[19:05] <@ChackJadson> articles probed from meeting 28
[19:05] <@Toprawa> My keyboard has been experiencing corporate downsizing lately
[19:05] * ChackJadson changes topic to 'The Inquisitorius |'
[19:05] <@Toprawa> Y's are at a premium, damnit
[19:05] <@ChackJadson> Marn is first
[19:05] <@ChackJadson> Hierogryph
[19:05] * Darth_Culator changes topic to 'The Inquisitorius |'
[19:06] <@Darth_Culator> Trim your URLs, dammit.
[19:06] <@ChackJadson> I'm bus here :P
[19:06] <@ChackJadson> *busy
[19:06] <@ChackJadson>
[19:06] <@Toprawa> Nayayen claims to have updated
[19:06] <@ChackJadson> expanded
[19:06] <@Toprawa> I don't know the material, though
[19:06] <@Toprawa> is it sufficient?
[19:06] <@ChackJadson> anyone know KOTOR?
[19:06] * Tommy9281 (n=[redacted]@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[19:06] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Tommy9281
[19:06] <@IFYLOFD> Not me.
[19:06] <@ChackJadson> hey Tommy
[19:06] <@Toprawa> hey Tommy
[19:06] <@IFYLOFD> Tommy.
[19:06] <@Tommy9281> Good evening
[19:06] <@GrandMoffTranner> Hey Tommy.
[19:07] <@Tommy9281> What's the subject?
[19:07] <@ChackJadson>
[19:07] <@Toprawa> Hierogryph
[19:07] <@Toprawa> is the update sufficient?
[19:07] <@ChackJadson> ah, Tommy might know
[19:07] <@CavalierOne> Its up to date, whether or not the detail is sufficient is another matter.
[19:07] <@ChackJadson> yes
[19:07] <@Tommy9281> It looks alright
[19:07] <@CavalierOne> A three issue story in two paragraphs.
[19:07] <@Tommy9281> lol
[19:08] <@Toprawa> probably not good enough, methinks
[19:08] <@IFYLOFD> Yeah.
[19:08] <@IFYLOFD> Per Tope.
[19:08] <@Toprawa> if someone can verify it's good enough, please do so
[19:08] <@Darth_Culator> Looks fine to me. Those issues are pretty Zayne and Jarael heavy.
[19:08] <@GrandMoffTranner> Extend probation?
[19:08] <@CavalierOne> That's true.
[19:08] <@GreenTentacle> Yeah, he wasn't in them much.
[19:08] <@GrandMoffTranner> Well, if that's the case...
[19:08] <@Toprawa> Keep, then
[19:08] <@ChackJadson> yes, keep seems to the opinion here
[19:09] <@IFYLOFD> Keep.
[19:09] <@CavalierOne> Keep.
[19:09] <@GrandMoffTranner> Keep.
[19:09] <@GreenTentacle> It'll need updating again before long anyway.
[19:09] <@Tommy9281> keep.
[19:09] <@GreenTentacle> Keep.
[19:09] <@ChackJadson> kept
[19:09] <@ChackJadson> next up
[19:09] <@ChackJadson> Battle of Borleias
[19:09] <@ChackJadson>
[19:09] <@ChackJadson> much work done
[19:09] <@ChackJadson> I say keep
[19:09] <@IFYLOFD> Keep.
[19:09] <@ChackJadson> layout needed to be fixed
[19:09] <@GrandMoffTranner> As do I.
[19:09] <@Toprawa> looks like it's updated et. al., but I'd still like to see the layout conform to the new measures
[19:09] <@ChackJadson> needed a bts
[19:09] <@Toprawa> that's an easy fix, though
[19:09] <@Toprawa> Keep
[19:10] <@CavalierOne> Keep.
[19:10] <@ChackJadson> yeah, someone can talk to Ataru privately about that
[19:10] <@Tommy9281> Keep.
[19:10] <@GreenTentacle> Looks good. Keep.
[19:10] <@Darth_Culator> Derp.
[19:10] <@ChackJadson> ok, kept
[19:10] <@ChackJadson> next is Stinger
[19:10] <@ChackJadson>
[19:10] <@IFYLOFD> Keep.
[19:10] <@ChackJadson> Grae's sarcasm was completely unneeded, btw
[19:10] <@Toprawa> what was the matter with this, for my own reference?
[19:11] <@Tommy9281> No big deal
[19:11] <@ChackJadson> audio info needed
[19:11] <@ChackJadson> Tommy apparently got it
[19:11] <@GreenTentacle> That's it? That's what was missing?
[19:11] <@Tommy9281> Less missing than I thought
[19:11] <@CavalierOne> Probably didn't need to be listed, really.
[19:11] <@IFYLOFD> So there wasn't any extra info then?
[19:11] <@Toprawa> why did we probe this, then?
[19:11] <@GreenTentacle> Then very much keep.
[19:11] <@GrandMoffTranner> Per GT. Keep.
[19:11] <@CavalierOne> Keep.
[19:11] <@Darth_Culator> I'm assuming we thought there would be more info.
[19:11] <@Toprawa> Keep, but I'm still curious why this was probed
[19:11] <@ChackJadson> Toprawa: Tommy thought there was more info missing
[19:11] <@GreenTentacle> Toprawa: We all are. :P
[19:11] <@ChackJadson> no biggie, really
[19:12] <@ChackJadson> it's kept, next up
[19:12] <@Toprawa> we should check this type of thing in the future, please
[19:12] <@ChackJadson> same issue :P
[19:12] <@Toprawa> rather than just jumping at shadows
[19:12] <@ChackJadson>
[19:12] <@ChackJadson> same thing, so I say keep here
[19:12] <@Toprawa> Keep
[19:12] <@CavalierOne> Keep
[19:12] <@Tommy9281> Whatever, no shadows were jumped at
[19:12] <@Darth_Culator> Ooh, that one /did/ have more info.
[19:12] <@Darth_Culator> XD
[19:12] <@GreenTentacle> Heh.
[19:12] <@GreenTentacle> Keep.
[19:12] <@Toprawa> weak :P
[19:12] <@GrandMoffTranner> Keep.
[19:13] <@ChackJadson> kept
[19:13] <@ChackJadson> next is 501st
[19:13] <@Toprawa> This is kind of your article, Chack
[19:13] <@Toprawa> what's the deal?
[19:13] <@ChackJadson> this is mine, so let me say something
[19:13] <@CavalierOne> Isn't it under active rewrite?
[19:13] <@ChackJadson> it needs a layout fix and expansion
[19:13] <@ChackJadson> CC and I have been working on it...
[19:13] <@ChackJadson> but we didn't finish
[19:13] <@GreenTentacle> We can extend.
[19:13] <@ChackJadson> when I say us, he's just TCW, btw
[19:13] <@CavalierOne> Extend probabation
[19:13] <@ChackJadson> yes, I would like it to be extended
[19:13] <@GreenTentacle> I'd be fine with that.
