star's superstructure and destroy the entire station.

The Alliance remained at Endor for some time, and Rogue Squadron participated in post-battle cleanup operations. During one such operation, Kirst, Wister, and Antilles clashed with remaining Imperial starfighters and pursued a TIE Advanced x1 into Endor's atmosphere. The TIE led them to a clearing that housed the remains of the downed Super Star Destroyer Executor, which fired its still-active turbolasers and destroyed Wister's X-wing. Kirst and Antilles then fired on a nearby canyon cliff, which created an avalanche that finished off the massive ship, and returned to the Rebel Star Cruiser Home One. Kirst, severely shaken by Wister's death, was comforted by Antilles. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Bric

June 22 (Week 26), 2015Battle of Helska IV and Kam Nale

In 25 ABY, during the initial stages of the Yuuzhan Vong War, forces of the New Republic and the Praetorite Vong fought the Battle of Helska IV on the icy fourth orbital of the Helska system. Upon entering the galaxy from an extra-galactic source, the Praetorite Vong, who were the first units of the Yuuzhan Vong to be used in their invasion, proceeded to establish a base on Helska IV. However, the New Republic learned of the Praetorite Vong's existence after the invaders committed numerous atrocities, prompting a trio of principal New Republic personnel—former smuggler Han Solo, politician Leia Organa Solo, and Jedi Master Luke Skywalker—to assemble a task force whose greatest asset was the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Rejuvenator.

Although the New Republic strike force held the upper hand at first, it was soon beset by thousands of enemy coralskippers that executed maneuvers perfectly with each other due to the telepathic capabilities of the Praetorite Vong's yammosk war coordinator. As a result, the Rejuvenator was soon lost, and the New Republic's forces retreated. However, the New Republic forces soon returned to Helska IV to finish what they had started, using shieldships that they had acquired to focus the yammosk's energy back at the planet and evaporate the ice, which would cool the planet. The plan succeeded, with the low temperatures causing a Mezzicanley Wave, which in turn caused Helska IV to shatter apart and destroy most of the Praetorite Vong forces there. The disastrous outcome for the Praetorite Vong forces at Helska IV ended their invasion of the galaxy, though more Yuuzhan Vong units would soon follow their lead and engage the New Republic. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Kam Nale

Elan mak

Kam Nale, also known under the alias "Elan Mak," was a Fluggrian male professional Podracer pilot who flew an outdated Kurtob KRT 410-C around 32 BBY, during the final decades of the Galactic Republic. The son of the crime lord Borzu Nale, Nale received his inheritance early when the Glymphid hitman Aldar Beedo murdered his father. Nale sought to avenge his father's death and vowed to track down Beedo, following him to the Outer Rim world of Tatooine, where Nale discovered that Beedo had entered as a contestant in the upcoming Boonta Eve Classic Podrace. Nale began to use the pseudonym "Elan Mak" in order to join the race without raising suspicions, all the while hoping to be able to eliminate Beedo by shooting him during the race. Nale's craft was too slow to catch up to the Glymphid but managed to finish in fifth. Realizing that he enjoyed the sport, Nale continued his career with it.

Nale, now officially known as "Elan Mak" in the Podracing circuits, furthered his racing career by adopting a more aggressive track personality. He eventually gained fame on the Dug Derby racecourse on Malastare, achieving the status of crowd favorite. Victories did not cloud his overall mission, however, as he continued to chase Beedo from race to race. Nale at some point regained control of his father's criminal empire but continued to Podrace. However, rather than pursuing Beedo himself, Nale used his newfound criminal funds to send numerous mercenaries after Beedo and bring him to justice. Around 22 BBY, Beedo was captured by one of the mercenaries and was brought back to Nale's headquarters, where the Glymphid was to face judgement. Right around the same time, the name "Elan Mak" was publicly exposed to be the crime lord Kam Nale. Beedo's capture and Nale's exposed identity were just two of several scandals that called for the sport of Podracing to be placed under scrutiny. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Battle of Helska IV

June 29 (Week 27), 2015Arvan Carrick and Sand demon


Arvan Carrick was a Human male banker from the planet Phaeda who lived during the era of the Mandalorian Wars. Married to Reiva Carrick and father of five children, Carrick had one son, Zayne, who was accepted for Jedi training at the age of five. While Carrick worked for years at a bank on Phaeda, Zayne learned the Jedi ways on the planet Taris, until a fateful event in 3964 BBY. Zayne's entire class was massacred by their Jedi Masters, with Zayne the only one to escape. On the run, Zayne was scapegoated for the crime, becoming one of the most wanted men in the galaxy.

Never believing that his son was guilty, Carrick was soon transferred to the resort world of Telerath, the corporate crown jewel, a move that Carrick suspected had something to do with Zayne's plight. After only a few weeks, Carrick found himself reunited with his son, who was on Telerath to retrieve a sum of money stored in a frozen account belonging to his "accomplice," Snivvian criminal Marn Hierogryph. Carrick was kidnapped by a pair of Ithorian bounty hunters known as the Moomo Brothers, whom the Jedi Master Raana Tey had hired to keep an eye on Zayne's father, although Zayne quickly rescued him from the bumbling hunters' ship. Afterward, Carrick helped his son and Hierogryph obtain the money and later moved to work at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine at his son's request. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Sand demon

Sand Demon

The sand demon was a species of semi-sentient, six-legged insectoid that was native to the planet Tatooine. Feared by all other life on the desert world, sand demons preyed on a wide variety of creatures, including the legendary krayt dragon. Sand demons often lived for centuries, gliding beneath the surface of the desert as though the sand was an ocean and boring through rock with its razor-sharp legs. Tatooine's native Tusken Raiders believed that sand demons devoured their victims' life essences to grow stronger with each kill. Physically similar to the tentacled lyleks native to the planet Ryloth, sand demons were often tracked by members of the Jedi Order as part of the Tusken Raiders' Demon's Blood ritual, and while brave hunters occasionally sought to bring down one of the beasts, the creatures' ferocity and rarity left them shrouded in legends and myths. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Arvan Carrick

July 6 (Week 28), 2015YVH 2-4S and Gorgodon

YVH 2-4S, also known as Two-Four-S, was an advanced YVH S-series battle droid with masculine programming produced by Tendrando Arms during the Yuuzhan Vong War. In 27 ABY, he and another YVH droid were part of a mainly Jedi strike team tasked with going to the Yuuzhan Vong–controlled planet of Myrkr and eliminating the threat of the voxyn, a group of genetically-engineered predators who could hunt the Jedi through the Force. After commandeering the corvette analog Exquisite Death from its Yuuzhan Vong owners, YVH 2-4S and the strike team inserted themselves onto the Baanu Rass worldship, which was orbiting Myrkr. There, 2-4S and the group rescued a pair of Dark Jedi whom the Yuuzhan Vong had imprisoned. However, soon after arriving on the worldship, YVH 2-4S was destroyed when he sacrificed himself to eliminate two enemy coralskippers that had happened upon the team's location. The mission continued, however, and the voxyn were eliminated despite the loss of many members of the team. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Gorgodon


Gorgodons were a species of large, furry, non-sentient reptile that lived on the snow-covered world of Ilum. They possessed blaster-proof hide, a strong bone structure, and three rows of sharp teeth, all of which made them dangerous foes in combat. Gorgodons had excellent senses of smell and hearing, which they relied upon due to poor vision. Despite being able to survive on eating just plants, gorgodons spent most of their time hunting live prey in groups, preferring to kill it by suffocating or crushing it with an embrace. Members of the species lived in camouflaged nests of shelter, which they held together with their saliva.

