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December 30, 2013 (Week 1), 2014Invasion of Begeren and Massacre on Lenico IV


The Invasion of Begeren was a major engagement between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War. Begeren, a mineral-rich world in the Outer Rim Territories, had historically belonged to the ancient Sith Empire, but after the Great Hyperspace War of 5,000 BBY, the Republic claimed the planet as their own and installed a governor to oversee mining operations. In 3,681 BBY, the revitalized Sith Empire emerged from hiding and initiated the Great Galactic War to reclaim their lost lands and destroy the Republic. Although the war swiftly spread across the galaxy, the Sith's first targets lay in the Outer Rim, and in 3,678 BBY the Empire launched its massive invasion of Begeren in the hopes of securing the planet and ousting the entrenched Republic regime.

The Imperial Army contingent that was landed on the world consisted of 10,000 Imperial soldiers under the command of a military officer and aided by the aspiring Sith assassin, Teneb Kel. The fiercest fighting occurred just outside the Republic Governor's palace in the planetary capital, and saw the Empire's Aurek Battalion engage Republic soldiers, towering war droids, and crippling laser turrets. The Imperial Army forces were waiting on word from Kel that he had successfully infiltrated the palace and assassinated the Governor, and although Aurek Battalion was devastated by bombing runs from Republic Liberator-class starfighters, Kel continued on with his mission and successfully killed the Advozse Governor of Begeren. The conflict was one of many Imperial successes early in the war, and helped to put Teneb Kel on the path to Lordship. Begeren remained in Imperial control for many decades following the conquest. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Massacre on Lenico IV

Lenico massacre

During the Great Galactic War, the Sith apprentice Exal Kressh committed a massacre on the planet of Lenico IV. Kressh, in her role as the apprentice of the Sith Emperor, served her Master as a loyal servant for many years, but was largely unaware of the true purpose behind the missions the Emperor assigned to her. That changed early in the Great War, when around 3678 BBY her Master gave her orders to locate and investigate a mysterious tribe of shamanistic Ortolans on the nearly-lifeless Outer Rim Territories world of Lenico IV.

Upon finding the primitive tribe, Kressh learned of their history and the Force rituals which they practiced to preserve the lives of tribal patriarchs and shamans. Through their teachings, the young Sith realized that the Emperor planned to replicate their rituals to preserve his own life by transplanting his consciousness into multiple new bodies. Up until then, Kressh herself was unaware that she was already being partially controlled by the Emperor in such a manner, and when the Dark Lord learned all he needed from the Ortolans to complete his own plans, he guided his apprentice to massacre the tribe. Kressh complied with the Emperor's will, but after her time on Lenico IV, she decided to rebel against her Master to end his control over her and prevent him from creating a new batch of host bodies. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Invasion of Begeren

January 6 (Week 2), 2014Pembric II and Sebiris

Pembric II

Pembric II, also referred to as Pembric 2, was a planet in the Pembric system, located in the Kathol sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Although it was originally terraformed as an agricultural colony, careless actions during the process resulted in unsuitable conditions, creating boggy wetlands and a near-constant light rain to fall. Situated in a remote part of the galaxy, and partially isolated by the presence of a dense asteroid field and radiation fields, Pembric II was marketed by its residents as a resort for gangsters, which eventually evolved into a full-blown shadowport. Soon, a cultured criminal element based themselves off Pembric II, including the Corellian Crev Bombaasa, who controlled a large cartel. The government of Pembric II turned a blind eye to the organized crime due to the large influx of credits they contributed to the planetary economy.

During the Galactic Civil War, Pembric II came under the control of the Galactic Empire, and later Warlord Moff Kentor Sarne. Both parties utilized Pembric II as a source of raw materials, processing hfredium ore mined from the star system's asteroid field on the planet for shipment to Imperial-allied arms corporations. In 8 ABY, Moff Sarne's control of the sector was broken when New Republic forces evicted him from his capital on Kal'Shebbol. Bombaasa moved quickly, taking control of the planet by establishing a puppet government with pro-Imperial leanings in the hope of dissuading the New Republic from interfering in Pembric II's affairs. That year, the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar arrived at Pembric II in search of technical experts to assist them in solving problems that they were experiencing with their ship. They ran afoul of Bombaasa and his new regime, but managed to rescue an imprisoned slicer named Gaelin to assist them. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Sebiris


Sebiris was a planet located in the Sebiris system of the Outer Rim Territories' Kathol sector. A hot jungle world, it was the homeworld of the Sebiri, a primitive species of scaly-hided humanoids. At some point, Sebiris had been visited by an advanced species that the Sebiri referred to as "those who came before," whom they believed created the jungle and performed miracles through the use of glowing charms. The only evidence of their passing was the ruins of a stone temple located within the planet's equatorial region.