[19:14] <@GrandMoffTranner> Extend probabation.
[19:14] <@ChackJadson> hopefully we can get it by next meeting
[19:14] <@GreenTentacle> As long as it's being done.
[19:14] <@IFYLOFD> Extend.
[19:14] <@Toprawa> I support extended probe, but let's not turn this into the next Mandalore the Ultimate
[19:14] <@Toprawa> where it's extended for the next 6 months
[19:14] <@ChackJadson> yeah, it won't be
[19:14] <@ChackJadson> if it's not done in a month, kill it, I guess
[19:14] <@IFYLOFD> Yeah, just get it done and we're fine.
[19:14] <@GrandMoffTranner> Fair enough.
[19:14] <@ChackJadson> ok, extended
[19:14] <@ChackJadson> next is Record ime
[19:14] <@ChackJadson> *Time
[19:15] <@ChackJadson>
[19:15] <@ChackJadson> needed a layout fix
[19:15] <@Toprawa> Looks good
[19:15] <@Toprawa> Keep
[19:15] <@GreenTentacle> Keep.
[19:15] <@ChackJadson> keep
[19:15] <@CavalierOne> Keep
[19:15] <@IFYLOFD> Ataru seems to have fixed it.
[19:15] <@IFYLOFD> Keep.
[19:15] <@GrandMoffTranner> Keep.
[19:15] <@ChackJadson> ok, done with those
[19:15] <@ChackJadson> now to new articles
[19:15] <@ChackJadson> Trioculus "Infobox needs to be sourced. Bts is woefully short and not detailed. Numerous one and two sentence paragraphs. Over all paragraph structure is lacking and deficient. This is being listed here in part so that it is not forgotten at the next Inq meeting. Also, I hope it can be rectified between now and then for the sake of the article. It is probably one of the most deficient I...
[19:15] <@ChackJadson> ...have seen in a while
[19:16] <@ChackJadson>
[19:16] <@ChackJadson> it's an old FA
[19:16] <@ChackJadson> I say probe
[19:16] <@IFYLOFD> Probe.
[19:16] <@CavalierOne> Probe, for anyone brave enough to attempt a fix :P
[19:16] <@Toprawa> I've never read the material, but I can see what Fiolli is getting at
[19:16] <@GrandMoffTranner> Probify.
[19:16] <@Toprawa> Probe it
[19:17] <@GreenTentacle> Probe I guess.
[19:17] <@ChackJadson> probed
[19:17] <@ChackJadson> Dark Side Elite "sourcing in the intro, and the list of Dark Jedi could use major expansion and reformatting to something less, well, list-like.
[19:17] <@ChackJadson>     * I did a cleanup, (hopefull
[19:17] <@ChackJadson>
[19:17] <@ChackJadson> QGJ says he fixed it
[19:17] <@Toprawa> it looks good
[19:17] <@Toprawa> he did kill the list
[19:18] <@IFYLOFD> Looks good.
[19:18] <@ChackJadson> yes, looks better
[19:18] <@Toprawa> Keep
[19:18] <@ChackJadson> keep
[19:18] <@IFYLOFD> Keep.
[19:18] <@GrandMoffTranner> Keep.
[19:18] <@GreenTentacle> Keep.
[19:18] <@ChackJadson> ok, 'tis kept
[19:18] <@CavalierOne> Keep
[19:18] <@ChackJadson> "Organization" and "Notable members" sections, perhaps, to get rid of the blatant, virtually useless list of articles? Image placement could use work, and it appears that the intro has room for expansion.
[19:18] <@ChackJadson> Empire Reborn is up, sorry
[19:18] <@ChackJadson>
[19:18] <@Toprawa> I agree that those lists could be prosified
[19:19] <@ChackJadson> is there a but? :P
[19:19] <@IFYLOFD> Probe.
[19:19] * Grunny (n=chatzill@wikia/Grunny) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[19:19] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Grunny
[19:19] * Nuku-Nuku sets mode: +o Grunny
[19:19] <@CavalierOne> Probe.
[19:19] <@Toprawa> Again, I have no reference of the content, but it does seem like there's substantial content there that could probably be expanded on
[19:19] <@GrandMoffTranner> Topic is Empire Reborn, Grunny.
[19:19] <@ChackJadson> Grunny
[19:19] <@Toprawa> hey Grunny
[19:19] <@GrandMoffTranner> And welcome. :p
[19:19] <@Toprawa> Probe
[19:19] <@ChackJadson>
[19:19] <@ChackJadson> probe
[19:19] <@GrandMoffTranner> I say probe as well.
[19:19] <@GreenTentacle> Prosification would help spread the images out too.
[19:19] <@IFYLOFD> Grunndawg Millionaire.
[19:19] <@ChackJadson> ok, probed
[19:19] <@GreenTentacle> Probe.
[19:20] <@ChackJadson> # Carnor Jax "P&A?
[19:20] <@ChackJadson>     * Added. QuiGonJinn (Talk) 19:40, October 9, 2009 (UTC)
[19:20] <@ChackJadson>
[19:20] <@IFYLOFD> Keep.
[19:20] <@GreenTentacle> Keep.
[19:20] <@Toprawa> Keep
[19:20] <@Grunny> Hey all
[19:20] <@Grunny> Keep
[19:20] <@CavalierOne> Keep
[19:20] <@GrandMoffTranner> Keep.
[19:20] <@ChackJadson> keep
[19:20] <@ChackJadson> kept
[19:21] <@ChackJadson> Adalric Cessius Brandl "P&A?
[19:21] <@Grunny> Why did the neeting start an hour early?
[19:21] <@ChackJadson>
[19:21] <@Grunny> meeting*
[19:21] <@ChackJadson> I love him...but kill
[19:21] <@ChackJadson> Grunny: infobox issues :P
[19:21] <@GreenTentacle> Grunny: That's what I said.
[19:21] <@ChackJadson> it didn't, the infobox was wrong
[19:21] <@GreenTentacle> The UTC time was wrong too.
[19:21] <@Grunny> It says 0:00 UTC in the intro though
[19:21] <@ChackJadson> oh well
[19:21] <@Grunny> Not the infobox
[19:21] <@Toprawa> sorry Grunny :P
[19:21] <@ChackJadson> learn your EDTs! :P
[19:21] <@Toprawa> Someone should check the infobox times whenever I schedule a meeting :P
[19:22] <@Grunny> Learn your UTCs it's more relevant :P
[19:22] <@ChackJadson> we should all go by ES/DT :P
[19:22] <@GreenTentacle> Grunny: It's an American conspiracy. :P
[19:22] <@Grunny> So it seems :P
[19:22] <@GrandMoffTranner> And back to the article under review....