Gorgodons sometimes encountered members of the Jedi Order, who traveled to Ilum to find crystals with which to build their lightsabers in the Crystal Caves. Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, fought a group of gorgodons outside the Crystal Caves when they traveled to the creatures' homeworld in the year 28 BBY, as did the ex-Jedi Ferus Olin around the year 18 BBY. The gorgodons that fought Olin were later killed by stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: YVH 2-4S

July 13 (Week 29), 2015Serroco and Thon's Orchard

Serroco battle group

Serroco, the homeworld of the Stereb species, was a planet in the Ploo sector of the Expansion Region. A muddy world, Serroco was constantly buffeted by ferocious storms and tornadoes that often forced the Stereb to retreat to underground shelters and catacombs. The world was dotted by the grand stone Stereb cities and newer settlements populated by Humans from the Galactic Republic. Serroco was a full member of the Republic, and when the galactic government went to war with the Mandalorian warrior clans in 3963 BBY, the planet became a flashpoint in the growing conflict.

Admiral Saul Karath, anticipating a Mandalorian advance on the planet, rounded up a sizable battle group to defend Serroco and placed camps among the Stereb cities. Disdainful of the location of the camps and seeing it as a dishonorable approach, the Mandalorians nuclear-bombed the planet directly when their force arrived at Serroco, destroying the cities entirely. One Republic Navy pilot, Carth Onasi, saved many Stereb lives by calling down false tornado warnings and sending them to their underground shelters, which shielded them from the blasts. Life on Serroco continued on despite the devastation of the planet, and a Republic military presence was reestablished there by the time of the Galactic War several centuries later. By the Imperial Period, a small population of Stereb continued to exist on Serroco. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Thon's Orchard


Thon's Orchard was a GR-75 medium transport of the Rebel Alliance Fleet. Originally a product of ill-fated starship manufacturer Gallofree Yards, which went bankrupt several years before the height of the Galactic Civil War, Thon's Orchard and other outdated Gallofree transports like it were sold to the Rebel Alliance at bargain prices. As one of thirty GR-75 medium transports stationed at Echo Base, the Alliance High Command headquarters on the Outer Rim Territories ice planet Hoth, Thon's Orchard later helped facilitate the Rebellion's successful evacuation of its compromised outpost during the Battle of Hoth in 3 ABY.

The Rebels' defensive strategy against the Imperial invasion force during the battle relied heavily on the Echo Base transport fleet to evacuate command personnel and supplies from the besieged planet. While the Rebel pilots of Rogue Group fought to buy time for the evacuation, the transports faced a dangerous run through the Imperial Star Destroyer blockade in Hoth's orbit, with only minimal starfighter escort and covering fire from Echo Base's planetary ion cannon to protect them. Thon's Orchard, piloted by Rogue Group member Tarrin Datch, departed Echo Base with the final evacuation group late in the battle. Despite the loss of the ion cannon, Thon's Orchard safely passed through the Imperial blockade with assistance from escort pilots Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, and Derek "Hobbie" Klivian and regrouped with the Alliance at its rendezvous point. (Read more…)
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July 20 (Week 30), 2015Satele Shan and Mar Barezz


Satele Shan was a Human female who served as the Jedi Order's Grand Master during the Cold War and the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. The daughter of Jedi Knight Tasiele Shan, who was herself a descendant of the legendary Jedi Knights Revan and Bastila Shan, Satele was born on the planet Brentaal IV in the year 3699 BBY. Inheriting her family's Force-sensitivity, she was inducted into the Jedi Order and became the Padawan of Jedi Master Ngani Zho, though she later traveled to the Sith homeworld of Korriban to study under the Zabrak Battlemaster Kao Cen Darach. It was there that she witnessed the recapture of the planet by the Sith Empire in 3681 BBY, and she escaped to warn the Republic with the help of the smuggler Nico Okarr and a Republic trooper named Jace Malcom at the cost of Darach's life.

Achieving the rank of Jedi Knight under the tutelage of Master Dar'Nala, Shan led her fellow Jedi and the forces of the Republic Military into battle in the Great Galactic War, becoming a well-known hero to the Republic. Shan also grew close with Malcom despite the Jedi Order's restrictions on attachments, and their bond drove her to rescue Malcom and his small band of Special Forces troopers on the Core World of Alderaan when the Empire invaded the world in 3667 BBY. Her arrival turned the tide of the Battle of Alderaan in the Republic's favor. After defeating the Sith Lord Darth Malgus in combat with the help of Malcom, she and Malcom began an affair that lasted for six months before Shan broke it off in fear of the darkness in the soldier's heart. However, she was pregnant with Malcom's child, and Shan eventually gave birth to her son, Theron, in secret with the help of Master Zho before giving the child up to the Jedi Order and returning to the battlefield.

In 3653 BBY, Shan was selected to be part of the delegation that was to attend peace talks with the Sith Empire on Alderaan. However, the Empire used the conference as a distraction while it attacked the Republic's capital of Coruscant, holding the world hostage to force the Republic to accept the terms of the Treaty of Coruscant. As the galaxy settled into an uneasy Cold War, Shan foiled a conspiracy to sabotage the new peace perpetrated by Dar'Nala herself and afterward embarked on an odyssey inspired by the call of the Force across the galaxy. The journey led her to the Jedi Order's long-lost homeworld of Tython in the Deep Core, and for her rediscovery of the planet, Shan was appointed to the position of Grand Master and given leadership of the entire Order. In her new role, Shan guided the Order through a number of crises that arose during the Cold War also and trained her Kiffar Padawan, Shigar Konshi, to Knighthood.

As the fragile calm of the Cold War began to collapse, Shan worked with the Republic Emergency Response Corps to protect the unsteady peace and the innocents of the galaxy, and she was alerted to a dangerous threat from the Sith Emperor by his former servant Lord Scourge when a daring mission that she had authorized to capture the Emperor ended in disaster. Learning that the Emperor intended to extinguish all life in the galaxy, Shan helped the Jedi Knight known as the Hero of Tython foil the Emperor's plans and personally led an invasion fleet in an assault on the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas while the Knight confronted and defeated the Emperor. As the renewed war continued to spread across the galaxy, Shan worked with her former flame, Malcom, in his capacity as Supreme Commander of the Republic Military, and the two achieved victory over the prototype Imperial warship Ascendant Spear at Duro thanks to the efforts of their son, Theron. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Mar Barezz


