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January 1, 2014Attack on an Imperial outpostEdit

During the later years of the Great Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, a squad of troopers from the Republic Military attacked an Imperial outpost in order to rescue prisoners of war. However, the squad's intelligence about the enemy numbers was incorrect, and Sergeant Fideltin Rusk was forced to lead his unit in a fight against a numerically superior opponent. Despite the odds, the squad successfully rescued the prisoners and escaped with no casualties. (Read more…)

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January 2, 2014Fourth battle of SuurjaEdit

During the Mandalorian Wars in 3964 BBY, a battle occurred at the Outer Rim world of Suurja between the Galactic Republic and the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. As the Mandalorians advanced toward the Core Worlds, Republic Navy Captain Saul Karath attempted to halt their advance at the Jebble-Vanquo-Tarnith line, where Suurja was located. Three previous clashes at Suurja within the last six weeks were inconclusive—in a similar fashion, the battle also ended without a clear victor. Afterward, both sides retired from the Suurja system. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Attack on an Imperial outpostNemen UllUnidentified stormtrooper (Central Core Shaft)

January 3, 2014Cantebarius H. BroomEdit


Professor Cantebarius H. Broom was a Human male who worked as a scientist in the early years of the Galactic Empire. At the time, Broom would trap droids in his laboratory and experiment on them before turning them into scrap. Around 15 BBY, the scientist captured C-3PO, a protocol unit belonging to Jann Tosh, with the intent to deactivate him and use him for experimentation. The professor's plans, however, were foiled when the droid's master and the astromech R2-D2 intervened. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Fourth battle of SuurjaAttack on an Imperial outpostNemen Ull

January 4, 2014RutuEdit

Rutu was a male Ho'Din from Moltok and an officer of the Republic Navy. Following the surprise assaults against the Galactic Republic by Mandalorian forces in 3963 BBY, Rutu was promoted to the rank of lieutenant. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Cantebarius H. BroomFourth battle of SuurjaAttack on an Imperial outpost

January 5, 2014CorjainEdit


The planet Corjain was located within the system of the same name in the Kathol sector of the Outer Rim Territories, just off the Trition Trade Route. Barely habitable, the planet supported a large mining industry, with all settlements located deep underground. During the Galactic Civil War, the planet was also the location of a secret outpost maintained by the Bothan Spynet. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: RutuCantebarius H. BroomFourth battle of Suurja

January 6, 2014Cei VooktoEdit

Cei Vookto was a Duros male Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. He trained two Padawans, including the Human Dama Montalvo. Three months into the war, Vookto was dispatched to the planet Lianna to defend a Sienar Fleet Systems starfighter facility from the Separatists. He was slain during the ensuing battle when he sacrificed himself so that the soldiers under his command could survive a Separatist attack. After the Republic won the battle, Vookto's body was given a funeral pyre on Lianna, which was attended by Montalvo and several Jedi Masters, including Yoda and Mace Windu. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: CorjainRutuCantebarius H. Broom

January 7, 2014Bruu Jun-FanEdit

Bruu Jun-Fan

Bruu Jun-Fan was a Human male Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. Around 20 BBY, Jun-Fan was selected to participate in a task force with the objective of tracking down the Sith Lord Darth Maul—who was believed to have been slain by Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Battle of Naboo twelve years earlier—and his brother, Sith apprentice Savage Opress. Jun-Fan and the task force traced the Zabrak brothers to the planet Yellowblade's Landing and confronted them, though Maul and Opress managed to escape. During the skirmish, both Jun-Fan's Padawan, Tatsu, and Kenobi were injured, causing Jun-Fan and the remaining Jedi to pursue the Sith. Jun-Fan, Plo Koon, and Jedi Master Ko Solok confronted Maul and Opress on the world Pleem's Nexus, with Jun-Fan combating Maul himself. He was injured by one of Maul's cybernetic legs, and succumbed to the injuries dealt to him by the Zabrak after the brothers escaped. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Cei VooktoCorjainRutu

January 8, 2014Caf TreblancEdit


Caf Treblanc was a Human male who held the rank of chief in the Alliance to Restore the Republic by 0 BBY. That year, the Alliance successfully destroyed the Galactic Empire's DS-1 Orbital Battle Station superweapon near the moon Yavin 4. Following the battle, Treblanc was present in the Royal Award Ceremony held in the Alliance's base on Yavin 4 honoring Luke Skywalker and other heroes of the battle. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Bruu Jun-FanCei VooktoCorjain