[19:22] * CC|Away (n=chatzill@wikia/CC7567) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[19:22] * ChanServ sets mode: +o CC|Away
[19:22] * Nuku-Nuku sets mode: +o CC|Away
[19:22] * CC|Away is now known as CC7567
[19:22] <@ChackJadson> hi
[19:22] <@GrandMoffTranner> Welcome, CC.
[19:22] <@CavalierOne> Kill - intro suggests that the cut content on the Protectorate is Canon as well.
[19:22] <@ChackJadson>
[19:22] <@Toprawa> If I'm remembering my Tales from the Empire, Bradl could have P/A content
[19:22] <@ChackJadson> probe
[19:22] <@Toprawa> so, probe
[19:22] <@IFYLOFD> Probe.
[19:22] <@GrandMoffTranner> Probe.
[19:22] <@ChackJadson> Cav is a bit premature :P
[19:22] <@Grunny> Probe
[19:23] <@CavalierOne> I mean probe :P
[19:23] <@Grunny> :P
[19:23] <@ChackJadson> probed
[19:23] <@CavalierOne> But the Protectorate info stands.
[19:23] <@GreenTentacle> If there's enough for P&A then probe.
[19:23] <@ChackJadson> Kaox Krul "P&A? Minor sourcing in the intro, and paragraphs can overall be structured better.
[19:23] <@ChackJadson>
[19:23] <@ChackJadson> probed
[19:23] <@GrandMoffTranner> Probate.
[19:23] <@Toprawa> AUTOKILL
[19:23] <@CavalierOne> Probe
[19:23] <@IFYLOFD> Anal probe.
[19:23] <@Grunny> Probify
[19:23] <@Toprawa> Intro sourcing must be punished!
[19:23] <@Toprawa> Probe
[19:23] <@GreenTentacle> "Król (pronounced [krul]) means "king" in Polish."
[19:23] <@IFYLOFD> I mean... probe.
[19:23] <@GreenTentacle> Ugh.
[19:23] <@ChackJadson> XD
[19:24] <@GrandMoffTranner> Floyd, get your mind out of the gutter.
[19:24] <@ChackJadson> probed
[19:24] * @IFYLOFD glances around nervously
[19:24] <@ChackJadson> Kiro "P&A?
[19:24] <@GrandMoffTranner> If you want to anal probe him... keep it to yourself. :p
[19:24] <@ChackJadson>
[19:24] <@CavalierOne> Probity probe
[19:24] <@GreenTentacle> Is there enough for a P&A?
[19:24] <@Toprawa> why would Kiro have a P/A?
[19:24] <@Toprawa> is he a Force-user?
[19:24] <@ChackJadson> idk
[19:25] <@IFYLOFD> He's apparently Force-sensitive.
[19:25] <@CC7567> Supposedly he's a Force-sensitive.
[19:25] <@ChackJadson> hmm, who added that bit?
[19:25] * @GrandMoffTranner shrugs
[19:25] <@Grunny> I don't think there's enough for a P&a
[19:25] <@Toprawa> does he use the Force or anything?
[19:25] <@IFYLOFD> At least he's in a Force-sensitive category.
[19:25] <@CavalierOne> Apparently was going to be luke's first apprentice.
[19:25] <@Grunny> Yes he's Force sensitive
[19:25] <@CavalierOne> I'm not up on Marvel
[19:25] <@GreenTentacle> Force-sensitive does not equal P&A section.
[19:25] <@ChackJadson> i
[19:25] <@Grunny> But he doesn't learn anything particularly useful
[19:25] <@GreenTentacle> Only if there's anything significant.
[19:25] <@ChackJadson> am going keep
[19:25] <@Grunny> Keep
[19:25] <@Toprawa> I'm going keep, too
[19:25] <@IFYLOFD> Keep.
[19:25] <@GrandMoffTranner> Keep.
[19:25] <@GreenTentacle> Keep, unless anybody knows better.
[19:26] <@CC7567> Keep then
[19:26] <@CavalierOne> Keep then.
[19:26] <@ChackJadson> ok
[19:26] <@ChackJadson> # Flint "P&A?
[19:26] <@ChackJadson>     * Nothing much to say here, but added. QuiGonJinn (Talk) 14:34, October 10, 2009 (UTC)
[19:26] <@ChackJadson>
[19:26] <@IFYLOFD> What a lame name for a Sith apprentice.
[19:26] <@IFYLOFD> Keep.
[19:27] <@CavalierOne> Keep
[19:27] <@Toprawa> Keep
[19:27] * @Tommy9281 (n=[redacted]@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ Quit ("CGI:IRC")
[19:27] <@CC7567> Keep
[19:27] <@GrandMoffTranner> Keep.
[19:27] <@GreenTentacle> Keep.
[19:27] <@Toprawa> "Blunt" would have been better
[19:27] <@ChackJadson> heh
[19:27] <@Grunny> Keepers
[19:27] <@ChackJadson> k
[19:27] <@ChackJadson> done
[19:27] <@ChackJadson> Stranglethorn crisis "infobox redlink; should be an easy enough fix.
[19:27] <@ChackJadson>
[19:27] <@Toprawa> [[Ewok Victory]]
[19:27] <@ChackJadson> redlink is gone
[19:27] <@GreenTentacle> Seems to have gone already.
[19:28] <@Toprawa> Keep
[19:28] * Tommy9281 (n=Tommy928@[redacted]) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[19:28] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Tommy9281
[19:28] <@ChackJadson> we good
[19:28] <@Darth_Culator> Not seeing a redlink. What /was/ the redlink?
[19:28] <@IFYLOFD> Keep.
[19:28] <@Grunny> Keep
[19:28] <@CavalierOne> Keep
[19:28] <@GrandMoffTranner> Keepify.
[19:28] <@Grunny> Hey Tommy
[19:28] <@IFYLOFD> Hooray for Ewoks.
[19:28] <@Toprawa> [[Ewok Victory]]!
[19:28] <@ChackJadson> lol
[19:28] <@Tommy9281> Grunny
[19:28] <@GreenTentacle> Should never have been linked anyway.
[19:28] <@GrandMoffTranner> '''Ewok Victory''' was the outcome of a battle won by Ewoks.
[19:28] <@Toprawa> No
[19:28] <@Toprawa> It's an IU phenomenon!
[19:29] <@Darth_Culator> XD
[19:29] * Fiolli (n=Fiolli@wikia/Jedimasterfiolli) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[19:29] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Fiolli
[19:29] * Nuku-Nuku sets mode: +o Fiolli
[19:29] <@Toprawa> hey Fiolli
[19:29] <@IFYLOFD> Follfles.
[19:29] <@Fiolli> Hey. I finally got in!
[19:29] <@Fiolli> Stupid invite command...
[19:29] <@Grunny> Hi, Fiolli
[19:29] <@Fiolli> Hi, Grunny, Toprawa, Floyj, et cetera. ;)
[19:29] <@GrandMoffTranner> Floyj?