Mar Barezz was a Human male officer in the Investigations branch of the Imperial Security Bureau. An ardent supporter of Emperor Palpatine and the New Order, Barezz was charged with eliminating spies and traitors throughout the Galactic Empire, be they Rebel fugitives or members of the Empire's own military forces. During the Galactic Civil War, Barezz served as an Imperial Security Bureau advisor during the Raid on Picutorion in the Kwymar Suppressions, and later formed a rivalry with the Alliance Intelligence agent Tay Vanis, commonly known as "Tiree." The stories of the pair's continual clashes became well known in intelligence circles. Barezz attempted to stop the agent from recruiting new operatives for the Rebellion, and closed in on Vanis when his rival recruited four individuals—Raleigh Dawn, Sammie Staable, Raal Yorta, and Smileredon-Verdont—on the planet Ord Mantell. Chasing them to the abandoned lidium mine Mesa 291 on Bothawui, Barezz took a contingent of stormtroopers and attempted to capture the new Rebels to interrogate them and force them to reveal the location of the hidden Rebel base to where they were to be taken. During the mission, Raal Yorta threw a thermal detonator at Barezz and three stormtroopers. The resulting explosion allowed the Rebels to escape. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Satele Shan

July 27 (Week 31), 2015Voxyn and Song of War


Voxyn were a genetic cross between a fero xyn and a vornskr—both deadly predators—shaped into being by the sentient Yuuzhan Vong species. Designed to hunt and kill the Force-sensitive Jedi of the galaxy, which the Yuuzhan Vong were invading, the reptilian hounds were all clones of the voxyn queen, the only successful cross between the vornskr and the fero xyn. As they were made to kill Jedi, the voxyn could sense Force-sensitives through the Force and had a variety of deadly abilities and tools at their disposal: sonic blasts, flesh–melting acid, disease–coated claws, and a poisonous barbed tail. After creation, voxyn were typically trained by the Yuuzhan Vong aboard the worldship Baanu Rass over the world of Myrkr to hunt Jedi in a multitude of environments as well as how to avoid various hazards. Measuring a meter high and over four meters in length, the carnivorous voxyn were fast and agile on their eight legs.

In existence by 27 ABY, in the midst of the war between the Yuuzhan Vong and the New Republic, the voxyn quickly killed many Jedi on numerous worlds, becoming a great source of concern to the New Jedi Order. The Jedi focused on dealing with this threat by dispatching a strike team to Myrkr, where the voxyn queen had been located. In the Myrkr system, the team boarded the Baanu Rass, where, although taking heavy casualties, it managed to kill the voxyn queen and put a stop to the cloning of the voxyn, preventing any more of the beasts from being created. Because of the beasts' short life spans and their inability to reproduce, this spelled the end for the voxyn, and they began to die off. Despite the diminishing voxyn numbers, the Yuuzhan Vong continued to use them on critical missions, with the last voxyn perishing in the Treskov system in 28 ABY. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Song of War

The Song of War was a Hapan Battle Dragon produced by Olanji/Charubah that served as both a flagship in the Hapes Consortium's Royal Navy and Hapan Prince Isolder's cruiser from 8 ABY to at least 25 ABY. Isolder used the red-colored Song of War in 8 ABY to pursue the smuggler Han Solo to the planet Dathomir after Solo abducted Princess Leia Organa. There, the Song of War encountered and engaged the forces of rogue Imperial Warlord Zsinj while Isolder and Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker followed Solo and his captive to the planet surface before the Battle Dragon departed the system. Later, in 25 ABY, during the initial year of the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Song of War led a fleet of Hapan warships to join the New Republic's fight against the Yuuzhan Vong species. The Battle Dragon participated in a battle at the planet Fondor that saw the majority of the Hapan war fleet destroyed by a blast from the Centerpoint Station superweapon. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Voxyn

August 3 (Week 32), 2015Trask Ulgo and Far Orbit

Trask ulgo

Trask Ulgo was a Human male who was born into the Alderaanian House Ulgo on the planet Alderaan. By the height of the Jedi Civil War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, he had attained the rank of ensign with the Republic Navy. During the year 3956 BBY, Ulgo was an officer stationed aboard the Hammerhead-class cruiser Endar Spire, where he was the bunkmate of the amnesiac former Sith Lord Revan. However, Ulgo believed that Revan was simply a new recruit, and since the two worked opposite shifts during normal duty, they did not interact with each other.

That year, their vessel fell under attack from the Sith Empire over the planet Taris, due to the presence of the ship's Jedi commander, Bastila Shan. Shortly after the attack began, Ulgo enlisted Revan's aid in finding Shan both to help her escape and so that they could fight their way off the cruiser. After Ulgo and Revan battled through many Sith troopers and discovered that Shan had already evacuated the ship, they eventually came across a Sith Lord named Darth Bandon. Knowing that the Sith could kill both of them, Ulgo sacrificed himself by holding off Bandon so that Revan could escape the doomed warship. Ulgo's sacrifice allowed Revan to leave the ship in the last remaining escape pod along with a Republic officer named Carth Onasi. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Far Orbit

Far Orbit

The Far Orbit was an EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate that served in the Galactic Empire's navy until, after a mutiny among its crew, it became one of the first privateering vessels for the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Produced by Kuat Drive Yards, the Far Orbit was initially helmed by Imperial Captain Vocis Kenit as it hunted down pirates in the Outer Rim Territories. However, due to Kenit's tyrannical leadership, his second-in-command Commander Dhas Fenoep Vedij—who had become disillusioned with the Empire—led a successful mutiny in 0 ABY against Kenit and the Imperial forces aboard the frigate. After discharging the Imperial-aligned crew members and those who refused to enlist with the Rebel Alliance, Vedij had the Far Orbit travel to the space station StarForge Station, where it picked up replacement crew members and joined up with the Alliance. The Far Orbit thus became a privateering vessel for the Alliance in the Ringali Shell of the Core Worlds.

Soon afterwards, the Far Orbit captured the Imperial escort frigate New Star and Shipment 1037, an entire convoy of freighters, after leading them into a trap with the help of an Alliance task force. The privateers then detained Imperial Advisor Coh Veshiv near the planet Esseles after convincing Veshiv to transfer over to the Far Orbit from the CR90 corvette Empire Forever by claiming that the Far Orbit would be used as Veshiv's next vessel. Following Veshiv's capture, Kenit—tasked by the Empire with tracking down his old ship—manipulated the Far Orbit into a confrontation with the Solar Terrors pirate group. However, Vedij and the privateers emerged victorious from that battle. Kenit later caught up to the Far Orbit using the transport SPF 14897 as bait; when the Far Orbit raided SPF 14897, Kenit's task force pounced on the frigate. In the resulting battle, the privateers escaped only after knocking out one of the gravity wells of the Imperial Interdictor Claw, allowing the Far Orbit to jump to hyperspace.

After the heavily damaged Far Orbit was repaired, the frigate once more returned to the Ringali Shell and went to the world Brentaal IV. There, a landing party from the Nebulon-B picked up a datadisc containing important information about the route of the Imperial Star Galleon-class frigate Emperor's Will, which was carrying a very valuable cargo of treasures. While attempting to capture the frigate, the Far Orbit was engaged by the Claw again after it dragged the ship from hyperspace near the Ringali Nebula, though the privateers managed to escape once more. Vedij and his crew then proceeded to attack the Emperor's Will and its escort, the Zaff Jendinpurg, after forcing them out of hyperspace. Dispatching the escort, the Far Orbit seized the frigate's cargo pod after the Emperor's Will's captain ejected it from the ship. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Trask Ulgo

August 10 (Week 33), 2015Harsh and Skirmish at the gundark nest


Harsh was a Human male who served the Galactic Empire as Moff of the Bosph sector in the Outer Rim Territories during the Galactic Civil War against the Alliance to Restore the Republic. He grew up with the dream of commanding a vessel the size of a Star Destroyer and attended the Imperial Academy as a young man, graduating with the highest honors after being mentored by a senator who taught him politics. Following his graduation, Harsh joined the Imperial Navy and was eventually made captain of the Star Destroyer Cauldron. At the start of the Galactic Civil War, Harsh led stormtroopers to victory in an assault against Rebel forces during a battle on the planet Chabosh but was gravely wounded in the process. Against the advice of a medical droid, Harsh refused a cybernetic replacement limb and instead waited until the wound recovered.

