Battle of Koros Major

The Battle of Koros Major was a clash fought during the Great Hyperspace War between the army of the unified Koros system and the forces of the Sith Empire. In 5000 BBY, Dark Lord of the Sith Naga Sadow gathered an invasion force and launched an attack on the Galactic Republic. A part of the Sith fleet led by Sadow's Sith apprentice and Koros Major native Gav Daragon, was sent to conquer the Koros system in a two-pronged attack focused on both his homeworld and the planet Kirrek. The Koros military, commanded by Empress Teta and Vontaige, one of her top advisors and generals, had a diminished fleet due to a recent war but nevertheless believed that they could provide a good accounting of themselves. During the planet-side engagement on Koros Major, Gav Daragon took a dropship down to the main area of battle in the city of Cinnagar to find his sister, Jori, whom he had not seen in a long time. While looking for her with his company of Massassi guards, Daragon had an altercation with a former acquaintance, Aarrba the Hutt, which resulted in the Hutt's death. Jori Daragon arrived at that moment and confronted her brother about the Hutt's death. Overcome with emotion, Gav fled and abandoned the battle soon afterward, deciding to attack Sadow and end the war. With Gav Daragon no longer present to direct them, the Sith lost the battle. (Read more…)

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