During the early years of the New Republic, the Imperial saboteur and assassin known as the Wraith visited the planet on a number of occasions to acquire a virulent toxin that he used in the course of his assignments. In 8 ABY, the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar traveled to Sebiris to obtain a cure to the toxin, after their commanding officer, Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum, had been afflicted with the poison. They were successful in their mission, although they were hampered by the presence of the Wraith and a confrontation with the native Sebiri. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Pembric II

January 13 (Week 3), 2014Battle of Tiems and Gallo

Tiems 01

The Battle of Tiems was an engagement fought between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and Galactic Empire sometime during the Galactic Civil War, in the area surrounding the city of Tiems on the planet of the same name in the Outer Rim Territories. General Carlist Rieekan led a detachment of three Alliance Army infantry regiments to liberate thousands of Alliance prisoners from Imperial facilities located in Tiems. After successfully completing the assignment, their extraction was delayed as the transports were held up by enemy starfighter forces.

Forced to defend a fixed position—the landing zone for their extraction—against a numerically superior enemy, Rieekan employed a mobile defense. By knowing that his Imperial counterpart would concentrate his full assault on the weakest part of the Alliance defensive line, Rieekan drew the Imperial forces into an effective trap, destroying half their number. The remaining Imperial soldiers withdrew to Tiems to regroup and reinforce, although by the time the Imperial commander mustered his forces, the Alliance soldiers had been extracted from the planet. Following the battle, the engagement was used by Alliance Special Forces General Crix Madine as the perfect example of the mobile defense tactic during orientation briefings to new Rebel ground forces commanders. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Gallo


Gallo was a male Ankura Gungan from the planet Naboo who lived around 3000 BBY. Gallo was the Boss of the city of Otoh Sancture until it was destroyed in a war between the Gungan tribes while he was out hunting nerfs for the annual Sacred Feast. After meeting rogue Captain Marsune and trading his captured nerfs for glurrg workers, Gallo ran into a militiagung, or Gungan warrior, who informed him that Boss Rogoe, the Gungan warlord who had masterminded the war, was behind the destruction of Otoh Sancture.

Determined to seek justice for the act, Gallo set out to unite the surrounding Gungan tribes against Rogoe and his militia. After Gallo rebuilt the town of Otoh Sancture, he and Marsune, who had decided to join Gallo on his journey, traveled to the cities of Otoh Jahai, Otoh Langua, Otoh Urs, and Otoh Raban to speak with Bosses Tenko, Hantic, Copek, and Hoxie, respectively. After Gallo fulfilled tasks provided by each Boss, the four agreed to join Gallo's cause. Gallo took his forces and, along with bongo submarines acquired from the Gungan manufacturer Bongomeken Collective, attacked Rogoe's city of Spearhead. Once the city and Rogoe's keep were destroyed. Gallo founded a new city in its place called Otoh Gunga. He was a distant ancestor of Boss Rugor Nass, who lived during the later years of the Galactic Republic. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Battle of Tiems

January 20 (Week 4), 2014Emperor's skyhook and Darsin


The Emperor's skyhook was the extravagant personal skyhook retreat of Emperor Palpatine during his reign as supreme ruler of the galaxy. The skyhook hung in low geosynchronous orbit above the Imperial throneworld of Coruscant and was tethered to the planet's surface in the Palace District of Imperial City via a long umbilical connection that provided turbolift access to the station. The Emperor's skyhook, grandiose in size and carefully protected, boasted a sprawling central park with a magnificently tailored garden of massive timbers and a climate-controlled jungle that was maintained by the Emperor's best horticulturist.

The Dark Lord Darth Vader and Dark Prince Xizor of the Black Sun crime syndicate met briefly on the Emperor's skyhook in 3.5 ABY, discussing the existence of a secret Rebel Alliance shipyard, intelligence of which Xizor offered to the Empire as a means of increasing his favor with the Emperor. In the meeting's aftermath, the Emperor arranged the death of his gardener after Xizor, greatly impressed with the man's botanical work, hired him away to work on the Dark Prince's own personal skyhook. The New Republic later gained control of the skyhook after seizing Coruscant from the Empire and used the installation to track enemy aerial traffic in Imperial City during a military operation in 7 ABY before grounding all of Coruscant's skyhooks for safety concerns. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Darsin