January 9, 2014Skirmish in Dramath the Second's tombEdit

A skirmish took place in 3954 BBY inside Dramath the Second's tomb on the Outer Rim planet Rekkiad. Jedi Master Revan, accompanied by the Mandalorian Canderous Ordo, had been led to the tomb by Revan's memories—of him previously discovering the tomb—revealing the location of the Mask of Mandalore. While in the tomb, Canderous's wife, Veela, and five other Mandalorians ambushed Revan and Canderous, confronting them on Revan's identity and how Veela believed that her husband should lead Clan Ordo. When Canderous refused to join Veela, they engaged in a firefight that ended with the deaths of Veela and the five Mandalorians with her. The day after the skirmish, Revan told Canderous the truth about how the Mandalorian Wars really began, and how the hidden Sith Empire was behind the invasion of the Galactic Republic. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Caf TreblancBruu Jun-FanCei Vookto

January 10, 2014Scourge (Victory I-class Star Destroyer)Edit

The Scourge was an Imperial Victory I-class Star Destroyer that was active and well known in the Darpa sector of the Core Worlds by 0 ABY. Manufactured by Rendili StarDrive, the Scourge was 900 meters in length. Commanded by Vice Admiral Alpiett Gredge, the vessel patrolled the area around the planet Ralltiir, and regularly inspected the sector's two military space stations, Station 2LC/Blue and Station 1B6/Green. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Skirmish in Dramath the Second's tombCaf TreblancBruu Jun-Fan

January 11, 2014Rokak'kEdit

Master Rokak'k was a male Gree who commanded the Rokak'k Baran, a transport ship that ferried information, goods, and beings around the various worlds of the Gree Enclave. Due to his position, he was considered to be one of the most influential masters of his time, and dedicated himself to ensuring that the Baran maintained its schedule as it traveled around its circuit. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Scourge (Victory I-class Star Destroyer)Skirmish in Dramath the Second's tombCaf Treblanc

January 12, 2014Turland HackEdit


Turland Hack, known as "Hack," was a male Human lieutenant in the Alliance to Restore the Republic early in the Galactic Civil War. After he failed to become a starfighter pilot, Hack took a role in communications and tactical assistance at the Alliance's Anchorhead Base on Tatooine. There, he helped to train other Rebel pilots, including Rookie One. Shortly after the Battle of Toprawa, Imperial forces under the command of Darth Vader traveled to Tatooine in search of the stolen plans to their Death Star battlestation. Hack was killed during a subsequent attack on Anchorhead Base, when Imperial TIE/LN starfighters destroyed the command center in which he was working. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Rokak'kScourge (Victory I-class Star Destroyer)Skirmish in Dramath the Second's tomb

January 13, 2014XorEdit


Xor was a Twi'lek male Mandalorian slaver who fought in the Battle of Cathar prior to the Mandalorian Wars, participating in the speciecide of the Cathar people. When the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders invaded the planet Taris twenty years later, Xor murdered a Cathar male and eventually found the Cathar's daughter, Juhani, on the auction blocks on Taris. However, Jedi forces liberated Taris before the Twi'lek could purchase her. In 3956 BBY, during the Jedi Civil War, Xor encountered Juhani—who was now a Jedi—as she was assisting the Jedi Padawan Revan during his search for the Star Forge, a Rakatan space station fueling the Sith Empire's war effort against the Galactic Republic. Shortly after that meeting, Xor and two henchmen ambushed Juhani and Revan near the latter's starship Ebon Hawk. The two Jedi defeated Xor and his allies, and the injured Twi'lek unsuccessfully attempted to goad Juhani into murdering him before he succumbed to the injuries dealt to him by Revan and the Cathar. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Turland HackRokak'kScourge (Victory I-class Star Destroyer)

