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August 31 (Week 36), 2015Lesim and Arno (stormtrooper)Edit

Lesim was an Imperial Army major during the Galactic Civil War. Stationed aboard an All Terrain Armored Transport that was patrolling the Forest Moon of Endor in 4 ABY, Lesim encountered Rebel Alliance Commander Luke Skywalker, who surrendered himself to the major and his stormtroopers with the request to be delivered to the Dark Lord Darth Vader on the moon. Believing he would earn a promotion to general for capturing the famous Rebel, Lesim hoped to have a hologram taken with Skywalker before bringing him to Vader. (Read more…)
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Arno was a Human male stormtrooper who was stationed aboard an All Terrain Armored Transport on the Forest Moon of Endor in 4 ABY. That year, during the early stages of the Battle of Endor, Arno was among the stormtroopers to whom Rebel Alliance Commander Luke Skywalker surrendered with the request to be brought before their commanding officer, Major Lesim. Arno and his companions delivered Skywalker to Lesim, and their captive requested them to bring him to the Dark Lord Darth Vader on the moon. (Read more…)
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September 7 (Week 37), 2015Mulako Corporation Primordial Water Quarry and VoroosEdit

The Mulako Corporation Primordial Water Quarry, also known as Mulako Corporation Quarry, Mulako Corporation comet, MC Quarry, and Mulako quarry, was a comet that orbited its star once every hundred years. For the greater part of this period, the Mulako Corporation mined ice on the comet's surface, extracting pure water from it and selling it to gourmets. When the Mulako Corporation Quarry approached its perihelion and became habitable as a result, the company opened luxurious resorts on the comet for a few months, and tourists visited the warm and humid facilities, with several tourist attractions being available both inside and on the surface.

In the year 12 ABY, Human Jedi Luke Skywalker and Callista Ming visited the Mulako Corporation Quarry in hopes of restoring Ming's lost connection to the Force. The Jedi stayed for a while at one of the resort facilities, where they were discreetly observed by the Hutt Randa Besadii Diori before leaving the comet to continue their efforts elsewhere. (Read more…)
This week's other Good article: Voroos

Voroos were a non-sentient, reptilian species of stationary predator that were found throughout the galaxy. Due to a lack of limbs, they could not chase prey, instead relying on camouflage and the use of their strong tongues to capture prey and pull it into their large mouths. Zoologists believed that the palak species of beetles were involved in voroos' reproduction, but the subject was poorly understood. (Read more…)
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September 14 (Week 38), 2015Unidentified Rebel commander and Bug One (droid)Edit

A Human male served with the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, commanding a GR-75 medium transport as part of the main Alliance Fleet. Following the Battle of Hoth in 3 ABY, the fleet regrouped at the Rebellion's deep-space rendezvous point beyond the Galactic Rim, where its secret location was soon discovered by an Imperial Strike cruiser. The Rebel commander directed the fleet's subsequent attack on the encroaching Imperial vessel, helping to destroy the Strike cruiser before it could relay the fleet's position. With the Rebels' secrecy nonetheless compromised, the commander altered the fleet's course back toward the galactic plane. (Read more…)
This week's other Good article: Bug One (droid)

Bug One was a YVH-Series bugcruncher battle droid that fought for the New Jedi Order during the Dark Nest Crisis. Along with three other bugcrunchers, Bug One accompanied Captain Han Solo of the starship Millennium Falcon and a team of Jedi to the moon of Kr on a mission to rescue Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and his wife, Mara Jade Skywalker, from the Killiks of the Gorog nest. In the zero-gravity conditions of the ethmane corridors on Kr, Bug One fought swarms of the Gorog Killiks until he was disabled by a barrage of electrobolt fire as the team made its way to aid the Skywalkers. (Read more…)
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September 21 (Week 39), 2015Mayth Duvel and Unidentified red giantEdit

Mayth Duvel was a Black Sun sublieutenant during the Galactic Civil War. He was among the few loyal underlings of Dark Prince Xizor, Underlord of Black Sun, who could claim the privilege to visit Xizor within his personal sanctum on the planet Coruscant. Duvel met with Xizor in 3.5 ABY while bearing a petition on behalf of the criminal Nezriti Organization, which requested an alliance with Black Sun. (Read more…)
This week's other Good article: Unidentified red giant