[19:30] <@GrandMoffTranner> Who's Floyj?
[19:30] <@ChackJadson> ok, it is kept
[19:30] <@GrandMoffTranner> :p
[19:30] <@ChackJadson> moving on
[19:30] <@Toprawa> Floyd's alter ego
[19:30] <@Fiolli> Topic?
[19:30] <@ChackJadson> # Second Battle of Empress Teta "citation needed
[19:30] <@IFYLOFD> Floyj is my evil cousin.
[19:30] <@ChackJadson>     * Addressed. Tommy9281 (No truth in me) 02:11, October 4, 2009 (UTC)
[19:30] <@ChackJadson>
[19:30] <@IFYLOFD> He lives in Wisconsin.
[19:30] <@CC7567> Keep
[19:30] <@GreenTentacle> Keep.
[19:30] <@IFYLOFD> Keep.
[19:30] <@Toprawa> Keep
[19:30] <@CavalierOne> Keep
[19:30] <@GrandMoffTranner> Keep
[19:30] <@ChackJadson> ok, kept
[19:30] <@ChackJadson> now to another list, articles with update tags
[19:31] <@ChackJadson>
[19:31] <@ChackJadson> probe, I guess
[19:31] <@GreenTentacle> Fairly minor update.
[19:31] <@IFYLOFD> Probe.
[19:31] <@Toprawa> Probe, if it's not updated
[19:31] <@ChackJadson> an update tag is an update tag
[19:31] <@Fiolli> Probe.
[19:31] <@GreenTentacle> Nothing a good probing can't fix.
[19:31] <@GrandMoffTranner> Probe, though it's not that much information.
[19:31] <@CavalierOne> Probe
[19:31] <@ChackJadson> probed
[19:31] <@ChackJadson> BoShek, which Havac says he fixed
[19:31] <@ChackJadson>
[19:31] <@ChackJadson> keep
[19:32] <@Toprawa> Keep if fixed
[19:32] <@CavalierOne> Keep. I saw Havac's update.
[19:32] <@Grunny> Keep
[19:32] <@IFYLOFD> I'd rather probe Rasha Bex, if you know what I mean. ;)
[19:32] <@Tommy9281> Keep.
[19:32] <@IFYLOFD> But keep.
[19:32] <@Toprawa> he needs to source his successoin box, though
[19:32] <@CavalierOne> Out of the gutter, Floyd.
[19:32] <@IFYLOFD> Fine, fine.
[19:32] <@ChackJadson> ok, kept
[19:32] <@GrandMoffTranner> Keep.
[19:32] <@ChackJadson> same deal with Corran
[19:32] <@ChackJadson>
[19:32] <@ChackJadson> keep
[19:32] <@GreenTentacle> Keep.
[19:33] <@Darth_Culator> Good, Floyd has fulfilled the quota of probe jokes for this meeting.
[19:33] <@IFYLOFD> Keep.
[19:33] <@CC7567> Keepers
[19:33] <@Fiolli> keep
[19:33] <@CavalierOne> Keep
[19:33] <@GrandMoffTranner> Keep.
[19:33] <@IFYLOFD> Hooray.
[19:33] <@ChackJadson> kept
[19:33] <@ChackJadson>
[19:33] <@Fiolli> Does !killfloyd work in here?
[19:33] <@Fiolli> ;)
[19:33] <@ChackJadson> probe
[19:33] <@Toprawa> Probe
[19:33] <@Fiolli> probe
[19:33] <@GreenTentacle> Probe.
[19:33] <@IFYLOFD> Probe.
[19:33] <@GrandMoffTranner> Probe.
[19:33] <@CavalierOne> Probe. Its not much info, though.
[19:33] * @Darth_Culator was waiting for Guri to do it himself.
[19:33] <@Grunny> Probe, an easy update that Tommy or I will get to
[19:33] <@GrandMoffTranner> And !killfloyd should work since Nuku's here. :p
[19:33] <@Fiolli> XD
[19:33] <@Tommy9281> Per Grunny.
[19:33] <@ChackJadson> !killfloyd
[19:33] * @IFYLOFD runs
[19:34] <@Darth_Culator> Doesn't work the way the command is coded.
[19:34] <@ChackJadson> worked in the main channel XD
[19:34] <@Fiolli> lol
[19:34] <@GrandMoffTranner> XD
[19:34] * @Darth_Culator should fix that.
[19:34] <@ChackJadson> ok, back to Wyyrlok, sorry for the distraction
[19:34] <@ChackJadson> probed
[19:34] <@ChackJadson>
[19:34] <@GreenTentacle> Before we probe Guri...
[19:34] <@ChackJadson> yes?
[19:34] * @CavalierOne snickers
[19:34] <@Grunny> :P
[19:34] <@IFYLOFD> I volunteer to probe Guri!
[19:34] <@GrandMoffTranner> Floyd, no jokes.
[19:34] <@GreenTentacle> Does anybody know where Havac got the info from?
[19:34] <@ChackJadson> no, why?
[19:34] <@Darth_Culator> TFN thread.
[19:35] <@CavalierOne> Yeah, he put out an open call for info
[19:35] <@GreenTentacle> I'm working on it but need a Galaxies subscriber to get it.
[19:35] <@Fiolli> Probably.
[19:35] <@GreenTentacle> Is the Shadow Syndicate stuff on there?
[19:35] <@CavalierOne> I think he asked Ataru for info as well.
[19:35] <@Grunny>
[19:35] <@GreenTentacle> Ooh, Ataru.
[19:36] * @GreenTentacle will get begging.
[19:36] <@Grunny> Haha
[19:36] <@GreenTentacle> You may make probe jokes when ready.
[19:36] <@ChackJadson> probe
[19:36] <@ChackJadson> no joke
[19:36] <@GrandMoffTranner> I would probe Guri all night long.
[19:36] <@ChackJadson> :P
[19:36] <@IFYLOFD> Bah, you beat me to that joke.
[19:36] <@Toprawa> Probe, with the extreme home that GT improves his Russian underworld connections :P
[19:36] <@Toprawa> hope*
[19:36] <@Grunny> Probe
[19:37] <@ChackJadson> talk to a Russian user, GT :P
[19:37] <@GrandMoffTranner> But seriously, probe.
[19:37] <@IFYLOFD> Probe.
[19:37] <@CC7567> Probers.
[19:37] <@GreenTentacle> This is a sad day. :(
[19:37] <@ChackJadson> probed like a donkey
[19:37] <@ChackJadson>
[19:37] <@IFYLOFD> We lost Trioculus /and/ Guri.
[19:37] <@ChackJadson> yes, random expression, I know
[19:37] * @IFYLOFD weeps silently
[19:37] <@GrandMoffTranner> Ooh, can we probe Mara Jade too?