January 14, 20143D-4 administrative droidEdit

The 3D-4 administrative droid, also known as the 3D-4 protocol droid, was a third-degree droid produced by Genetech Corporation sometime before the Yuuzhan Vong War. Designed to compete in the protocol droid market dominated by Cybot Galactica's 3PO-series, the 3D-4 sacrificed diplomatic protocols to focus solely on business administration. The droid was used mainly by businessbeings and ambassadors, and served as a basic negotiator and translator. Although stock models were unarmed, the 3D-4 was capable of being refitted with a concealed hold-out blaster in case of trouble. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: XorTurland HackRokak'k

January 15, 2014Contract of the Common Ownership AgreementEdit

The Contract of the Common Ownership Agreement was a document signed in 45-x-920p by partners Lilac Nani, Medypsh, Oeklass and Zot Effervescence of the law firm Nani, Medypsh, Effervesence, & Oeklass. It appertained to multi-use property on the planet Mistar-5, setting provisions to ensure that property was not stolen by any one of the partners, while also stipulating legal consequences that should be put in motion in case of breach of contract. Oeklass once violated this agreement when he stole a boat, prompting his fellow co-workers to draft a cease and desist letter addressed to him. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: 3D-4 administrative droidXorTurland Hack

January 16, 2014Skirmish on RekkiadEdit

In 3954 BBY, a skirmish took place on the planet Rekkiad between the Mandalorian clans Ordo and Jendri. During the search for Mandalore's Mask, Clan Ordo invaded Clan Jendri's territory, and in retaliation some Jendri soldiers and four of their Basilisk war droid pilots attacked Ordo's campsite, attempting to keep Clan Ordo away from their Basilisks. The Jedi Master Revan—who joined Clan Ordo with Mandalorian mercenary Canderous Ordo during the search—created a distraction to cover six of Clan Ordo's pilots long enough so they could reach and mount their semi-sentient machines. Once in the air, Ordo's Basiliks outnumbered the remaining Jendri pilots, and the surviving Jendri troops fled the battlefield. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Contract of the Common Ownership Agreement3D-4 administrative droidXor

January 17, 2014Unidentified Clan Jendri pilotEdit

A Mandalorian male was a member of Clan Jendri and a Basilisk war droid pilot. In 3954 BBY, along with the remaining Mandalorian clans that had survived the Mandalorian Wars with the Galactic Republic, he joined his own clan in the search for the ancient ceremonial war mask known as Mandalore's Mask on the planet Rekkiad. During the search, Clan Ordo invaded Jendri's territory one night, and in retaliation the pilot and his clan attacked Clan Ordo's campsite. During the battle, his Basilisk was damaged by the Jedi Master Revan, and he was killed by the Jedi. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Skirmish on Rekkiad - Contract of the Common Ownership Agreement - 3D-4 administrative droid

January 18, 2014Teelo VangEdit

Teelo Vang was a native of Coruscant and an officer of the Republic Navy. Following the surprise assaults against the Galactic Republic by Mandalorian forces in 3963 BBY, Vang was promoted to the rank of captain. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Unidentified Clan Jendri pilotSkirmish on RekkiadContract of the Common Ownership Agreement

January 19, 2014Owen DelstarEdit

Owen Delstar was a native of Coruscant and an officer of the Republic Navy. Following the surprise assaults against the Galactic Republic by Mandalorian forces in 3963 BBY, Delstar was promoted to the rank of commander. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Teelo Vang - Unidentified Clan Jendri pilot - Skirmish on Rekkiad

January 20, 2014Nemrileo irm-DrocubacEdit

Nemrileo irm-Drocubac was a male Tanjayan senator who represented the planet Tanjay IV in the Republic Senate on Coruscant during the Separatist Crisis. irm-Drocubac had a family which included a wife and two children. In 22 BBY, the Senator was involved in Commerce Guild Presidente Shu Mai's plot to have the planet Ansion secede from the Galactic Republic. His involvement in the plot led to him being murdered by agents loyal to the Separatist movement, who sabotaged a delivery vehicle, causing it to crash with his aircar, though the crash was later blamed on equipment failure. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Owen DelstarTeelo VangUnidentified Clan Jendri pilot

