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"Nobody expects the Wookieepedian Inquisition."
Mount Sorrow[src]

The Inquisitorius is a panel of Wookieepedians who review, monitor, and improve all aspects of Featured Articles, including Featured article nominations.

Roles of the Inquisitorius

"We is teh evil!"
―The guiding principle of the Inquisitorius[src]

The following are duties of the Inquisitorius:

  1. Review all Featured Article nominations and either A) approve or B) reject them in an Inquisitorius vote, based on the quality and adherence to FA criteria of the article. All FA noms have to be approved by a minimum of 3 Inquisitors (depending on the total number of votes), with no objections from a panel member. Inquisitors should include {{Inqvote}} before their sigs to make vote counting easier. FA noms can be rejected without an Inquisitorius vote if removal of the nomination is requested by the original nominator.
  2. Strike unnecessary or irrelevant objections from the FA nomination page. Inquisitors have the power to strike objections on the Featured Article nomination page provided the objection has been addressed and the original objector has been absent for at least a week after an "objection addressed" comment is left on the FA nom page, but only with a quorum of at least 5 Inquisitors approving the removal of the objection, and less than two opposed. Additionally, FA objections can be struck by the Inquisitorius (as well as by any admin) if they do not fall under one of the rules.
  3. Review and possibly remove FA status from an article. Inquisitors also have the ability to strip an article of FA status, but only with approval of at least 5 Inquisitors and less than 2 opposed.
  4. Review and constructively critique articles brought to them by user request. The Inquisitorius will also accept article submissions of any kind, which will be reviewed for problems and mistakes. The submitter will then be notified with a list of problems needed to be changed. Inquisitors can be contacted individually to request a review via their user talk pages or IRC.
The Inquisitorius theoretically meets every month in the IRC channel to discuss FA removal and other topics. Please see the meeting pages in the Miscellaneous Forums section below to find the actual times and topics. Inquisitors, please make an effort to be at the meetings!


"All your noms are belong to us."
―The Inquisitorius on FANs[src]


* denotes Inquisitors who are also AgriCorps members.


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How to use the Inquisitorius forums

  • FAs under review: This is for current featured articles that are under review by the Inquisitorius. These articles have been put on probation with the concerns listed on each page. Users are welcome to contribute with further concerns, comments, or helping to address the problems listed.
  • FAs in need of review: Anyone can place a featured article they wish to be reviewed here and the Inquisitorius will assess it at the next Inquisitorius meeting. Please be sure to list concerns as to why the article should be reviewed, such as lack of comprehensiveness or citation, etc.
  • Meetings and other official business: These are primarily for members of the Inquisitorius. Non-Inquisitors' votes will not be counted on these forums and irrelevant forums may be deleted. Any miscellaneous questions are better addressed on this page's talk page and all complaints or concerns regarding the Inquisitorius should be addressed here.

Featured articles under review

Inquisitors, please look here for articles and contribute, vote, etc. Former featured articles can be found in the archives.

TopicLast editLast author
Inq/Nala Se (second review)01:04, April 16, 2014Ifindyourlackoffaithdisturbing
Inq/Rush Clovis01:03, April 16, 2014Ifindyourlackoffaithdisturbing
Inq/Mak Plain01:01, April 16, 2014Ifindyourlackoffaithdisturbing
Inq/Phuii01:00, April 16, 2014Ifindyourlackoffaithdisturbing
Inq/Oppo Rancisis (second review)00:59, April 16, 2014Ifindyourlackoffaithdisturbing
Inq/Midi-chlorian (second review)00:57, April 16, 2014Ifindyourlackoffaithdisturbing
Inq/MK-0900:56, April 16, 2014Ifindyourlackoffaithdisturbing
Inq/Aeron Azzameen00:54, April 16, 2014Ifindyourlackoffaithdisturbing
Inq/Ace Azzameen00:53, April 16, 2014Ifindyourlackoffaithdisturbing
Inq/Montross00:50, April 16, 2014Ifindyourlackoffaithdisturbing
Inq/Adas (second review)00:48, April 16, 2014Ifindyourlackoffaithdisturbing
Inq/Lumiya (second review)20:38, April 13, 2014Ifindyourlackoffaithdisturbing

Featured articles in need of review

Suggest articles not up to par in between Inquisitorius meetings.

TopicLast editLast author
Inq/Corla Metonae22:49, May 1, 2013Cade Calrayn
Inq/Zevulon Veers16:27, September 15, 2012Menkooroo
Inq/Daultay Dofine17:12, December 24, 2011Master Jonathan
Inq/Cerea20:05, March 23, 2011Imperators II
Inq/Zam Wesell01:13, January 1, 2011Fiolli
Inq/Flint (review request)23:30, December 29, 2010Master Jonathan
Inq/Daala's FA status04:53, February 28, 2010Fiolli
Inq/Squib (reinstatement)04:52, February 28, 2010Fiolli
Inq/Maximilian Veers04:52, February 28, 2010Fiolli
Inq/Lando Calrissian04:52, February 28, 2010Fiolli
Inq/Jedi Order (second review)04:52, February 28, 2010Fiolli
Inq/Dooku (review request)04:50, February 28, 2010Fiolli

Meetings and other official business

Other Inquisitorius business will be discussed here.

