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January 1, 2015Duel at the Czerka mining facilityEdit

Valis blocks Kira

During the Desolator crisis of 3643 BBY, the Sith Valis lured the Jedi Padawan Kira Carsen and her master to an abandoned mining facility in the Outer Rim, forcing a duel between them. Valis was a Child of the Emperor—an agent of the Sith Emperor's will—and, on the orders of his "father," sought to bring the former Child Carsen back into the fold. Believing that they were meeting Admiral Hacklin of the Sith Empire to negotiate his defection, Carsen and her Jedi Knight teacher traveled to the station, but instead found Valis, and he was killed in the fight that followed. As a result of the duel, Carsen revealed her past to both her master and the Jedi Council, giving the Jedi Order concrete evidence about the existence of the Children. (Read more…)

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