January 21, 2014Skirmish between the Borokii and the JanuulEdit

In 22 BBY, during a diplomatic mission to the planet Ansion undertaken by several members of the Jedi Order, a skirmish took place in the plains on Ansion between the Situng Borokii and the Hovsgol Januul, two Alwari overclans. Four JediMaster Luminara Unduli, Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and their Padawans Barriss Offee and Anakin Skywalker—were dispatched to Ansion to ensure it remained in the Republic. After finding the Situng Borokii, the Jedi agreed to help them deal with their traditional enemies, the Hovsgol Januul overclan. After both the Borokii and Januul armies had assembled outside the Januul camp, Kenobi attempted to get both sides to sit down and talk, though this failed and fighting broke out. During the skirmish, which lasted around ten minutes, the Jedi fought both sides. Once both sides realized the Jedi had destroyed their finest weapons while avoiding killing anyone, both sides ceased their assaults and agreed to hear the Jedi out. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Nemrileo irm-DrocubacOwen DelstarTeelo Vang

January 22, 2014Bavos-I heavy-duty military space platformEdit

The Bavos-I heavy-duty military space platform was a type of space station that was designed by Rendili StarDrive and utilized by the Galactic Empire by 0 ABY. Measuring 1,300 meters in length and crewed by a total of 800 personnel, the Bavos-I was outfitted with an armament of turbolaser cannons and a concussion missile bank. Station 2LC/Blue, an Imperial borderpost station in the Core Worlds's Ringali Shell, was a Bavos-I military space platform. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Skirmish between the Borokii and the JanuulNemrileo irm-DrocubacOwen Delstar

January 23, 2014Vento system shipyardsEdit

The Vento system shipyards, also known as the Vento shipyards, were ancient shipyards that were located within the Vento system of the galaxy's Core Worlds region and lay on the super-hyperroute known as the Perlemian Trade Route. The shipyards were used by the Galactic Republic during the Great Sith War—a conflict waged by the forces of the Sith sect against the Republic—and came under a Sith attack during their first offensive wave.

During the final stages of the war, the Human Sith Lord Ulic Qel-Droma attempted to force a Republic military officer to transmit orders to the Republic fleet instructing all the fleet's starships to arrive at the coordinates of the Vento system shipyards—an action that would cause the destruction of many Republic vessels. Qel-Droma's orders were not executed, however, due to the Sith Lord being arrested by a group of Jedi Knights. The Vento shipyards were still in existence by the time of later conflicts such as the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Bavos-I heavy-duty military space platformSkirmish between the Borokii and the JanuulNemrileo irm-Drocubac

January 24, 2014Hocekureem SeaEdit

The Hocekureem Sea was a saltwater ocean on the Mid Rim planet Falleen. Sometimes referred to as just Hocekureem, it was most well known as the natural habitat of the fleek eel, renowned as a delicacy across the galaxy. The ocean's salt was also sometimes used as a seasoning in salads. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Vento system shipyardsBavos-I heavy-duty military space platformSkirmish between the Borokii and the Januul

January 25, 2014Bask ModlEdit

Bask Modl was a male native of Bestine IV and an officer of the Republic Navy. Following the surprise assaults against the Galactic Republic by Mandalorian forces in 3963 BBY, he was promoted to the rank of captain for his heroics. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Hocekureem SeaVento system shipyardsBavos-I heavy-duty military space platform

January 26, 2014Toile SennEdit

Toile Senn was a male Rodian Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order who served in the time after the Yuuzhan Vong War. In 40 ABY, when the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances discovered the rebellious Corellian government was secretly building a fleet, Senn was one of the Jedi sent on the mission to bring Corellia in line—Operation Roundabout. He was assigned to Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker's Hardpoint Squadron, and flew an XJ6 X-wing in the Jedi-only unit. As the squadron was attempting to extract other Jedi teams who were on Corellia as part of the operation, Hardpoint Squadron was assaulted by a ground-based anti-starfighter barrage. Senn's snubfighter was heavily damaged, forcing him to eject into a nearby explosion, ending the Rodian's life. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Bask ModlHocekureem SeaVento system shipyards

January 27, 2014Honor duel on HapesEdit

In 25 ABY, Prince Isolder and Archon Beed Thane participated in an honor duel. The duel occurred after Ambassador Leia Organa Solo traveled to Hapes to enlist the help of the Hapes Consortium in the Yuuzhan Vong War. Thane, who was opposed to the Consortium becoming involved in the war, insulted Organa Solo and Isolder's Jedi daughter, Tenel Ka Djo. Isolder, a friend of the Ambassador, responded by slapping Thane across the face, initiating a Hapan honor duel with him. The duel was held shortly thereafter, with the contestants using an ancient form of hand-to-hand combat. Isolder won the duel after the referee called a sudden death round. As a result, the Hapes Consortium decided to enter the war against the extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong invaders. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Toile SennBask ModlHocekureem Sea