Darsin was a male Human who served as the apprentice of the Sith Lord Darth Rivan during the New Sith Wars. He resided in Rivan's Sith fortress on the planet Almas, where his master subjected him to experiments and dark side rituals. Darsin eventually came close to attaining the rank of Dark Lord of the Sith and planned to assume the name Darth Malus, but before he could become a Sith Lord, he died as a result of Rivan's alchemical manipulations. Darsin's consciousness survived as an incorporeal Sith spirit, and Rivan bound him to act as a guardian of the Sith fortress. Centuries later, in about 20 BBY, the Chevin slaver Phylus Mon, the Human Dark Jedi Karae Nalvas and several of their minions ventured into the Sith fortress in search of the secrets of the creation of Sith battlelords, a class of warrior developed by Rivan, and their incursion caused Darsin to re-awaken. The Sith spirit attacked the interlopers, but was warded off by the power of the Darkstaff, a Sith artifact that was carried by Mon. Shortly thereafter, Darsin ambushed a band of freelance agents who had ventured into the fortress in the wake of Phlyus Mon's intrusion, and he was defeated by them. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Emperor's skyhook

January 27 (Week 5), 2014Burr Nolyds and Sajar


Burr Nolyds was a wealthy and arrogant Human male aristocrat who briefly ruled the Galactic Empire in 11 ABY as head of the Imperial Interim Ruling Council. He originally ascended the Empire's political ladder after supplying the organization with important resources, and his desire for power led him to support former Imperial Royal Guard Carnor Jax's plot to kill Galactic Emperor Palpatine and seize the Imperial throne. Following Palpatine's death, Nolyds sat on the Ruling Council of Jax's Crimson Empire, and when Jax was later killed by his fellow former Royal Guard Kir Kanos, Nolyds took over as acting head of the council and ruler of the Empire.

Ruling from a villa in the planet Ord Cantrell's city of De-Purteen, Nolyds held tightly to his power and opposed Councilor Feena D'Asta's suggestion that the crumbling Empire make peace with the New Republic, their opponents in the Galactic Civil War. His rule proved to be short-lived when he was assassinated by Nom Anor, an ally of the scheming Councilor Xandel Carivus; Nolyds's death came in the form of a self-destructing message disk that Anor had left in his chambers. The shaken council responded by electing the seemingly-incompetent Carivus to succeed him so they could pull Carivus's strings and investigate Nolyds's murder from behind the scenes. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Sajar


Sajar was a Human male who was known as Darth Sajar during his time as a Dark Lord of the Sith and member of the ruling Dark Council of the resurgent Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War. He attempted to trap and kill the Jedi Master Tol Braga on the planet Dantooine, but Braga convinced Sajar to abandon the Sith and join the Jedi Order. Sajar renounced the Empire and his seat on the Council to become Braga's Padawan, and he studied the ways of the light side of the Force throughout the rest of the war and the subsequent Cold War.

However, while Sajar was stationed on Quesh in 3642 BBY to guard a military base, he was caught in an Imperial invasion. Slipping back into the grasp of the dark side after killing several prisoners and being recognized by Imperial forces, Sajar decided to die a servant of the light at the hands of the Emperor's Wrath, the Sith Emperor's personal executioner, rather than become a Sith once more. However, Sajar and the troopers of the Republic Military's 86th Infantry received reinforcements when Braga sent the Jedi Knight known as the Hero of Tython to rescue Sajar. The Knight's efforts in the battle to save the base ensured that Sajar could return to the Jedi and receive redemption. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Burr Nolyds


February 3 (Week 6), 2014Bail Antilles and Rogoe

Bail Antilles (Galactic Alliance) SWL20

Bail Antilles, a Human male, was a politician who rose through the ranks of the Galactic Alliance bureaucracy and became one of the three members of the government's ruling Triumvirate at some point before 130 ABY. He was known to be a level-headed individual who carefully considered his options, and he often provided the swing vote between his fellow Triumvirs, Gial Gahan and Nu Toreena. Based on the Alliance capital world of Coruscant, Antilles had a daughter named Ona.

Antilles served in the Triumvirate during the Alliance's Sith–Imperial War with the Galactic Empire, which saw numerous Alliance member worlds defect to the enemy. When Rear Admiral Piers Petan proposed striking at a lightly-guarded Emperor Roan Fel at the planet Caamas, Antilles's vote was the deciding factor. Although Jedi Master Kol Skywalker and Admiral Gar Stazi both suspected a trap, Antilles felt that the dying Alliance needed to take the risk. The Empire sprang their trap at the Battle of Caamas, and the outmatched Alliance surrendered and conceded the war. The Triumvirs were replaced by loyal Imperial bureaucrats, and Antilles died at some point before 137 ABY. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Rogoe