[19:37] <@ChackJadson> totally nonsensical
[19:37] <@ChackJadson> yes
[19:37] <@ChackJadson> 'cept she's dead
[19:38] <@GrandMoffTranner> Nice. Guri /and/ Mara in one night.
[19:38] <@IFYLOFD> Probe for now, I'll get on updating soon.
[19:38] <@ChackJadson> so that'd be kinda...weird
[19:38] <@CC7567> Probe with a long gun.
[19:38] <@ChackJadson> probe
[19:38] <@IFYLOFD> Threesome.
[19:38] <@GreenTentacle> Probe.
[19:38] <@GrandMoffTranner> Probe per Floyd.
[19:38] <@ChackJadson> necro :P
[19:38] <@Fiolli> probe
[19:38] <@CavalierOne> Probe. Be rude not to.
[19:38] <@ChackJadson> ok, probed
[19:38] <@ChackJadson>
[19:38] <@ChackJadson> Hydro is working on it
[19:39] <@Toprawa> also fails redlink rules
[19:39] <@CavalierOne> Probe.
[19:39] <@Fiolli> probe
[19:39] <@Toprawa> Probe
[19:39] <@ChackJadson> probe
[19:39] <@Grunny> Prob
[19:39] <@GreenTentacle> Probe.
[19:39] <@Grunny> e
[19:39] <@GrandMoffTranner> You may probe when ready.
[19:39] <@ChackJadson> probed
[19:39] <@ChackJadson>
[19:39] <@ChackJadson> updated, Havac says
[19:39] <@ChackJadson> keep
[19:40] <@CavalierOne> Keep if updated.
[19:40] <@GreenTentacle> Keep.
[19:40] <@GrandMoffTranner> Keep.
[19:40] <@Fiolli> keep... I guess.
[19:40] <@Grunny> Keep
[19:40] <@Fiolli> I genuinely don't know.
[19:40] <@IFYLOFD> Keep.
[19:40] <@ChackJadson> kept
[19:40] <@Fiolli> I am trusting that Havac has it, though. He's been reliable.
[19:40] <@ChackJadson>
[19:40] <@ChackJadson> same deal
[19:40] <@ChackJadson> keep
[19:40] <@Fiolli> Same
[19:40] <@GreenTentacle> Keep.
[19:40] <@CavalierOne> Keep if updated.
[19:40] <@IFYLOFD> Keep.
[19:40] <@GrandMoffTranner> Keeperate.
[19:41] <@CC7567> Same.
[19:41] <@Tommy9281> Keep
[19:41] <@ChackJadson> kept
[19:41] <@ChackJadson>
[19:41] <@CC7567> Ugh.
[19:41] <@ChackJadson> CC, how's work going on this?
[19:41] <@CC7567> ...starting.
[19:41] <@CC7567> I still have to get the game.
[19:41] <@CC7567> Btw, Gree and Bly will also have to be updated with that.
[19:41] <@ChackJadson> probe, then
[19:41] <@GreenTentacle> Probe.
[19:41] <@Grunny> Probe then
[19:41] <@GrandMoffTranner> So probe.
[19:41] <@CC7567> I say probe; I or someone else will eventually get done.
[19:41] <@ChackJadson> oh, they are missing info too then?
[19:41] <@Toprawa> Probe
[19:41] <@CavalierOne> Probe.
[19:41] <@IFYLOFD> Probe.
[19:41] <@CC7567> Chack: yes
[19:42] <@ChackJadson> ok, we will do them too
[19:42] <@Fiolli> probe
[19:42] <@ChackJadson> Republic Heroes?
[19:42] <@CC7567> Yes.
[19:42] <@ChackJadson>
[19:42] <@ChackJadson> probe
[19:42] <@GrandMoffTranner> I vote probe for both clones.
[19:42] <@IFYLOFD> Probify.
[19:42] <@Toprawa> Probe em
[19:42] <@CC7567> Unfortunate, but per Tranner.
[19:42] <@Grunny> Probe
[19:42] <@ChackJadson>
[19:42] <@GreenTentacle> Probe.
[19:42] <@ChackJadson> probed
[19:42] <@CavalierOne> Probe both then.
[19:42] <@Fiolli> probe
[19:42] <@ChackJadson> Bly is now probed as well
[19:43] <@GreenTentacle> Probe.
[19:43] <@Tommy9281> done
[19:43] <@GreenTentacle> Busy month.
[19:43] <@Fiolli> yes
[19:43] <@ChackJadson> yes
[19:43] <@ChackJadson> lol
[19:43] <@ChackJadson> ok, one moment
[19:43] <@CC7567> Too much stuff, especially with TCW. :|
[19:43] <@CavalierOne> Punch and pie?
[19:43] <@GrandMoffTranner> That all?
[19:43] <@ChackJadson> dunno
[19:43] <@Toprawa> CC has a discussion item
[19:43] * @IFYLOFD gets the condoms
[19:43] <@ChackJadson> wait
[19:43] <@CC7567> ...
[19:43] <@ChackJadson> :|
[19:43] <@IFYLOFD> It's time to probe Mara and Guri.
[19:43] <@CC7567> No, Floyd.
[19:43] <@GrandMoffTranner> Floyd, leave.
[19:43] * IFYLOFD was kicked by GreenTentacle (GreenTentacle)
[19:43] <@Fiolli> Thank you.
[19:43] <@ChackJadson> thanks :P
[19:44] <@Darth_Culator> ...
[19:44] <@CC7567> Anyway: Both the FAN and GAN rules (or AC/Inq pages, or whatever is appropriate) need a minor addendum concerning the removal of nominations if the nominator of the article requests it. We've been doing this consistently recently, but even if it's still "common sense," the course of action should be directly clarified and put to a vote. CC7567 (talk) 01:51, October 4, 2009 (UTC)
[19:44] <@ChackJadson> ONE MORE FIRST
[19:44] * IFYLOFD (n=[redacted]@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[19:44] * ChanServ sets mode: +o IFYLOFD
[19:44] * Nuku-Nuku sets mode: +o IFYLOFD
[19:44] <@ChackJadson>
[19:44] <@ChackJadson> apparently has a fact tag
[19:44] <@Fiolli> probe
[19:44] <@Toprawa> wait, wait
[19:44] <@CC7567> Eh, probe
[19:44] <@IFYLOFD> Probe.
[19:44] <@CavalierOne> Probe.
[19:44] <@Toprawa> Don't probe this yet
[19:44] * @Fiolli waits.
[19:44] <@CC7567> Tope?
[19:44] <@Toprawa> I think the Fact tag is baloney
[19:44] <@Toprawa> I just looked at this the other da
[19:44] <@ChackJadson> where is it?
[19:44] <@Toprawa> y
[19:44] <@Toprawa> give me a second
[19:45] <@CC7567> I don't see a {{Fact}} tag...
[19:45] <@ChackJadson> k
[19:45] <@Grunny> Where is the fact tag?