January 28, 2014Duron VeertagEdit


Duron Veertag was a Human male who served as a major in the Alliance to Restore the Republic by 0 BBY. That year, after the Alliance destroyed the Galactic Empire's DS-1 Orbital Battle Station superweapon during the Battle of Yavin, Veertag was present during a ceremony honoring Luke Skywalker and other heroes of the battle. In 3 ABY, Veertag, by then a general, was stationed in the Alliance's Haven Base on the planet Arbra. Following a battle in which Commander Skywalker shot down Captain Shira Brie, Veertag joined Princess Leia Organa and General Carlist Rieekan in the Triad of Judgement presiding over Skywalker's trial. During the trial evidence proving Brie's Imperial loyalties was retroactively discovered, and Skywalker was acquitted and reinstated as Commander. In 5 ABY, Veertag landed New Republic forces on the planet Milagro for a three-month conflict with the goal of overtaking the planet's manufacturing facilities. The battle resulted in an Imperial retreat and bombardment of the planet's surface to prevent the Republic forces from using Milagro's facilities. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Honor duel on HapesToile SennBask Modl

January 29, 2014MuzEdit

Muz the Fence

Muz, also known as "Muz the Fence," was a Muun male who owned a shop on the planet Tatooine in 137 ABY. As a black marketeer, he fenced stolen goods and supplies. The former Jedi and bounty hunter Cade Skywalker sold five shipments of contraband to Muz before Vigo Lun Rask, a leader in the Black Sun criminal organization, asked the Muun to find out who was preventing them from acquiring contraband from Imperial shipping vessels. After purchasing a shipment of blasters from Skywalker, Muz informed Rask that the bounty hunter was the one hindering their operations by taking the contraband they wished to acquire. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Duron VeertagHonor duel on HapesToile Senn

January 30, 2014Catronus SteffansEdit

Catronus Steffans was the Galactic Republic Defense Ministry Director for Public Information during the Mandalorian Wars. As such, he gave public comments on various subjects regarding the war with the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders, along with receiving daily briefs on various subjects concerning the war. Steffans was often quoted in news sources such as the Taris Holofeed and The Admiral's List. During the first couple years of the war, Steffans issued statements and gave news conferences on several important events. Steffans was quoted in the Taris Holofeed after the early stalemate on the Outer Rim world of Suurja, and after the war progressed beyond the Jebble-Vanquo-Tarnith line and to the highly-populated planet Taris, Steffans gave a press conference during a Mandalorian siege. After the Mandalorians devastated the Republic planet Serroco with nuclear bombs, he furiously decried the "horrific crime" and called Mandalore the Ultimate himself an "abomination." (Read more…)

Recently showcased: MuzDuron VeertagHonor duel on Hapes

January 31, 2014Bondara's FollyEdit


Bondara's Folly was a lightsaber crystal which shared a name with Twi'lek male Jedi Master Anoon Bondara. A unique crystal, when used in a lightsaber it caused the blade to give off a light brown color. When tuned by a Force-sensitive, it became a focusing crystal and was only useable in that particular individual's lightsaber. Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, during the Galactic Civil War, a spacer collected various crystal fragments from across the galaxy which the sentient then combined to produce the crystal. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Catronus Steffans - MuzDuron Veertag

February 1, 2014Dias AthacorrEdit

Dias Athacorr was an Arkanian officer of the Republic Navy. Following the surprise assaults against the Galactic Republic by Mandalorian forces in 3963 BBY, Athacorr was promoted to the rank of commander. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Bondara's Folly - Catronus Steffans - Muz

February 2, 2014JerritEdit

Jerrit was a male Mon Calamari from Dac and an officer of the Republic Navy. Following the surprise assaults against the Galactic Republic by Mandalorian forces in 3963 BBY, Jerrit was promoted to the rank of lieutenant for his heroic efforts. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Dias Athacorr - Bondara's Folly - Catronus Steffans