Rogoe was a male Ankura Gungan warlord who was the Boss of the city of Spearhead on the planet Naboo in 3000 BBY, during a period of constant war between the Gungan tribes. In that time, Rogoe became the manipulator of the hostilities; he used several methods to continue the conflict so he could oppress and enslave the smaller Gungan tribes while the larger ones were preoccupied with fighting one another. Eventually, he became concerned about Gallo, the Boss of the city of Otoh Sancture, who had refused to take part in any violence. Rogoe believed Gallo would be powerful enough to defeat Rogoe's forces were he to take a side, and so the warmonger ordered a tribe of carnivorous, half-wild bursas to destroy Gallo's Otoh Sancture. Gallo, however, was away from the city and survived to discover that Rogoe had massacred his people, causing Rogoe's rival to begin a campaign to unite the Gungan tribes against the warlord. After convincing the other cities to join him, Gallo led his Grand Army to Spearhead and fought Rogoe's minions. Rogoe remained in his fortress during the battle and was killed when Gallo's army destroyed it. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Bail Antilles (Galactic Alliance)

February 10 (Week 7), 2014Nink and Oasis mother

Duel near Omen

Nink was a male member of the avian uvak species who lived on the planet Kesh in the years following the Great Hyperspace War. Hatched in 5015 BBY, Nink eventually became the personal steed of the Keshiri Zhari Vaal, a member of the world's Neshtovar ruling council. However, Vaal mistreated Nink; at some point, Nink decided enough was enough and, during a flight over the ocean, dropped his master to his death. Nink was passed on to Vaal's widow, Adari Vaal, a geologist who soon had to flee the Neshtovar on Nink's back after spreading teachings of Kesh's origin that the council considered heretical. Nink carried Vaal up to the remote Cetajan Mountains, where she happened upon an encampment of Sith who had recently crashed on the planet. With Vaal's help, the Sith were delivered from their predicament; they eventually posed as the Keshiri's Skyborn gods and took control of Kesh as the new Lost Tribe of Sith.

By 4975 BBY, Nink, at forty, was the oldest uvak in Keshiri memory. By then, his master had reached the head of a secret Keshiri resistance group dedicated to overthrowing the Lost Tribe. As part of their plot, that year Vaal flew Nink at the head of a large group of stolen uvak mounted by resistance members, hoping to sacrifice themselves as a way to cripple the Lost Tribe's ability to move across Kesh. However, after Vaal guided Nink into the chaotic air currents above the Sessal Spire volcano, Nink did not plunge into the water as planned; instead, he reached an isolated island somewhere in the ocean. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Oasis mother


The oasis mother was a species of sentient, predatory plant that was native to the desert-covered world of Endregaad. Oasis mothers lived atop small pools of water. Their bodies consisted of a series of intertwined vines that formed a trunk with over-hanging branches. From the limbs hung sacks that contained immature oasis children, juvenile forms of the plant. Oasis children were mobile and bipedal in form, and their main role was to hunt living animals to feed to their mother. Though sentient, oasis mothers had very different thought patterns from other intelligent species and were completely amoral, caring only about their own well-being. During the time of the New Republic, a band of oasis children attacked a caravan of travelers that that was passing through the wildernesses of Endregaad en route to the planet's Temple Valley region. (Read more…)

This week's other featured article: Nink

February 17 (Week 8), 2014Coh Veshiv and Lux Bonteri

Coh Veshiv
Coh Veshiv was a Human male Imperial Advisor who oversaw the Bormea and Darpa sectors, as well as the Ringali Shell, by 0 BBY. A former senator, Veshiv was a master at discovering hidden secrets and blackmailing people, and used his talent to rise through the ranks of the Galactic Empire until he was part of Emperor Palpatine's Inner Circle. In 0 BBY, Veshiv was sent from the planet Coruscant on a tour of the sectors he oversaw on the CR90 corvette Empire Forever after he irritated Palpatine. In 0 ABY, around three months after the start of his tour, Veshiv was kidnapped by the Alliance to Restore the Republic–allied privateering crew of the former Imperial EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Far Orbit. Prior to Veshiv's departure from the planet Esseles, the crew of the Far Orbit convinced him to board the frigate under the false pretense of being an Imperial vessel. Veshiv was then handed over the Alliance. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Lux Bonteri


Lux Bonteri was a Human male politician and rebel fighter from Onderon during the Clone Wars. Originally loyal to the Galactic Republic, Bonteri's family sided with the Confederacy of Independent Systems when Onderon seceded at the war's outset. They moved to the Separatist capital of Raxus after Bonteri's mother, Mina Bonteri, became the senator of Onderon in the Separatist Parliament. Reaching adolescence in a time of war, the idealistic Bonteri hoped, like his mother, for a peaceful resolution to the conflict, though he came to hate the Republic after the death of his father, an officer in the Confederate military, at the hands of clone troopers from the Grand Army of the Republic. Over a year into the war, Bonteri was forced to rethink his views on the Republic and the Jedi Order after meeting a Jedi, Padawan Ahsoka Tano, for the first time. Yet he thereafter lost his mother due to the machinations of Count Dooku, who ordered her death to terminate a peace proposal that she had introduced. Bonteri briefly represented Onderon in the Parliament in his mother's place, but he soon withdrew to seek justice for her assassination.