After his victory and recovery, Harsh came to be considered a legend, and Emperor Palpatine personally promoted him to Moff. Given control of the Bosph sector, Harsh ruled with an iron fist, bombarding the planet Bosph and killing many of its inhabitants on Palpatine's orders. Following the Emperor's death, Harsh, who had taken residence on the planet Otunia, conspired with the Human Seth Kabul to take control of the mining company Kabul Industries. With company head Lorn Kabul, Seth's brother, out of the way, Seth could then partner the company with the Empire. Lorn was successfully killed, but his daughter, Arista Kabul, survived and destroyed the mines used by Kabul Industries, ruining Harsh's plans. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Skirmish at the gundark nest

Tutorial 3 Droids at the nest

A skirmish occurred at a nest of gundarks, a predatory species, on the moon Alaris Prime sometime between 39 and 36 BBY. At the time, two factions were attempting to colonize Alaris Prime—Wookiee colonists from the planet Kashyyyk and the Trade Federation, an intergalactic company. The Wookiees had previously obtained the rights to colonize Alaris Prime legally from the Senate of the Galactic Republic, while the Trade Federation had ignored the Senate's ruling and illegally landed on the moon to pursue their own interests. On Alaris Prime, both groups were attacked by the gundarks, prompting them to take action against the creatures by eliminating them.

The Federation sent a squad of B1 battle droids from its Droid Army to the gundark's nest, while the Wookiees trained a small band of warriors under the leadership of the Wookiee Chewbacca. The Trade Federation reached the nest and began attacking, killing many of the gundarks, while the Wookiees arrived a short time later as the final gundarks were eliminated. As soon as they saw the Wookiees, the battle droids opened fire on them, but the colonists fought back and overcame the droids, destroying all of them. The skirmish rendered gundarks an extinct species on Alaris Prime and led to further battles between the Wookiees and the Trade Federation. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Harsh

August 17 (Week 34), 2015Battle of Serroco and Dromund Kaas operation

Nuclear explosions
The Battle of Serroco was an engagement during the Mandalorian Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders in the year 3963 BBY. Anticipating that the Mandalorians would move on the muddy planet Serroco in the Expansion Region, Republic Navy Admiral Saul Karath assembled a battle group and moved to defend the world. The Navy decide to place their camps next to Serroco's Stereb cities, betting that the Mandalorians would not want to risk wrecking the cities and depriving themselves of the loot to be found within—they were wrong. When the Mandalorians arrived, their chief, Mandalore the Ultimate, deemed the Republic tactic "without honor" and unleashed a barrage of nuclear bombs that destroyed the Stereb cities. With Serroco devastated, Karath marshaled his remaining forces and retreated, hoping to link up with reinforcements further away from shattered Serroco. The Mandalorians pursued, finally catching up to Karath's flagship, the Courageous, in deep space. The Courageous was severely damaged and boarded, and Admiral Karath barely escaped with his life. The destruction of Serroco was decried as an atrocity and a crime by the Republic, and Serroco's memory became a rallying cry for the Republic throughout the rest of the war. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Dromund Kaas operation

Emperor lightning

The Dromund Kaas operation was a covert mission carried out by the Republic Navy and the Jedi Order in 3641 BBY, during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, that saw the Republic Navy attack the Imperial capital planet of Dromund Kaas. The naval assault was but a diversion—while the Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan led the Republic Navy in engaging the Imperial First Defense Fleet, a small unit led by the Jedi Knight known as the Hero of Tython infiltrated Dromund Kaas with the purpose of confronting the Sith Emperor. The Hero had foiled the Emperor's recent attempts to massacre thousands on the planets Belsavis, Voss, and Corellia, a sacrifice that was necessary to start the Sith ruler's dark side ritual to consume all life in the galaxy, and the Jedi hoped to kill the Emperor before he could complete his plans.

The Hero and a small group of allies fought their way through the Imperial capital of Kaas City and stole the Sith Emperor's shuttle, which they flew to the nearby Dark Temple and battled their way through the Sith and Imperial Guardsmen who protected the Emperor. The Hero's allies engaged the Temple's defenders while the Knight and the astromech droid T7-O1 fought the Emperor in a final battle in the heart of the Temple. The Emperor was struck down in battle with the Knight, and though only the host body for the Emperor's immortal essence was slain, the Jedi and the galaxy at large believed him to be dead. The Sith Lord Darth Malgus, long at odds with many of the Empire's policies, claimed the Emperor's space station and declared a New Empire, and the six powerful Sith known as the Dread Masters decided that they would claim the galaxy for themselves. The Empire and the Republic largely kept the Emperor's death a secret until the aftermath of the invasion of the planet Makeb a year later, when Republic Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh publicly revealed the success of the classified operation. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Battle of Serroco

August 24 (Week 35), 2015Ghest and Harovan Toth


Ghests, also known as swamp demons, were a large reptilian species native to the swamps of the planet Rodia. Instead of bone, the species had cartilaginous skeletons. The sentient Rodians, who feared the predators because they sometimes attacked entire primitive Rodian villages, originally believed ghests to be responsible for carrying away the souls of the dead. Ghests hunted by swimming slowly along the surface of the water and lashing out at their prey, usually large herbivores, often swallowing them in one bite. When mating, ghests performed a courtship ritual that proved their strength to the partner. A ghest mother guarded her young after reproduction, as the sire would simply eat them on sight.

As Rodian culture developed, the ghest population diminished both as a result of hunting, particularly by those Rodians known as ghestslayers, and the industrialization of Rodia's environment. By the time the Galactic Republic made contact with Rodia, the predators were nearly extinct. In an attempt to save the species, some wealthy Rodians attempted to introduce ghest populations onto other worlds. A ghest attacked the crew of the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar on the planet Danoor in 8 ABY. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Harovan Toth

Harovan Toth SWJ11

Harovan Toth was a Human male Infiltrator who served with the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. A native of the planet Reynon, Toth joined the resistance forces on his homeworld before joining the Alliance proper on the planet Dantooine. There, he married Tisha Rostek, and the couple had a daughter, Samona; their happiness was shortlived, however, as Rostek was killed in the Battle of Thovinack. One of the first Alliance Infiltrators, Toth led Scandium Team, which participated in some of the most dangerous battles in the Alliance's early history.