February 3, 2014Suudaa Nem'ro's diseaseEdit

During the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, the Hutt Suudaa Nem'ro became infected with a disease that slowly dissolved his biological tissue. Nem'ro was cured by the xenopathologist Archiban Kimble, who had studied the disease while in medical school and was able to develop a treatment using the chemicals ardanium, accellerite, and cyanogen silicate. However, the Houk bounty hunter Skadge killed Nem'ro before reporters from the Journal of Xenomedicine could verify Doc's achievement. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: JerritDias AthacorrBondara's Folly

February 4, 2014UlmatraEdit


Ulmatra was a trade planet that was located within the star system of the same name. It was a part of the galaxy's Hutt Space region and lay on the intersection of the hyperlanes called the Pabol Sleheyron and The Dead Road. During the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire in the year 3641 BBY, Ulmatra housed hundreds of corporations that were suspected of money laundering. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Suudaa Nem'ro's diseaseJerritDias Athacorr

February 5, 2014SuurjaEdit


Suurja was an agrarian planet with a breathable atmosphere that was located within the Suurja system of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories region and harbored both a native species called Suurjans and a colonist population of 16 million. By the year 3966 BBY, Suurja served as a resource world for the nearby city-covered planet of Taris.

During the early phase of the conflict between the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders and the Galactic Republic, both sides engaged in four devastating yet inconclusive battles on Suurja that made many of the world's inhabitants refugees. In 3964 BBY, the Mandalorians captured a large group of Jedi crusaders on Suurja's surface and took them to the Flashpoint Stellar Research Station as experimental subjects for the Mandalorian scientist Demagol. Millennia later, the region of space surrounding Suurja changed ownership between various governments such as the Galactic Empire's successor states and the New Republic. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Ulmatra - Suudaa Nem'ro's diseaseJerrit

February 6, 2014Nal KoskaEdit

Ytoub tor

Nal Koska was a terrestrial planet that occupied the second orbital position within the Y'Toub system of the galaxy's Hutt Space region. The planet lay on the junction of four hyperlanes called the Oktos Route, the Ootmian Pabol, the Pabol Hutta, and the Shag Pabol. During the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire in the year 3642 BBY, an Imperial Intelligence agent was willing to defect to the Republic on Nal Koska. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: SuurjaUlmatraSuudaa Nem'ro's disease

February 7, 2014Cassa HunEdit

Cassa Hun

Cassa Hun was a male Twi'lek Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic during the Cold War with the Sith Empire. During his time on the Republic Navy staging area of Carrick Station and the Republic capital planet of Coruscant, Hun trained young Jedi Knights to become either Jedi Sentinels or Jedi Guardians. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Nal KoskaSuurjaUlmatra

February 8, 2014Battle of KolaadorEdit


A battle occurred between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic on the planet Kolaador during the Galactic Civil War. The world was home to an Alliance Pilot Training Center as early as 0 BBY, having trained notable pilot Rookie One, who also participated in the defense of the planet. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Cassa HunNal KoskaSuurja

February 9, 2014BearusEdit


Bearus was a humanoid male who served as chairman of the Empress Teta system's Carbonite Guild. Bearus presided over the carbonite smelter that orbited Empress Teta, where he facilitated annual tours of progress that were conducted by Lord and Lady Keto, rulers of the Tetan worlds. Bearus oversaw his last inspection in 3997 BBY, when the children of the Ketos, Aleema and Satal, arrived on station to initiate their political takeover of the Empress Teta system under the guise of their new Sith cult, the Krath. All of the Tetan officials present were killed, and Bearus was among the casualties, having first been overcome by the Krath's Sith magic and then forced into a vat of molten carbonite. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Battle of KolaadorCassa HunNal Koska

February 10, 2014Zovius MenduEdit

Zovius Mendu was an infamous criminal on the planet Taris during the era of the Mandalorian Wars. By 3964 BBY, he had built enough of a reputation to have the Jedi Master Feln personally hunting him. Keen to find a way off Taris, Mendu enlisted local hood Marn Hierogryph to help him escape the planet—Hierogryph arranged to have Mendu shipped to the planet Corellia in an old escape pod disguised to look like a crate of dried dreeka fish. The plan was a success, and Mendu was thought to have disappeared. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: BearusBattle of KolaadorCassa Hun