A red giant star orbited close to a white dwarf in the Gardaji Rift, a part of the Outer Rim Territories region of the galaxy. Plasma from the red giant was pulled toward the white dwarf and then flung outward in a glowing spiral of red and purple gas, which resembled a large pinwheel and provided an impressive source of illumination in the skies of the planet Zonama Sekot. (Read more…)
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September 28 (Week 40), 2015Serias and PorgEdit

Serias was a planet located within the Serianan system in the Wild Space region of the galaxy. The lone inhabited world in the star system, Serias was theorized by the New Republic Scout Service captain Korren Starchaser to be the home of a sentient humanoid species. Upon exploring the Serianan system, Starchaser's scouting team only gave the planet a cursory inspection without making any contact with the local civilization due to the already amassed information from the nearby Serianan Belt of asteroids. (Read more…)
This week's other Good article: Porg

Porg Headshot
Porg was a Trandoshan male bounty hunter who was active during the time of the New Republic. In 5 ABY, the droid information broker 8t88 hired Porg as an extra hand to kill the former Rebel Alliance agent Kyle Katarn if Katarn managed to escape death at the hands of other hirelings at the Rimmer's Rest cantina, located on the moon Nar Shaddaa. Indeed, Katarn evaded 8t88's hirelings in the bar and, after blowing off one of 8t88's arms, ran into the sewers, where he encountered Porg and an Aqualish bounty hunter. Porg attacked Katarn with a vibro-ax but was quickly incapacitated. When the Trandoshan tried to attack again, he inadvertently moved into the crossfire between Katarn and the Aqualish and was simultaneously gunned down by both combatants. (Read more…)
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October 5 (Week 41), 2015Adriana and ChurrumaEdit

Tatoo system
Adriana was a gas giant planet that was located within the Tatoo system of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories region. The planet was orbited by several rings consisting of ice. That ice was often mined and transported to the nearby desert world of Tatooine, for which it was the most important source of water. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, the Human Garouf Lafoe was importing ice from Adriana's rings and selling it to Tatooine's inhabitants. (Read more…)
This week's other Good article: Churruma

Churruma was a planet with deposits of valuable metals that was located within the Velcar sector of the Outer Rim Territories. During the Galactic Civil War, the Galactic Empire mined Churruma's metals and captured the shaman Chrech Estha, a respected leader of the planet's natives who possessed a carved stick that served as a powerful political and religious symbol on his homeworld. The return of Estha and the stick to Churruma sparked a rebellion that ended the Empire's presence on the planet. (Read more…)
This week's other Good article: Adriana

October 12 (Week 42), 2015Sunfruit and PashviEdit

Sunfruit was a wild and sweet tropical fruit that was found on the planet Corellia. It was used to garnish or enhance dessert dishes, such as Corellian fried ice cream, and could also be converted into a liqueur or marinade. During the Galactic Civil War, the prisoner population of the Imperial penal world of Despayre regarded sunfruit as a commodity. Imperial Governor Carmal of the planet Lavisar also enjoyed sunfruit liqueur. (Read more…)
This week's other Good article: Pashvi

Pashvi was a planet that was located on the edge of Wild Space and had thousands of rock pillars scattered across its landscape. Both nutritional plants and dangerous predatory avians could be found on the tops of the pillars. As a result, the native Pashvi, a sentient humanoid species, were both drawn to and afraid of the pillars, and had a distanced emotional state. The Pashvi also created works of art that were sought after in the Corporate Sector, and the Human smuggler Dubrak Qennto had visited the world a few times by the year 27 BBY. (Read more…)
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October 19 (Week 43), 2015Hoff (Colby Hoff's son) and Second GAEdit

Hoff was the Human son of Colby Hoff, a former business competitor of Black Sun crime lord Prince Xizor. Colby fell into ruin and then committed suicide after failing to outsmart his rival, leading the younger Hoff to blame Xizor for his father's murder. In retaliation and with the help of Darth Vader, who also sought Xizor's destruction, Hoff ambushed the Black Sun leader inside a protected corridor on the planet Coruscant. Although larger and more powerfully built, the enraged Hoff could not kill Xizor, who easily defeated the would-be assassin and snapped his neck. Xizor suspected Vader's hand in the ambush but never learned who had granted Hoff access to the secure corridor. (Read more…)
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