Sometime prior to the Battle of Yavin, Scandium Team participated in a mission to the Wellte-ir system. Encountering elite Imperial armor units, the team received heavy casualties, with only six members surviving out of the twenty-one deployed. The incident became known as the Wellte-ir Massacre. Plagued by the memories of the massacre, Toth was forcibly retired from active combat, drawing a variety of assignments before being assigned to Delta Base, the headquarters for the Suolriep sector, where he served as a patrol pilot and advisor. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Ghest

August 31 (Week 36), 2015Theol Drost and Selu

Theol Drost2

Theol Drost was a Human male Imperial Army officer serving the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. As a high colonel, Drost commanded the Army detachment committed to the assault on Picutorion, an engagement that was part of the Kwymar Suppressions, alongside his Imperial Navy counterpart, Commodore Bevven. During the battle, Drost deferred to the judgment of Imperial Security Bureau officer Mar Barezz in allowing two of his men, Captain Ganig and Sergeant Stecker, to be killed in action to prevent the possibility of two decorated heroes of the Empire defecting to the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Drost spent the next decade commanding various space installations until receiving a promotion to general and command of the security of the Bilbringi Shipyards.

In 9 ABY, Bilbringi fell under the aegis of Thrawn's confederation and was responsible for building new Star Destroyers. A raid on the facility conducted by the smugglers Mazzic and Ellor resulted in the destruction of a nearly-completed Star Destroyer and revealed flaws in General Drost's security setup. Rather than punish the general, Grand Admiral Thrawn gave Drost thirty hours to revise Bilbringi's security system. Drost's revisions did not, however, stand up to an assault on the Bilbringi system by a New Republic fleet, and he was removed from command shortly after. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Selu


The Selu was a YT-1300 light freighter owned by the Azzameen family. Along with its identical sister ship, the Sabra, it was utilized as a transport and freighter for family missions and assignments provided by Twin Suns Transport Services, a shipping company owned by the Azzameen family. In addition to the laser cannons, shielding, hyperdrive, and turret available to the YT-1300 line, the Selu was heavily modified to further give the ship protection from raiding forces interfering with Azzameen affairs. Aeron Azzameen, an adept technician and slicer, was often responsible for modifications to the light freighter; she also typically piloted the ship on family assignments.

At the request of family patriarch Tomaas Azzameen, Aeron began training her youngest brother, Ace, in the family trade shortly after the pivotal Battle of Hoth of the Galactic Civil War in 3 ABY. Aeron flew the Selu while training Ace, aboard the Sabra, by escorting Ace in delivery runs and inspection routines. In one such assignment, the Azzameen siblings discovered that Viraxo Industries, a competitor to the Azzameens' shipping company, was actively attempting to sabotage the family. In retribution, Tomaas's brother and co-owner of Twin Suns Transport Services, Antan Azzameen, developed a plan utilizing the Selu. Renamed the Venix to avoid identification as an Azzameen craft, the masquerading Selu was disabled during an ill-fated raid on a Viraxo cargo facility. Ace was forced to destroy the stranded craft to keep the ship from falling into Viraxo control as he exited the system in the Sabra. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Theol Drost

September 7 (Week 37), 2015Travi Pott and Thurse


Travi Pott was a Human female sergeant who served in the Republic Army during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. During the Separatist War between a Separatist Movement and the Republic-backed government on Ord Mantell, Pott was mistakenly assigned to the planet and was stationed on the island of Avilatan. By the year 3643 BBY, she had been assigned to lead her squad to destroy Separatist jamming beacons placed on Savrip Island, which was just off the coast of Avilatan. However, Pott and her squad were unsuccessful in taking out the beacons due to the numerous hazards on the island, with six members of the squad dying and half of the squad suffering severe burns. Pott eventually retreated and made use of discretionary funds to entice at least one Republic individual to brave the many dangers of the island and destroy the jamming beacons. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Thurse

The Thurse was a SoroSuub Corporation Quasar Fire-class bulk cruiser used in the New Republic's Defense Fleet in 25 ABY, during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Commanded by Captain Mak Jorlen, the Thurse was a cruiser-carrier that saw action at the Battle of Ord Mantell that year before later going up against a Yuuzhan Vong frigate in the Bilbringi system. At Bilbringi, the Thurse and its complement of starfighter squadrons attempted to save the luxury liner Queen of Empire from the forces of the Peace Brigade and the Yuuzhan Vong frigate in the area. The cruiser-carrier aided the freighter Millennium Falcon in escaping from the frigate before succeeding in its mission to drive off the Yuuzhan Vong warship. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Travi Pott

September 14 (Week 38), 2015Courageous (Inexpugnable-class) and Mandalorian Wars

The Courageous was an Inexpugnable-class tactical command ship that served in the Republic Navy during the Mandalorian Wars. Produced by Rendili Hyperworks, the Courageous featured the Inexpugnable-class' trademark "wishing-well" bridge and a massive Vanjervalis Systems computer fitted to its frame—the ship was designed to coordinate the actions of dozens of vessels simultaneously. The Courageous served as the flagship for Admiral Saul Karath and participated in several campaigns on the Outer Rim. The Courageous saw action in the Republic's doomed defense of the planet Vanquo in 3964 BBY. The next year, the Courageous headed a battle group organized by Karath to hold the planet Serroco against a Mandalorian invasion. The ensuing Battle of Serroco resulted in the devastation of the planet and the shattering of the Republic defense. Mandalorian forces pursued the Courageous and its flotilla through deep space and eventually succeeded in boarding and destroying the vessel—Karath was barely able to escape with his life. Part of the ship was fashioned into a battle-axe wielded by the Mandalorian chief, Mandalore the Ultimate. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Mandalorian Wars

Mandalorians invade Vanquo

The Mandalorian Wars was the term given to the sixteen years of conflict between the Mandalorian warrior culture and the Galactic Republic that began in 3976 BBY with the Battle of Althir. Occurring two decades after the end of the Great Sith War, the Mandalorian Wars spanned almost two decades themselves, though historians often disagreed on the endpoints of the conflict; the Mandalorians raided star systems in the Outer Rim Territories for over a decade before they actually came into conflict with the Republic Military in 3965 BBY. Led by Mandalore the Ultimate, who pioneered the Neo-Crusader movement with the help of his lieutenant, Cassus Fett, the Mandalorians conquered systems along the eastern edge of the galaxy. Though their conquests included the near-extinction of the Cathar species, it was not until their assaults on worlds near the planet Taris that they drew the Republic's attention. After a year of small conflicts known as the False War, the Mandalorians broke through the Republic's lines and besieged Taris in 3963 BBY, and then invaded the Republic through three separate corridors in what became known as the Onslaught.

The tide ultimately turned when a group of interventionist Jedi known as the Revanchists, led by the charismatic Revan and his friend Malak, joined the Republic Military in combating the Mandalorians. A tactical genius, Revan won several victories against the Mandalorians and began to reclaim lost territory, prompting Supreme Chancellor Tol Cressa to appoint him Supreme Commander in 3962 BBY. Driving back the Mandalorians, Revan forced a final showdown with Mandalore the Ultimate at the Battle of Malachor V in 3960 BBY. Revan personally defeated Mandalore in single combat as the Republic and Mandalorian fleets battled above Malachor V, and the activation of the superweapon known as the Mass Shadow Generator devastated both the planet and the participating fleets.