TopicLast editLast author
Inq/Meeting 6201:17, April 16, 2014Ifindyourlackoffaithdisturbing
Inq/Meeting Nineteen00:54, April 15, 2014Cade Calrayn
Inq/Complaints Department22:51, April 13, 2014Cade Calrayn
Inq/INQCON21:19, April 12, 2014JangFett
Inq/Meeting 5504:14, March 28, 2014Toprawa and Ralltiir
Inq/37th Meeting03:19, March 28, 2014Toprawa and Ralltiir
Inq/FA queue checklist00:18, March 27, 2014Master Jonathan
Inq/Meeting 6113:31, March 3, 2014Xd1358
Inq/Redux page22:31, January 26, 2014JangFett
Inq/Meeting 6005:51, January 15, 2014Cade Calrayn
Inq/Meeting Ten20:42, January 3, 2014Alexrd
Inq/Meeting Thirty-nine05:44, November 2, 2013Supreme Emperor
Inq/Meeting XL05:38, November 2, 2013Supreme Emperor
Inq/Meeting 4918:28, October 28, 2013Cade Calrayn
Inq/Meeting Twenty-nine04:50, October 15, 2013Supreme Emperor
Inq/Meeting 5909:48, September 30, 2013Cavalier One
Inq/Meeting Thirty-three03:40, September 29, 2013Supreme Emperor
Inq/Meeting XLIII05:00, September 20, 2013Supreme Emperor
Inq/Meeting 5804:47, August 4, 2013Darth Culator
Inq/Meeting Parte the Thirde05:53, July 30, 2013Supreme Emperor
Inq/FA review table04:46, July 9, 2013Supreme Emperor
Inq/Sixth Convention04:37, July 9, 2013Supreme Emperor
Inq/Meeting Thirty-two13:15, July 7, 2013Supreme Emperor
Inq/Meeting Thirty-one13:07, July 7, 2013Supreme Emperor
Inq/Meeting Forty-Four04:04, July 5, 2013Supreme Emperor
Inq/Meeting No. 415:47, July 4, 2013Supreme Emperor
Inq/Meeting 5717:29, June 2, 2013Toprawa and Ralltiir
Inq/Meeting 4523:21, April 6, 2013Darth Culator
Inq/Meeting 5602:11, March 17, 2013Green tentacle
Inq/Meeting Thirty-eight01:27, February 12, 2013JMAS

Meeting transcripts

Meeting Date Agenda and minutes Log
01 March 3, 2007 Text or PDF
02 March 10, 2007 Meeting Numero Dos Text
03 March 17, 2007 Parte the Thirde Text
04 March 25, 2007 Meeting No. 4 Text
05 March 31, 2007 Meeting Five Text
06 April 7, 2007 Sixth Convention Text
07 April 14, 2007 Meeting Seven Text
08 April 21, 2007 Meeting Eight Text
09 July 7, 2007 Meeting Nine Text
10 July 28, 2007 Meeting Ten Text
11 September 22, 2007 Meeting Eleven Text
12 October 20, 2007 Meeting Twelve Text
13 December 15, 2007 Meeting Thirteen Text
14 January 13, 2008 Meeting Fourteen Text
15 February 23, 2008 Meeting Fifteen Text
16 April 12, 2008 Meeting Sixteen Text
17 May 17, 2008 Meeting Seventeen Text
18 June 27, 2008 Meeting Eighteen Text
19 July 25, 2008 Meeting Nineteen Text
20 September 6, 2008 Meeting Twenty Text
21 October 12, 2008 Meeting Twenty-one Text
22 January 17, 2009 Meeting Twenty-two Text
23 February 21, 2009 Meeting Twenty-three Text
24 April 18, 2009 Meeting Twenty-four Text
25 May 23, 2009 Meeting XXV Text
26 June 20, 2009 Meeting Twenty-six Text
27 August 1, 2009 Meeting Twenty-seven Text
28 September 6, 2009 Meeting Twenty-eight Text
29 October 10, 2009 Meeting Twenty-nine Text
30 December 20, 2009 Meeting XXX Text
31 February 28, 2010 Meeting Thirty-one Text
32 April 24, 2010 Meeting Thirty-two Text
33 June 5, 2010 Meeting XXXIII Text
34 July 10, 2010 Rule Meeting 34 Text
35 August 7, 2010 Meeting XXXV Text
36 September 11, 2010 Meeting 36 Text
37 November 14, 2010 37th Meeting Text
38 December 12, 2010 Meeting Thirty-eight Text
39 January 16, 2011 Meeting Thirty-nine Text
40 February 13, 2011 Meeting Forty Text
41 May 14, 2011 Meeting Forty-One Text
42 June 18, 2011 Meeting XLII Text
43 July 24, 2011 Meeting XLIII Text
44 September 10, 2011 Meeting Forty-Four Text
45 October 23, 2011 Meeting 45 Text
46 November 27, 2011 Meeting 46 Text
47 January 29, 2012 Meeting 47 Text
48 March 4, 2012 Meeting 48 Text
49 April 21, 2012 Meeting 49 Text
50 May 26, 2012 Meeting 50 Text
51 August 5, 2012 Meeting 51 Text
52 September 30, 2012 Meeting 52 Text
53 November 3, 2012 Meeting 53 Text
54 December 15, 2012 Meeting 54 Text
55 February 3, 2013 Meeting 55 Text
56 March 17, 2013 Meeting 56 Text
57 June 2, 2013 Meeting 57 Text
58 July 28, 2013 Meeting 58 Text
59 September 28, 2013 Meeting 59 Text
60 January 12, 2014 Meeting 60 Text
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