Renouncing his Confederate ties, the orphaned Bonteri fell in with the Death Watch, a Mandalorian splinter group that shared his desire to kill Dooku. While working to determine Dooku's location for the Death Watch, Bonteri inadvertently involved Tano in his search for justice, which took them from a peace conference on Mandalore to the Death Watch's camp on Carlac. Despite Tano's allegations about the dishonorable conduct of the Death Watch, Bonteri refused to believe her claims until the group's leader, Pre Vizsla, had his charges raze an entire township of Ming Po before his very eyes. Bonteri ceased his involvement with the Death Watch and escaped from Carlac with Tano; though they parted ways, he promised they would meet again soon. Such was the case around 20 BBY, when Tano came to serve as an advisor for the group of rebels that Bonteri had joined to liberate Onderon from King Sanjay Rash's Separatist-backed regime. Coordinating their grass-roots insurgency with rebel leaders Saw and Steela Gerrera, Bonteri worked to free his homeworld by restoring the deposed King Ramsis Dendup to the throne.

After Bonteri and Saw petitioned the Jedi High Council for help, the Republic armed them against King Rash, and Tano was sent—alongside Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi and Clone Captain Rex—to train the rebel soldiers. After her comrades departed, Tano stayed to aid the rebels, working with Bonteri and his associates to retake the capital city Iziz. On Bonteri's suggestion to win them the support of the civilian populace, the rebels targeted Iziz's main power generator, striking a critical blow to Rash's forces while further becoming public symbols for freedom. Once they rescued Ramsis Dendup from being executed by Rash, Bonteri and his colleagues withdrew from Iziz, making a stand against the Separatist Droid Army in the eastern highlands. Bonteri grew close to Steela and nursed a brief romance with her, but though they won out over Rash's battle droid army, Steela was killed in the fighting. With Onderon's independence restored, Bonteri, having been re-appointed by the reinstated King Dendup as the senator of Onderon, decided to join the Galactic Senate and bring Onderon back into the Republic. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Coh Veshiv

February 24 (Week 9), 2014Neshtovar and Moorint

The Neshtovar were, in the years before the Great Hyperspace War, the ruling council of the isolated planet Kesh. Renowned as riders of the native avian uvak beast, the Neshtovar held a position of aristocracy on Kesh's continent Keshtah Minor. Along with being the region's political leaders, police force, and foremost religious authority, the Neshtovar also served as a communication system for the region, utilizing their uvak to surmount natural obstacles so that they could bring news to the furthest corners of Keshtah's far-flung landscape. In 5000 BBY, the Neshtovari High Councilor was the venerable Izri Dazh. That year, he led a public inquest into geologist Adari Vaal's teachings on Kesh's formation, which he considered heretical. After Vaal's home was besieged by angry mobs, she fled into the mountains, where she stumbled across a group of crash-landed Sith. The newcomers posed as the Skyborn gods, and Dazh and the Neshtovar fell for their charade, ceding control of their society to them. Unfortunately for the Neshtovar, in 4985 BBY their uvak were taken away by the new Lost Tribe of Sith, leading many Neshtovar to join a Keshiri resistance, led by Vaal, dedicated to overthrowing Sith rule. However, their plans were unsuccessful, and the Sith regime continued on. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Moorint

Moorint was a male Twi'lek who served as the Scout Chief for the Pilgrims of Kalikori village on the planet Tython, during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. A skilled tracker, Moorint served as the lieutenant of Matriarch Sumari during the conflict with the native Flesh Raiders of Tython. When Sumari died from illness, he served Sumari's daughter, Ranna Tao'Ven, faithfully until approached by the Dark Jedi Bengel Morr, who was controlling the Flesh Raiders, with an offer of peace. After capturing the Jedi Master Orgus Din and delivering the Human to Morr's clutches as part of their agreement, Moorint and the villagers failed in their attempt to capture Din's apprentice but were forgiven by the Jedi. Moorint and his people continued to live on Tython alongside the Jedi Order as the galaxy erupted into renewed war. (Read more…)
This week's other featured article: Neshtovar

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