The Mandalorian Wars had long-reaching consequences: Revan forced the defeated Mandalorians to disarm and hid Mandalore's Mask, the symbol of their leadership, and both he and Malak were turned to the dark side of the Force while investigating the Sith influence that had caused Mandalore to go to war. Many of the soldiers and Jedi who followed Revan in the Mandalorian Wars joined the two new Dark Lords of the Sith as they formed their own Sith Empire and invaded the Republic in a subsequent conflict known as the Jedi Civil War. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Courageous (Inexpugnable-class)

September 21 (Week 39), 2015Tiplee and Battle of Corellia


Tiplee was a red-skinned female Jedi Master who, along with her twin sister, Tiplar, served the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. Tiplee and her sister were commissioned as Jedi Generals in the Grand Army of the Republic, and the two fought in the Batte of Ringo Vinda. During the battle, Tiplar was murdered by clone trooper CT-5385, nicknamed "Tup," after a malfunction in the clone's inhibitor chip that triggered a premature activation of Clone Protocol 66, a Sith-implanted command that forced clones to kill Jedi as traitors. Tiplee was present at the time and watched her sister die.

Later in the war, Tiplee was part of the Jedi team investigating the aftermath of a battle between the forces of Darth Maul, leader of the criminal army known as the Shadow Collective, and the Confederacy of Independent Systems on Ord Mantell. Along with Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Tiplee led an assault on a Mandalorian supply outpost where Maul was hiding. During the fight, Tiplee was killed by Count Dooku, leader of the Separatists, who had formed an alliance with Maul. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Battle of Corellia

Fighters over Corellia

The Battle of Corellia was a large-scale conflict that occurred on the planet Corellia in 3641 BBY during the Galactic War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. As the peace brought by the Treaty of Coruscant collapsed into open war, the Sith Lord Darth Decimus led an invasion force to the prestigious Core World, sparking a lengthy fight for control. Darth Decimus's invasion force descended on the planet after months of planning and the forming of alliances with the Corellian Council, who declared Corellia's allegiance to the Empire as the Imperials arrived in the world's skies. However, pockets of civilian resistance soon began to spring up, organized by the Corellian Security Force and the native Green Jedi, and the Empire quickly discovered that the Corellians would not accept Imperial rule so easily.

Under the command of Darth Decimus, Darth Acharon and Darth Hadra, the Imperial Military and the Imperial Guard began to crush the native resistance, but the forces of the Republic soon arrived and established a foothold in the Blastfield Shipyards on the outskirts of Corellia's capital, Coronet City. The once pristine metropolis, already ravaged by war, quickly became a battlefield as Republic and Imperial forces fought for control, with both sides aided by native corporations and groups of mercenaries. Both forces suffered heavy losses as the conflict continued, with powerful Jedi and Sith falling to battle and betrayal—but Darth Decimus believed victory was within his grasp after Jedi Master Arfan Ramos and the rest of the Green Jedi Council were killed when an Imperial strike force stormed the Green Jedi Enclave.

Under the leadership of the Jedi Knight known as the Hero of Tython, the Jedi forces on Corellia rallied and halted a plot by the fallen Jedi Master Tol Braga to massacre millions of civilians and soldiers. With victory in sight, Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan and Republic High Command pulled some of their forces off the planet to aid in an all-out assault on the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas, but even with the reduced troops the Republic was still able to push the Empire on the defensive. The Republic's efforts were aided immensely when the elite Special Forces unit Havoc Squad led an all-out assault on the Bastion—a Republic military complex that had served as one of the military's main centers of operations before its capture early in the invasion—and successfully retook the base, capturing General Arkos Rakton in the process. The Barsen'thor of the Jedi Order brought the full might of the Rift Alliance to the Republic's aid, with Voss commandos, Esh-kha, and Balmorran droids fighting to reclaim the fortresses known as the Guardian Holds from the Children of the Emperor—secret agents of the Emperor scattered throughout the Republic.

The height of the battle saw Darths Acharon and Hadra killed by Republic strike teams, and with the loss of the inside knowledge provided by the Corellian Council—many of whom defected to the Republic or were killed during the battle—the Imperial offensive began to lose cohesion and direction. After securing Axial Park and pushing through the Imperial presence in the Government District, a Republic strike force attacked the Legislature Building and defeated Darth Decimus in the process, signalling the death blow to the Empire's forces on the planet. Supreme Chancellor Dorian Janarus was assassinated aboard his personal flagship during the long battle, but his successor Leontyne Saresh received the formal declaration of victory by General Aves to the Senate. While pockets of Imperial resistance would remain and draw out the conflict for some time, the battle ultimately resulted in a Republic victory and the withdrawal or defeat of the majority of Imperial forces. (Read more…)

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September 28 (Week 40), 2015Mission to free Wookiee prisoners and XJ-6 airspeeder

Wookiees Fight on Kessel

The mission to free Wookiee prisoners was an operation undertaken by the rebels who were based on and around the planet Lothal five years before the Battle of Yavin. The rebels learned what they believed was the location of the Wookiees, who had been enslaved by the Galactic Empire, and attempted to rescue the Wookiees aboard Freighter 651, a Gozanti-class cruiser. Unknown to the rebels, however, was that they had walked into a trap set by Agent Kallus of the Imperial Security Bureau. They soon realized the Wookiees were not aboard the vessel, and the rebels were forced to flee from Kallus and his forces. During the escape, one of the rebels, Ezra Bridger, was captured, forcing the rest of the crew to later return and rescue him. While a prisoner, Bridger learned that the Wookiees were being taken to the spice mines of the planet Kessel.

The rebels soon arrived at the spice mines of Kessel, where their ship, the Ghost, fired upon the Imperial stormtroopers guarding the slaves. The rebels were able to make it into the mine and attack the stormtroopers, during which time they freed the prisoners. They were confronted by Kallus and his troops, who opened fire on the rebels and the Wookiees. As the Ghost engaged in battle with TIE fighters, the rebel leader, Kanan Jarrus, ignited his lightsaber and revealed himself as a Jedi who had survived the destruction of the Jedi Order. While Jarrus and other members of his crew secured most of the Wookiees, Bridger went in pursuit of the Wookiee child Kitwarr, who was being chased by a stormtrooper. Jarrus saved them both from Agent Kallus, and the Ghost fled from Kessel with the Wookiees, freeing them from captivity.

After the rebels' successful rescue of the Wookiees, Kallus contacted the Inquisitor, an Imperial Jedi hunter, to inform him that the rebels were led by a Jedi. This led to several more confrontations with both Kallus and the Inquisitor as the rebels continued their operations against the Empire. (Read more…)
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The XJ-6 airspeeder was a custom-built airspeeder fashioned to Senator Simon Greyshade's elitist and performance-driven tastes. Using a prefabricated kit produced by Narglatch AirTech, the senator's personal mechanics designed and built the custom airspeeder. The XJ-6 was constructed with exotic materials and incorporated advanced systems into its design, including an inertial compensator—typically only used in space-bound craft. Two prominent, oversized turbofan engines at the fore of the craft provided immense power to the XJ-6, and an electrogravitic gyro flywheel allowed the craft to make abrupt turns without requiring traction. The souped-up speeder also sported a custom yellow paint job. Greyshade used the speeder both as a luxury transport as well as a racing vehicle in Coruscant's airspeeder races.