[19:45] <@GreenTentacle> Hasn't got one.
[19:45] <@CC7567> The nonexistent one? :P
[19:45] <@Toprawa> there is none
[19:45] <@ChackJadson> ok, I ctl+F is
[19:45] <@IFYLOFD> I don't see one.
[19:45] <@Toprawa> I removed it the other day, because it was crap
[19:45] <@ChackJadson> cool
[19:45] <@ChackJadson> anyone else got any articles?
[19:45] <@GrandMoffTranner> No fact tag, so keep.
[19:45] <@CC7567> Nevermind, spare then.
[19:45] <@Grunny> It's not you need to purge the maintenance page
[19:45] <@Fiolli> keep
[19:45] <@IFYLOFD> Keep.
[19:45] <@Grunny> keep
[19:45] <@GreenTentacle>
[19:46] <@Toprawa> yeah, that :P
[19:46] <@Grunny> Now CC's item
[19:46] <@Grunny> Anyway: Both the FAN and GAN rules (or AC/Inq pages, or whatever is appropriate) need a minor addendum concerning the removal of nominations if the nominator of the article requests it. We've been doing this consistently recently, but even if it's still "common sense," the course of action should be directly clarified and put to a vote. CC7567 (talk)01:51, October 4, 2009 (UTC)
[19:46] <@CC7567> Both the FAN and GAN rules (or AC/Inq pages, or whatever is appropriate) need a minor addendum concerning the removal of nominations if the nominator of the article requests it. We've been doing this consistently recently, but even if it's still "common sense," the course of action should be directly clarified and put to a vote. CC7567 (talk) 01:51, October 4, 2009 (UTC)
[19:46] <@CC7567> Not much else to say.
[19:46] <@ChackJadson> oppose :P
[19:46] <@GreenTentacle> Well, it's always been done. So support.
[19:46] <@CC7567> I personally don't see a problem with adopting it as a rule, I just don't know where it would go.
[19:46] <@ChackJadson> jk, this is fine
[19:46] <@Fiolli> I actually would like to make an addendum to this.
[19:47] <@ChackJadson> fire away
[19:47] <@Fiolli> I support this, but would it be best to have it recorded on the history list as "removed" rather than "failed" ?
[19:47] <@Toprawa> this sounds like more of an internal procedural rule/understanding
[19:47] <@Toprawa> this is why I created an AC procedure page for memebrs
[19:47] <@ChackJadson> hmm...
[19:47] <@Toprawa> members*
[19:47] <@GreenTentacle> Fiolli: Nope. Causes issues with the stats stuff.
[19:47] <@CC7567> Well, technically, we "remove" all noms
[19:47] <@Grunny> Yeah
[19:47] <@Fiolli> Ok. Thanks, GT.
[19:47] <@GreenTentacle> Success or failure only on the FAN history page.
[19:47] <@CC7567> from the page, so it's a bit unspecific
[19:47] <@Fiolli> That makes sense.
[19:47] <@CC7567> Per GT
[19:47] <@GreenTentacle> Put whatever you want on the talk page.
[19:48] <@Fiolli> If it is as "failed" in our records, it should be "failed" on the talk page.
[19:48] <@ChackJadson> so is this an internal thing?
[19:48] <@ChackJadson> or should it be written down?
[19:48] <@Fiolli> I think it is internal, but do not oppose it being written down.
[19:48] <@Grunny> But yeah, I support this, not sure it really needed a vote since it's just common sense but eh
[19:48] <@GreenTentacle> It predates the Inq.
[19:48] <@GrandMoffTranner> Probably should be written down.
[19:48] <@GreenTentacle> But wouldn't hurt to write it.
[19:48] <@ChackJadson> I think it should be written down...but where?
[19:48] <@GreenTentacle> On the Inq page.
[19:48] <@CC7567> Bah.
[19:48] <@CC7567> Yeah, probably.
[19:48] <@Fiolli> I just don't care for the idea of offering an "out" in the guidelines for those who think we are being too tough.
[19:48] <@ChackJadson> sounds good, GT
[19:48] <@GreenTentacle> "Inqs have the power to remove an article if requested by the nominator."
[19:49] <@GreenTentacle> Or something like that.
[19:49] <@Fiolli> I like that.
[19:49] <@ChackJadson> Fiolli: but it failed
[19:49] <@GrandMoffTranner> Sounds good to me.
[19:49] <@Grunny> Sure
[19:49] <@CC7567> Power? :P
[19:49] <@ChackJadson> IMO, it's not really an out then
[19:49] <@GreenTentacle> CC7567: Unlimited powah! ;)
[19:49] <@GrandMoffTranner> POWAH! UNLIMITED POWAH!!!
[19:49] * @CC7567 facepalms
[19:49] <@GrandMoffTranner> Sorry about that. I'm in an unusually-good mood.
[19:50] <@Fiolli> I'm noticing. ;)
[19:50] <@ChackJadson> ok, are we done?
[19:50] <@Grunny> Haha
[19:50] <@ChackJadson> yes, we are done
[19:50] <@Fiolli> No, I would like to propose something.
[19:50] <@Fiolli> If we have time.
[19:50] <@ChackJadson> oh, sure
[19:50] <@CavalierOne> Punch and pie?
[19:50] <@GrandMoffTranner> Certainly.
[19:50] <@Grunny> Yeah, unless someone has an idea for how to move as many of the noms as possible
[19:50] * @GreenTentacle throws something at Fiolli.
[19:50] <@Grunny> :P
[19:50] <@ChackJadson> wesa not finished yet
[19:50] <@GreenTentacle> There's always one. :P
[19:50] <@Fiolli> I do, Grunny.
[19:50] <@Grunny> Good :)
[19:50] <@Fiolli> One sec. Let me pull it up.
[19:51] * @CC7567 drumrolls
[19:51] * @CavalierOne performs a kick ass drum solo
[19:51] * @IFYLOFD taps lightly on his triangle
[19:51] * @GrandMoffTranner kicks Floyd's ass
[19:51] * @IFYLOFD shoves his triangle up Tranner's ass
[19:51] <@Fiolli> I would like to bring everyone's attention to this:
[19:51] * Grunny is now known as NeilPeart
[19:52] <@Fiolli> It has not been touched in a while, but I'd like to explain this.
[19:52] * @NeilPeart owns you all on drums
[19:52] <@CC7567> Ooh, that.
[19:52] * NeilPeart is now known as Grunny
[19:52] <@Fiolli> The Inquisitorius Conference is a series of organized high-speed IRC-based meetings over two days between nominators and Inquisitorius members who focus a short span of time to help speed nominations through the Featured Article Nomination (FAN) process. By consolidating efforts into articles, it is hoped that nominators and reviewers will be able to work collectively together in a manner to...
[19:52] <@Fiolli> resolve issues thoroughly and timely.
