Eurrsk Thri'ag, nicknamed Grinder, was a male Bothan slicer and pilot on the verge of washing out from the New Republic armed forces during the Galactic Civil War. In 7 ABY, Thri'ag agreed to transfer to a new squadron that Commander Wedge Antilles was forming. After a series of interviews and flight simulations, he was among the ten pilots selected to be part of the starfighter commando group Wraith Squadron. Thri'ag served as the squadron's code slicer and unofficial prankster.

Having gone through training under Antilles and Wes Janson—Antilles's executive officer—Thri'ag performed several missions with the Wraiths, most notably in helping with the evacuation of Folor Base, and later, the capture of the CR90 corvette Night Caller. The Wraiths then posed as Night Caller's crew while systematically destroying Warlord Zsinj's assets and companies in a series of missions. Thri'ag was killed in the Battle of Ession while attempting to assist wingmate Falynn Sandskimmer in destroying the Star Destroyer Implacable. Thri'ag lost control of his starfighter due to contact with some debris while making his escape. When he finally regained control, he was then hit by a turbolaser beam. (Read more…)

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