The airspeeder gained attention in 22 BBY after its apparent theft outside of the Senate Apartment Complex. Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker appropriated the speeder to rescue his Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, as the latter plummeted through the Coruscant skylanes. Once Kenobi was saved, the two Jedi took turns piloting the XJ-6 airspeeder as they pursued the bounty hunter Zam Wesell through the cityscape following her failed assassination attempt on Senator Padmé Amidala. After the chase had ended, Coruscant authorities tracked the XJ-6 to Vos Gesal Street, over a hundred kilometers from its original parking spot in the Senate District. Reymet Autem, son of a Senate Guard who worked with Greyshade, was initially charged with the theft, but the airspeeder was clandestinely returned to its spot in the lot of 500 Republica before charges could be filed. The authorities never discovered the true thief, much to Greyshade's disdain, and he vowed to find the party responsible. (Read more…)
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October 5 (Week 41), 2015Catch and Arkoh Adasca

Catch, originally known as Jawaswag, was an R2-series astromech droid produced by Industrial Automaton and used by Rogue Squadron pilot Gavin Darklighter to aid in the use of his X-wing starfighter. During the Bacta War in 7 ABY, Jawaswag and Darklighter escaped from an assault by the Imperial Victory II-class Star Destroyer Corrupter, before briefly going up against Imperial forces on the planet Halanit when the colony they were refueling at was attacked. Darklighter later renamed Jawaswag to Toughcatch after the droid held off a group of Jawas trying to steal him, although the name was later shortened to Catch for ease of use.

In 25 ABY, during the Yuuzhan Vong War, Catch was still serving as Darklighter's astromech, and the droid participated in Rogue Squadron action in the Outer Rim Territories, facing off against pirates and later the forces of the invading Yuuzhan Vong species as Rogue Squadron searched for intelligence on the invaders. Catch also flew alongside Darklighter during a battle at the planet Dantooine, where they engaged enemy fighters that were covering a ground troop advance, and later saw action at the planet Ithor, with Catch and Darklighter downing Yuuzhan Vong landing craft in Ithor's atmosphere. (Read more…)
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Arkoh Adasca was, during the era of the Mandalorian Wars, the CEO of the Arkanian bioengineering giant Adascorp and the eighth lord of the industrial dynasty known as the House of Adasca. The heir of the Adasca line, Adasca assumed his position at the head of Adascorp while still a young man, becoming a charismatic leader beloved by his fellow Arkanians. As CEO of Adascorp, Adasca inspired the Arkanian people by appealing to their sense of racial superiority, all the while furthering his forefathers' plans to exterminate the population of the Arkanian Offshoot sub-species. In the days of Adasca's grandfather's stewardship of Adascorp, a company scientist named Gorman Vandrayk had discovered how to control the minds of the exogorths, a species of massive space slug that had been discovered in many disparate regions of the galaxy. Adasca's grandfather had planned to use the beasts to elevate Adascorp, but Vandrayk wanted no part of it and fled—as CEO, the younger Adasca spared no expense to track Vandrayk down so he could use the scientist's irreplaceable knowledge to fulfill his family's vision and make Arkania the center of the galaxy.

Adasca's search finally ended in 3963 BBY, when an ailing Vandrayk was brought to Arkania for medical treatment and was discovered by Adascorp. With his goal in reach, Adasca set out to put his grand plot to make Adascorp a galactic power into action—once Vandrayk finished his work bringing the exogorths under corporate control, Adasca would auction the services of the destructive beasts to the sides participating in the ongoing Mandalorian Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Mandalorian warrior clans. Adasca would effectively be picking the winner of the war, and, as he would retain operational control of the exogorths, the victorious side would be forced to pay him tribute. Adasca was able to bring together parties from the Republic, the Mandalorians, and the crusading Jedi faction known as the Revanchists to his base on the ship Arkanian Legacy for his sales pitch, but his audacious plan met with defeat when Republic prisoner Zayne Carrick, Lieutenant Carth Onasi, and Jedi Master Lucien Draay worked together to break up the auction. Adasca himself was killed when Vandrayk ordered the exogorths to attack the Arkanian Legacy, and his treachery was covered up afterward by the Republic Defense Ministry. (Read more…)

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October 12 (Week 42), 2015Finis Valorum/Canon and The Last Resort


Finis Valorum was a human male politician from House Valorum who served as the penultimate Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. His administration was hampered by corruption and bureaucracy in the Galactic Senate, which Valorum was unable to bring under control.

Towards the end of his administration, Valorum attempted to resolve the Trade Federation's Invasion of Naboo to little effect. As a result of government inaction, Queen Padmé Amidala of Naboo called for a Vote of No Confidence in Valorum's leadership. The Senate scheduled an election for a new Chancellor, and Valorum was replaced by Senator Sheev Palpatine of Naboo; Palpatine was secretly Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith, and had orchestrated the Naboo Crisis to become Supreme Chancellor and, ultimately, transform the Republic into the Galactic Empire.

During the Clone Wars, over ten years after his political downfall, Valorum assisted the Jedi Order as they investigated the circumstances surrounding the death of Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas, who, as Chancellor, Valorum had sent on a mission to resolve a dispute with the spice dealers known as the Pyke Syndicate. The Jedi learned Sifo-Dyas had been killed by the Pyke Syndicate at the behest of the Sith—who wanted to control the clone army Sifo-Dyas had secretly commissioned for the Republic—during the mission that Valorum had sent him on. After the rise of the Empire, some Coruscanti continued to have fond memories of the former Supreme Chancellor. (Read more…)

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Last Resort

The Last Resort was a 578-R space transport owned and operated by the reclusive Arkanian Offshoot scientist Gorman "Camper" Vandrayk during the era of the Mandalorian Wars. During Vandrayk's years on the run from his former employer, the Arkanian biotechnology giant Adascorp, The Last Resort served as both the home and workshop for Vandrayk and his protector, companion, and fellow Offshoot, Jarael. The two lived together on The Last Resort in the Lower City of the planet Taris for years, disguising the vessel so thoroughly that most visitors never knew that it was actually a ship. In 3964 BBY, the arrival of Taris' two most wanted fugitives—Zayne Carrick and Marn Hierogryph, both hunted for involvement in the massacre of the Jedi class at Taris' Jedi Tower—at The Last Resort brought on the attentions of law enforcement, and the Offshoots were forced to raise ship with the fugitives and escape Taris. After helping Carrick, a former Padawan falsely accused of the murders of his friends, investigate the massacre, Vandrayk, Jarael, and Hierogryph rescued Carrick after he briefly turned himself into authorities, afterward going on the run in The Last Resort.

Their travels later took them to the mining world of Vanquo, arriving around the same time as a Mandalorian attack on the planet in one of the first major offenses of the Mandalorian Wars between the Mandalorian warrior clans and the Galactic Republic. On Vanquo, The Last Resort was briefly stolen by Mandalorian "runner" Rohlan Dyre, but the group was able to regain control of the ship and later rescue Jarael, who had been mistaken for a Jedi and imprisoned on the Mandalorian-held Flashpoint Station. After this adventure, the Offshoots split with Carrick and Hierogryph, parting amicably with the Republic fugitives on the planet Ralltiir.