[19:53] <@Fiolli> I would say ignore the two-day structure and beyond for the moment.
[19:53] <@GreenTentacle> Nobody told me I was going to have to read.
[19:53] <@Fiolli> Basically, there are two modes I propose.
[19:53] <@Toprawa> haha
[19:53] <@CC7567> I have to run, but I think what I said is that it sounds like a good idea, but that I don't know if I'll be able to help out.
[19:53] <@IFYLOFD> tl;dr
[19:53] <@CavalierOne> Unfortunately, while the idea has merit, I can't guarantee i would be available at the given times due to timezone differences.
[19:53] * @Fiolli is paraphrasing for GT, et al. ;)
[19:53] <@CC7567> See you all later.
[19:53] * @CC7567 (n=chatzill@wikia/CC7567) Quit ("Teh clone iz out.")
[19:53] <@GreenTentacle> Per Cav.
[19:53] <@Fiolli> That's just it, Cav.
[19:53] <@Toprawa> sort of per Cav for why I wasn't keen on the idea originally
[19:53] <@Fiolli> You commit to a time, at your convenience.
[19:53] <@Fiolli> Nominators then sign up to meet your times.
[19:53] <@Grunny> Ah
[19:54] <@Grunny> So it's up to the nominator to be online when you are
[19:54] <@Grunny> I like it
[19:54] <@CavalierOne> Nominators will need to be up late at night and early in the morning then :P
[19:54] <@Toprawa> I can't guarantee my own regular presence, much less conform to another user's schedule
[19:54] <@Fiolli> All you need is to commit to something about five days in advance.
[19:54] <@Toprawa> See, I personally cannot do this
[19:54] <@Fiolli> Some nominators are from Europe and Australia.
[19:54] <@Toprawa> If it works for you all, fine
[19:54] <@GrandMoffTranner> I doubt this would work for me either.
[19:54] <@Toprawa> but I can't commit to a set time here
[19:55] <@GreenTentacle> Same here.
[19:55] <@Fiolli> We all made it for this time, and planned it in advance.
[19:55] <@GreenTentacle> Though I'm usually around anyway. :P
[19:55] <@GreenTentacle> But I'd have dumped this for beer if it was available. :P
[19:55] <@Fiolli> It would be something that we would pick. It is up to potential nominators to be there.
[19:55] <@Toprawa> like I said, if others can work with this, then more power to you
[19:55] <@CavalierOne> Per GT on the beer :P
[19:55] * @IFYLOFD (n=[redacted]@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ Quit ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
[19:55] <@Toprawa> my schedule is not exactly static
[19:56] <@Toprawa> I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow much less in 5 days from now
[19:56] <@GrandMoffTranner> Per Tope.
[19:56] <@GrandMoffTranner> And that being said, I have to go. Good night, everyone.
[19:56] * @GrandMoffTranner (n=Tranner@wikia/GrandMoffTranner) Quit ("Boring conversation anyway.")
[19:56] * IFYLOFD (n=[redacted]@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[19:56] * ChanServ sets mode: +o IFYLOFD
[19:56] * Nuku-Nuku sets mode: +o IFYLOFD
[19:56] <@Grunny> I can probably do it, I'm generally around consistently
[19:56] <@GreenTentacle> I think it's a decent idea for anybody who can commit.
[19:56] <@GreenTentacle> And certainly no harm in trying it.
[19:56] <@Grunny> As long as the nominators are willing to address them in a timely manner
[19:56] * @IFYLOFD (n=[redacted]@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ Quit (Client Quit)
[19:57] <@GreenTentacle> But don't expect everybody to take part.
[19:57] <@Fiolli> Just a thought. If we had two or three Inqs working in rapid fire on an article ({{sofixit}} would not apply), then it could have an article get enough votes in twenty minutes.
[19:57] * IFYLOFD (n=[redacted]@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[19:57] * ChanServ sets mode: +o IFYLOFD
[19:57] * Nuku-Nuku sets mode: +o IFYLOFD
[19:57] <@IFYLOFD> Damn Safari.
[19:57] <@CavalierOne> Too many elephants?
[19:57] <@Fiolli> If an article is particularly problemsome, then it can be bagged quickly and that session ended.
[19:58] <@Fiolli> That's the principle.
[19:58] <@Fiolli> If you guys aren't up for it, then no worries. If you are, I'll put it together, send out the invites, etc.
[19:58] <@Toprawa> It usually takes me longer than 20 min to review an article at my level of detail
[19:58] <@Fiolli> I understand.
[19:58] <@IFYLOFD> I'm not sure.
[19:58] <@Grunny> Yeah, that's my only concern
[19:58] <@GreenTentacle> I tend to review them at work.
[19:58] <@Fiolli> I was hoping that most articles could be done in 30 minutes, actually.
[19:58] <@IFYLOFD> Depends when it is scheduled.
[19:58] <@Grunny> I often take a while to review
[19:59] <@GreenTentacle> And per Top.
[19:59] <@Fiolli> I usually take 30 minutes to review.
[19:59] <@ChackJadson> eh, interesting idea, but I see lots of complications
[19:59] <@CavalierOne> I review at work, too.
[19:59] <@Fiolli> Lengthy articles are more.
[19:59] <@ChackJadson> I don't work :P
[19:59] <@Toprawa> Length articles might take me as long as an hour
[19:59] <@ChackJadson> I have school
[19:59] <@Toprawa> Lengthy*
[19:59] <@ChackJadson> Toprawa: read Caedus in an hour then :P
[19:59] <@Fiolli> XD
[19:59] <@IFYLOFD> I have school and football, so I have little free time nowadays.
[19:59] <@Toprawa> that would take me all week
[19:59] <@Fiolli> Ok. I see this won't work right now.
[20:00] * @CavalierOne remembers reading Corran over two days :P
[20:00] <@ChackJadson> ok, I have one more item
[20:00] <@Fiolli> I have the page saved on my computer in case it can be revised later in the future and maybe worked on.
[20:00] <@ChackJadson> updating the Triage page
[20:00] <@Toprawa> I like the intent behind it, Fiolli, but we have trouble enough getting people to read anything at all
[20:00] <@ChackJadson> cool, thanks Fiolli
[20:00] <@Fiolli> I just need an admin to delete the page.
[20:00] <@ChackJadson> CSD it
[20:00] <@GreenTentacle> I was just gonna bring up the Triage.
[20:00] <@ChackJadson> we'll get to it IMO
[20:00] <@Fiolli> CSD it.
[20:00] <@ChackJadson> GT, feel free to go ahead then
[20:00] <@Fiolli> ;)
[20:01] <@GreenTentacle> I was actually going to point out that it's not anywhere near as effective as it was.
[20:01] <@Grunny> Yeah, with the triage I figure we can get rid of the low/medium/high bit
[20:01] <@GreenTentacle> At first we all focused on the highs.