February 11, 2014MarkerEdit


Markers were structures used and built across the galaxy by multiple races, such as the Gungans of Naboo and the Wookiees of Kashyyyk. They were made up of two forked pieces of wood with a banner stretched between them. Markers were able to serve different purposes, such as highlighting a particular building in a settlement or showing a path to a certain location. In 3000 BBY, the Gungan thief Marsune used markers in his hidden forest base around its animal nursery. At some point between 39 and 36 BBY, markers were used on the moon Alaris Prime during its colonization attempts by both the Wookiees and the Trade Federation. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Zovius MenduBearusBattle of Kolaador

February 12, 2014PiardEdit


Captain Piard was a Human male who served in the Navy of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire during the Second Imperial Civil War. In 137 ABY, Piard's shipping vessel was boarded in the Arkanis sector by Black Sun pirates who demanded his shipment of blasters. Piard and the Imperial officer Guerno were rescued by the former Jedi Cade Skywalker, who used a mind trick to convince them that Black Sun pirates stole the cargo. Skywalker and his companions then took the shipment of blasters for themselves. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: MarkerZovius MenduBearus

February 13, 2014Unidentified Tetan moonEdit

Tetan moon

A red-colored moon orbited the planet of Empress Teta, which was located within the Deep Core region of the galaxy. During their mission to Empress Teta in the year 3997 BBY, the Jedi Knights Cay Qel-Droma and Tott Doneeta hid their starship, the Nebulon Ranger, in the shadow of the moon. Later, Qel-Droma and Doneeta piloted the Nebulon Ranger away from the moon and down to Empress Teta's surface. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: PiardMarkerZovius Mendu

February 14, 2014Galen TorgEdit


Galen Torg was a Human male native of the planet Alderaan, who served as a military officer on his homeworld. By some point surrounding his planet's destruction by the Galactic Empire's DS-1 Orbital Battle Station in 0 BBY, Torg joined the Rebel Alliance, and retained his ceremonial dress uniform during his service. That year, the Alliance managed to destroy the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station in the Yavin system. Torg was selected to serve as a Rebel Honor Guard sentry for the ceremony held to honor the Heroes of Yavin at the Alliance's headquarters on the moon Yavin 4. (Read more…)

Recently showcased: Unidentified Tetan moonPiardMarker

February 15, 2014Gree (planet)Edit


Gree was a planet located within the Gree Enclave, a small region in the Veragi sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It was the homeworld of the Gree species, a race of six-tentacled cephalopods who, despite having an advanced form of technology, allowed their society to fall into ruin when they began prizing an individual's mastery of their advanced devices over improving them or creating new ones. As the Operator caste became more powerful within Gree society, they guarded the secrets of operating and manipulating their devices, sometimes dying before they could pass the knowledge on to their apprentices.

Gree served as the capital of the Enclave and was considered to be the cultural center of Gree society, revered by all members of the species as a sacred place. By the time of the Galactic Empire, Gree had fallen into ruin following the near-collapse of Gree society. Only one major city remained, and the rest of the planet was a virtual wasteland covered in barren plains and abandoned ruins. Little was known of the planet to other species; the Gree restricted visitors to the world, with individuals only being permitted onto the world at the behest of the planetary grand council. (Read more…)

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February 16, 2014Unidentified Imperial captain (asteroid victim)Edit

Dying admiral

A Human male captain served with the Imperial Navy, commanding an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer during the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth in 3 ABY. During the search for the Rebel freighter Millennium Falcon in the Hoth asteroid field, the Captain appeared in holographic form during a conference of twenty Imperial battleship commanders also participating in the search. As the conference, led by the Dark Lord Darth Vader, progressed, the bridge tower of the Captain's Star Destroyer was hit by a massive asteroid, obliterating the ship and killing him. (Read more…)

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February 17, 2014Reef FortressEdit

Reef Fortress

Reef Fortress was the isolated stronghold of the Hapan Royal Family, on a small island in the ocean on the planet Hapes. In 23 ABY, Jedi trainees Tenel Ka, Lowbacca, Jacen Solo, and Jaina Solo stayed at the fortress. While they were there, Ambassador Yfra tried to kill them by sending their wavespeeder into a patch of dangerous carnivorous seaweed. After escaping from the seaweed, the young Jedi saved the Hapan matriarch, Ta'a Chume, from Bartokk assassins sent by the ambassador, thereby foiling Yfra's plot to overthrow the Hapan monarchy. Reef Fortress was also the location of an honor duel between Prince Isolder and Archon Beed Thane in 25 ABY. This duel decided the role of the Hapes Consortium in the war against the extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong. (Read more…)