Soon after lifting off, however, the elderly Vandrayk's health worsened—the cause of his illness later revealed to be allergens and molds festering in The Last Resort's circulation system, as the ship had sat in a trash pit for years without ever flying. When Jarael took the ship to the planet Arkania to seek medical treatment, she was discovered by Adascorp head Arkoh Adasca, who had The Last Resort tractor-beamed onto his flagship, the Arkanian Legacy. Adasca had Vandrayk healed and then forced him to finish the old project he had abandoned years ago, that of weaponizing the massive and incredibly powerful exogorth beasts in a bid to make Adascorp a galactic power. With the help of Zayne Carrick, Adasca's mad plot was foiled—retaining control of the exogorths, Vandrayk first ordered the beasts to kill Adasca and then took flight in The Last Resort, intending to lead the exogorths out into Wild Space so he could allow them to live as nature intended. (Read more…)
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October 19 (Week 43), 2015Gorman Vandrayk and Heist in Capital City

Gorman Vandrayk

Doctor Gorman Vandrayk, also known by the nickname "Camper," was an Arkanian Offshoot scientist who went on the run from his former employer, the Arkanian biotechnology giant Adascorp, for over thirty years. Celebrated for his brilliance during his years as a university student and later with Adascorp, Vandrayk's pioneering research into the exogorths—a species of mysterious space slug found in many disparate regions of the galaxy—led him to learn how to control the beasts and direct their movement. Vandrayk's fascination with the exogorths was purely scientific, but when he realized that his bosses at Adascorp were planning on weaponizing the beasts, Vandrayk fled in a junk-hauler called The Last Resort and took his indispensable knowledge with him. During his years on the run, Vandrayk met a young Offshoot named Jarael, who had spent much of her life in a slaving ring and wanted out. Vandrayk helped Jarael escape, and, in return, Jarael promised to protect Vandrayk as he grew more advanced in age. Eventually, the pair settled in the Lower City of the planet Taris, where Vandrayk, known to the world as "Camper," was regarded as an addled tinkerer who occasionally dabbled in rigging old escape pods to conceal wanted fugitives.

Vandrayk and Jarael rarely left their home until 3964 BBY, when an underworld acquaintance of Vandrayk's, a Snivvian criminal named Marn Hierogryph, showed up at The Last Resort with the most wanted man on Taris in tow: Zayne Carrick, a former Jedi Padawan falsely accused in the slayings of his Jedi class. When a large force of law enforcement and several Jedi Masters arrived in search of Carrick, Vandrayk took flight with Jarael, Carrick, and Hierogryph in The Last Resort and escaped pursuit. Although initially at odds, the group eventually grew close, and Vandrayk aided Carrick in his quest to find out exactly why his classmates were slain, and later in saving Carrick from execution when he briefly turned himself in to authorities. After leaving Taris behind, Jarael was mistaken for a Jedi and kidnapped by Mandalorian warriors on the planet Vanquo, during the Mandalorian attack on the planet as part of the Mandalorian Wars with the Galactic Republic. Vandrayk was more than willing to fight the Mandalorians himself to get her back, but with the help of a Mandalorian named Rohlan Dyre, the group rescued Jarael and a number of Jedi captives from a Mandalorian-held station on the planet Flashpoint.

Vandrayk and Jarael still valued their anonymity over everything and parted ways with Carrick and Hierogryph the following year. Yet Vandrayk's health was failing—its cause eventually revealed to be allergens in the air filtration system of The Last Resort, which had not flown in years—and, fearing for her friend's life, Jarael took the ship to Arkania in the hopes that an Arkanian doctor could help him. There, she was discovered by Adascorp, which manipulated her into helping bring Vandrayk back to them. Holding them both aboard Adascorp's mobile headquarters, the Arkanian Legacy, Adascorp head Arkoh Adasca threatened Jarael's safety to force Vandrayk to finish the exogorth project he had abandoned decades earlier so that Adasca could then sell control of the exogorths to the highest bidder in a play to make Adascorp a galactic power. Partially due to the help of Zayne Carrick, who happened to be aboard the Arkanian Legacy as the prisoner of a Republic delegation, Adasca's plot was foiled. After years on the run, Vandrayk got the last laugh, ordering the exogorths to tear the Adascorp ship to pieces and end the Adasca line. With a final holomessage to Jarael, Vandrayk took his leave in The Last Resort, leading the exogorths out into Wild Space so he could remove their implants and let them be what nature intended again. (Read more…)

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Ezra Steals speeder

Five years before the Battle of Yavin, a group of rebels carried out operations against the Galactic Empire on the Outer Rim planet of Lothal. One mission was contracted by crime lord Cikatro Vizago, who commissioned the rebels to mount a heist to steal blasters from the Empire. The operation was carried out in Capital City, where the rebels attempted to steal the blasters. They were interrupted, however, by a street orphan named Ezra Bridger, who stole one of the sets of crates. This led to a chase throughout the city, with Bridger attempting to outrun the rebels. Their chase made its way out of the city, and the rebels fought off stormtroopers and TIE fighters as they fled. Bridger eventually got away from the rebels, but was saved by their ship, the Ghost, which shot down an approaching TIE fighter. Kanan Jarrus, the leader of the rebels, offered Bridger a chance to escape as more fighters approached, and Bridger leapt onto the ship with his crate.

The Ghost was pursued by several TIE fighters, leading to a brief firefight throughout the atmosphere and into space. The ship was able to escape into hyperspace before returning to Lothal, where it scrambled its signal so it could not be recognized. The rebels brought many of the crates, which also contained food and other supplies, to a refugee settlement called Tarkintown, where the rebels provided it for free to the refugees. Jarrus and Hera Syndulla, the crew's captain, delivered the blasters to Vizago, who paid them both in money and in information—specifically, the potential whereabouts of Wookiees who had been enslaved by the Empire, leading the rebels to undertake a mission to rescue them. Bridger later joined the crew, having found an adopted family in them as a result of the heist. (Read more…)
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October 26 (Week 44), 2015Mission to steal Imperial disruptors and Second FA

Ezra Sabine T-7 Ion Disruptor

Five years before the Battle of Yavin, the rebel crew of the Ghost undertook a mission to steal and, ultimately, destroy illegal T-7 ion disruptor rifles from the Galactic Empire. The mission began as a means of securing credits needed to replenish their ship's supplies and continue their operations against the Empire; the crime lord Cikatro Vizago, who operated on the Outer Rim planet Lothal, was willing to pay for the weapons. The mission took the rebels to the planet Garel, which they traveled to aboard a star commuter shuttle. Aboard that shuttle was Minister Maketh Tua, who was attempting to procure the weapons from their manufacturer, Amda Wabo, with the help of two droidsR2-D2 and C-3PO, who were secretly working for Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan to destroy the weapons. The rebels were able to learn the location of the weapons in the Garel City Spaceport, and stole them before the Empire could obtain them. After a brief firefight on Garel, the rebels escaped back to Lothal.

Once on Lothal, the rebels attempted to sell the weapons to Vizago, but were quickly discovered by Agent Kallus of the Imperial Security Bureau. This led to a brief battle against Imperial forces, in which the rebels destroyed the disruptors so they could not fall into Imperial hands. The rebels escaped Agent Kallus' forces and returned the droids to Senator Organa, who was able to learn about the rebels from R2-D2. In the aftermath of the mission, the rebels became part of a larger rebel movement that Organa led, though only the pilot of the Ghost, Hera Syndulla, knew of their involvement at first. They later learned of their involvement, as well as Organa's, after other rebel cells came to their assistance during mission to rescue the crew's field leader, Kanan Jarrus, from the Empire. (Read more…)
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