[20:01] <@ChackJadson> KOed!
[20:01] <@Grunny> And just use it as a reference if anything
[20:01] <@GreenTentacle> But then people started wandering off and now our votes are all over the place again.
[20:01] <@ChackJadson> yeah
[20:01] <@Grunny> Yeah
[20:01] <@ChackJadson> vote to remove high/low/kill bits then
[20:01] <@GreenTentacle> In which case it just becomes an unnecessary level of bureaucracy.
[20:02] <@ChackJadson> I vote remove
[20:02] <@GreenTentacle> Either remove or start paying attention to.
[20:02] <@IFYLOFD> I vote keep.
[20:02] <@GreenTentacle> It really did work when we stayed focused.
[20:02] <@IFYLOFD> Start paying attention to it, dammit. We had that part for a reason.
[20:02] <@ChackJadson> others?
[20:02] <@GreenTentacle> Oh, and INQCON isn't well used either.
[20:03] <@ChackJadson> no, it's not
[20:03] <@ChackJadson> I support removing that too
[20:03] <@IFYLOFD> I support keeping it.
[20:03] <@ChackJadson> Toprawa, Tommy9281, Grunny, Fiolli, Darth_Culator, CavalierOne
[20:03] <@ChackJadson> ?
[20:03] <@IFYLOFD> It's useful when we actually pay attention to it.
[20:03] <@IFYLOFD> So let's just pay attention to it.
[20:03] <@Toprawa> what?
[20:03] <@Tommy9281> I think it works but becomes kinda useless after a while
[20:03] <@ChackJadson> voting to remove INQCON and high/low/kill section on Triage
[20:03] <@Toprawa> removing Inqcon?
[20:03] <@Toprawa> PLEASE
[20:04] <@GreenTentacle> There's been cases of non-Inqs changing INQCON just because an Inq has objected.
[20:04] <@GreenTentacle> Which is not necessarily correct.
[20:04] <@Tommy9281> Yeah, we can remove for now.
[20:04] <@GreenTentacle> And many Inqs (including me) forget it entirely.
[20:04] <@Grunny> I just say remove, it seems more like a quick fix that worked but wasn't sustained
[20:04] <@IFYLOFD> I vote to keep both.
[20:04] <@Fiolli> I like the INQCON, I don't like the Triage.
[20:04] <@Tommy9281> Vice versa
[20:04] * @ChackJadson (n=chatzill@wikia/ChackJadson) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[20:04] <@GreenTentacle> Per Tommy.
[20:04] <@Toprawa> Remove both of them
[20:04] <@Darth_Culator> I like the triage a lot. Inqcon, I can take or leave.
[20:04] <@CavalierOne> At the moment, we have a crapload of noms that are not being dealt with, and too many systems to control the voting that aren't being used. Lets streamline the procedure and try and get back to simply reviewing.
[20:05] <@Toprawa> I don't listen to the Triage
[20:05] <@Grunny> I say remove Inqcon
[20:05] <@Toprawa> I review whatever the hell I want
[20:05] <@GreenTentacle> And per Cav.
[20:05] <@CavalierOne> We could suspend both for the foreseeable.
[20:05] <@Grunny> Keep triage but get rid of high/medium/low
[20:05] <@Fiolli> I think INQCON is useful; the Triage seems... well it has followed what my initial concerns were.
[20:05] <@Grunny> Use it as a reference for people to easily see number of votes, length of article, etc.
[20:05] <@CavalierOne> Try to clear noms from the page, and then reasses their usefulness when we have a manageable page again.
[20:05] <@Fiolli> The INQCON would be even more useful, I believe if we had a lot of active reviewers.
[20:06] * ChackJadson (n=chatzill@wikia/ChackJadson) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[20:06] * ChanServ sets mode: +o ChackJadson
[20:06] * Nuku-Nuku sets mode: +o ChackJadson
[20:06] <@Tommy9281> Per Cav
[20:06] <@GreenTentacle> I could go for Grunny's suggestion.
[20:06] <@ChackJadson> what was it?
[20:06] <@Fiolli> I have to run, guys. Whatever you decide will ultimately be fine with me.
[20:06] <@GreenTentacle> Then it helps us to decide what to read rather than telling us.
[20:06] <@Grunny> I think it's easier than scrolling through the FAN
[20:06] <@ChackJadson> bye
[20:06] <@Fiolli> Later, all. It has been fun.
[20:06] <@Toprawa> later
[20:06] * @Fiolli (n=Fiolli@wikia/Jedimasterfiolli) Quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.0.14/2009082707]")
[20:06] <@GreenTentacle> [01:05] <Grunny> Keep triage but get rid of high/medium/low
[20:06] <@GreenTentacle> [01:05] <Grunny> Use it as a reference for people to easily see number of votes, length of article, etc.
[20:07] <@ChackJadson> thanks GT
[20:07] <@Toprawa> I like that idea ^
[20:07] <@ChackJadson> yes, that what I proposed
[20:07] <@ChackJadson> not removing the page
[20:07] <@ChackJadson> just the one section on high/low/kill
[20:07] <@ChackJadson> who else supports?
[20:07] <@GreenTentacle> And the INQCON?
[20:07] <@Tommy9281> Lance
[20:07] <@IFYLOFD> I support keeping them both.
[20:07] <@ChackJadson> GT: I am doing that separately
[20:07] <@Toprawa> Kill Inqcon
[20:07] <@IFYLOFD> I find them both useful.
[20:08] <@ChackJadson> well, Triage is removed per Grunny's suggestion
[20:08] <@ChackJadson> INQCON, I say kill
[20:08] <@GreenTentacle> Kill.
[20:08] <@Grunny> Kill.
[20:08] <@IFYLOFD> Keep.
[20:08] <@GreenTentacle> Both good ideas in theory but not helping that much in practice.
[20:08] <@ChackJadson> Cav, Culator?
[20:08] <@ChackJadson> yes
[20:08] <@Toprawa> I just think it's unnecessary, and it's been proven to have the potential for misuse by morons
[20:08] <@CavalierOne> Kill if need be.
[20:08] <@GreenTentacle> Heh.
[20:09] <@GreenTentacle> We can always bring them back if needed.
[20:09] <@ChackJadson> sorry for my recent absence and lack of reviewing, btw; should continue for a few more weeks
[20:09] <@ChackJadson> but anyway, INQCON is dead
[20:09] <@Toprawa> <GreenTentacle> Both good ideas in theory but not helping that much in practice.
[20:09] <@Toprawa> like Communism?
[20:09] <@ChackJadson> XD
[20:09] <@GreenTentacle> Indeed.
[20:09] <@Darth_Culator> Communism isn't even a good idea in theory.
[20:09] <@Grunny> Haha
[20:09] <@ChackJadson> ok, anyone else have items for discussion?
[20:09] <@ChackJadson> meeting adjourned!

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