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February 18, 2014LangoonanEdit

The Langoonans were a sentient species native to the planet Langoona, located within Hutt Space. The species was enslaved by the Hutt species, who favored them until the Langoonans unsuccessfully rebelled. This resulted in the Langoonans being stripped of all technology and almost being driven to extinction, with only small numbers kept alive as prey for Hutt safaris. (Read more…)

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February 19, 2014Search for Mandalore's MaskEdit

In 3954 BBY a search for Mandalore's Mask was a mission undertaken by the surviving Mandalorian clans, leftover from the Mandalorian Wars, gathered on the planet Rekkiad to find the ancient ceremonial war mask, Mandalore's Mask. Jedi Master Revan and Mandalorian mercenary Canderous Ordo journeyed to the planet Rekkiad and joined Clan Ordo in the search. Revan led the clan into Clan Jendri's territory in search of the mask, and narrowed the location down to the one of the Twin Spears, a pair of columns of ice several kilometers tall, with flat plateaus on top. They climbed the spear and when they reached the summit, Revan and Ordo rediscovered and investigated the secret chamber and the tomb of the Sith Lord Dramath the Second, and also found the mask inside Dramath's sarcophagus. (Read more…)

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February 20, 2014Attack on the Shock Drum FacilityEdit

In 3643 BBY, during the Sith Lord Darth Angral's personal war of vengeance against the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order for the death of his son, Tarnis, Angral's apprentice, Lord Praven, attacked the Shock Drum facility on the planet Tatooine with the support of a complement of Imperial soldiers. The facility, which hosted the Republic research team working on the Shock Drum superweapon, was defended by a host of security droids and the Jedi Master Bela Kiwiiks, and Kiwiiks defeated many of the Imperial attackers before Praven engaged her in battle. The Sith pureblood defeated Kiwiiks in their duel and destroyed the remaining security droids before departing the compound with the Shock Drum prototype and an unconscious Kiwiiks as his prisoner. (Read more…)

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February 21, 2014Tal Nami (species)Edit

The Tal Nami were a sentient species from the planet Tal Nami in Hutt Space. They were enslaved by the Hutt species but were renowned for loathing their masters. To survive, members of the species needed to consume both the fruit of the egoa tree and the roots of the capabara plant as part of their regular diet. As the two foods only grew in different regions of the species' homeworld, the Tal Nami developed a rigid honor system for trading. The species became known as avid merchants and haters of those who traded unfairly. (Read more…)

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February 22, 2014Misha VekkianEdit

Misha Vekkian was a Human female who trained as a Jedi Padawan during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. After the formation of the Galactic Empire, she was turned to the dark side by the Inquisitorius, a group of Dark Side Adepts who served as the Empire's Jedi hunters. After undergoing military training, Vekkian joined the Imperial Navy and attained the rank of lieutenant.

When the Alderaanian Resistance, an anti-Imperial group based on Alderaan, sent a task force to wait near Coruscant to rendezvous with agents returning from a mission there, Vekkian was among the Imperial forces sent to destroy the group. She was part of a boarding party that landed on the Alderaanian command ship, the Resurgence, and took up a position in the ship's landing bay along with a squad of Imperial Navy troopers under her command. After witnessing Inquisitor Valin Draco leave the ship with the captured Jedi Master Denia, Vekkian and her squad attacked a group of Alderaanian Resistance fighters. (Read more…)

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February 23, 2014Bettie-Bot VJEdit


One particular droid of the LeisureMech Enterprises BD-3000 luxury droid line, nicknamed "Bettie-Bots," was responsible for a music program on the Grand Army of the Republic broadcast system of the HoloNet during the Clone Wars. The clone troopers at Rishi Station were listening to her show just before they fought for their lives in 22 BBY, at which time she dedicated a song to the Mud-Jumpers of the 224th before being shut off as their commanding officer entered the room. (Read more…)

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