[14:05]	CC7567	First up are probed articles from last meeting
	Toprawa	There's still a maintenance tag on that one
	CC7567	Kill, then
	Jujiggum	Kill
	grunny	killit
[14:07]	Toprawa	Kill
	CC7567 is change since last meeting, just fyi
	Battle of Grassy Plains killed (since last meeting)
[14:08]	Jujiggum	Appears to be fixed. Keep
	PurpleTentacle	Hang on!
	Grassy plains has multiple keep votes.
	CC7567	No one saw fit to remove {{Moresources}}, apparently
	Toprawa	I doubt they saw it period
[14:09]	CC7567	Aside from Databank entries, there were only about six sources added
	Still looks rather incomplete to me
	Back to Dark Side Elite
[14:10]	PurpleTentacle	Er, that's still not a kill.
	PurpleTentacle	We have rules.
	Jujiggum	Isn't it?
	Toprawa	If we're upholding the legitimacy of the tag, I contend this is an instance where we overrule the absentees
	PurpleTentacle	You can't kill with two keep votes.
	Jujiggum	I thought those not present at meetings had their votes overruled
	If those at the meeting outnumbered them
	PurpleTentacle	Since when?
	Toprawa	Unless any of those absentee comments specifically reference the tag
	CC7567	Battle of Grassy Plains: Keep. Corellian Premier took care of every objection. If there's any more cleanup to be done, it's probably minor sofixit stuff. If it's actually not-so-minor, extend, and tell Premier exactly what needs to be done. -- Menkooroo
	Jujiggum	Exactly
	Toprawa	GT, we've been doing this for five months now
	PurpleTentacle	Five kill with less than two keeps.
	Toprawa	Where have you been?
[14:11]	PurpleTentacle	Feh.
	Then what's the point of leaving notes?
	Toprawa	The point is to make sure you look over an article completely
	Jujiggum	Because you might bring up something that other people haven't seen yet
	The people at the meeting, I mean
	Toprawa	This is a case of sheer laziness, in my estimation
[14:12]	Jujiggum	In fairness, that
	Toprawa	People simply not scrolling down through the entirety of the article
	PurpleTentacle	I'll admit I missed that.
	Jujiggum	yeah
	PurpleTentacle	Looked at the diffs.
	Jujiggum	people just look at the changes
	and didn't scroll down
	PurpleTentacle	But it's still being worked on, so extend seems fair.
	Toprawa	I could adjust my vote to extend
[14:13]	CC7567	Actually, Mauser was the one who added the tag, just a few days ago:
	Extend based on that, then?
	Jujiggum	If he knows which sources to add, why the hell did he not just add the sources??
	But yeah, extend
	CC7567	He's Mauser
	Toprawa	If we're still working on it, that's fair to me
	that ^
	Jujiggum	sighs
[14:14]	CC7567	Battle of Grassy Plains extended
	PurpleTentacle	Anyway, I'm officially not at this meeting.
	Notes on the page.
	Overrule me if you want.
	Night all.
	|<--	PurpleTentacle has left freenode (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 6.0.2/20110902133214])
[14:15]	CC7567	Back to Dark Side Elite: states that there were still a lot of 2007-era FA relics in the article
	And they're still there, apparently
	|<--	GreenTentacle has left freenode (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 6.0.2/20110902133214])
	CC7567	They weren't actually added to the Inq entry page, but I still vote kill
[14:16]	Jujiggum	Actually, on second look, yeah, lots of little mishaps I'm seeing as I read through the article
	Kill, then
	Toprawa	Kill
	CC7567	Dark Side Elite killed
[14:17]	Jujiggum	No changes since last meeting. Kill
	Hang on, Menkooroo left something in his notes
	Jujiggum	Okay
	CC7567	Ossus: Extend. The initial objections were dealt with, but more were brought up at Meeting 43. The objections brought up there seem pretty minor --- moving the info from one section into another and expanding the bts, so I'll gladly take care of them. I've been really busy lately and barely had time to finish Sagoro and Jace, so it'll have to wait until after the meeting. If nobody else took... of it, it's probably because the new objections weren't added to this page. If you grant me a little more time, I'll deal with the outstanding objections. Sorry that I wasn't able to do it this week.
[14:18]	Extend per him
	Jujiggum	Ah, I'm good with extending, then
	CC7567	Absentees vote extend, too
	grunny	extend
	Toprawa	isn't this the article we agreed the Flora and fauna should be combined with Description?
	I'm willing to dig through the previous log if no one remembers
	CC7567	Yeah, it is
	I got the log open
[14:19]	Toprawa	and which was apparently ignored, in that case
	CC7567	Oh, hmm....
	Toprawa	I vote extend/kill/whatever on that alone
	CC7567	They were highlighted at last meeting but never got fixed
	Toprawa	Perhaps it was simply an Inq neglecting to add it to the to-do list
	but either way
	CC7567	Menkooroo is apparently volunteering to do it if we continue to extend for him
	Toprawa	Fine with me
	Jujiggum	Aye
	CC7567	Ossus extended
	Toprawa	all that has to be done is change it from == to ===
[14:20]	CC7567
	I've glanced through Menkooroo's copy-edit, at least, and it appears good, so keep
	Toprawa	Keep
	Jujiggum	Keep
	CC7567	Absentees vote keep
	grunny	keep
	CC7567	Dallin kept
	Jujiggum	Do you guys think those were major enough changes for a redux?
	CC7567	Oh, good point
[14:22]	Well, Redux is usually for additions of new info (like from updates), if I'm not mistaken
	Jujiggum	Just scrolling down I see a bunch of redirects, so it
	*it's not that hard to believe there might be other little things like that
	I thought we can use it for basically any major changes though, right?
	CC7567	Actually, yeah
	Shall we Redux Dallin and Autem to check the new additions?
[14:23]	grunny	sure
	Jujiggum	Yeah, redux
	grunny	redux
	Toprawa	Redux
	CC7567	Dallin and Autem Reduxed
	Now articles that were just probed at last meeting
	Okay, this one I'm less hesitant about
	The stuff from last time (just that update) was done, but I saw and changed some rather poor 2007-era stuff when I looked at it a few days ago
	*more hesitant
	Toprawa	As usual with an article like this, the length of the P/T concerns me
[14:25]	This article is from the time when no one gave a crap about the P/T
	we just wrote he was brave and he cared for his fellow man, and that was it
	Jujiggum	Yeah
	Jujiggum	Do you want to extend on that, then?
	Toprawa	I would support that
[14:26]	Jujiggum	Looking at it closer, too, I see lots of missing context
	CC7567	I would say extend or redux, though I'm not sure if there's cause for the latter (there wasn't a lot of new additions, persay)
	But yeah, there's context missing and just general copy-edit-needing stuff to be done
	grunny	extend for now
	Jujiggum	Extend
	CC7567	Kolar extended for copy-edit, addition of context in numerous places, and general copy-edit
[14:27]	...
	*extended for copy-edit and addition of context in numerous places
	grunny	....
	Jujiggum	lol
	Oy vey.
	Jujiggum	Kill
[14:28]	CC7567	Kill, no change except another novel to add to the article
	Culator|Away	I'd really prefer to extend that one.
	Toprawa	Kill
	Culator|Away	It's not a bad article. Someone just need to update the damn thing.
	CC7567	*Kolar also needs P&T beefing up
	Jujiggum	I'd love to help out on Jag, but I just don't have the time right now, and I don't see anyone else doing it
[14:29]	grunny	I'd agree, but we'd need someone who actually is willing to update it
	CC7567	I would say extend if someone had at least started doing /something/ , but no one has, and I don't feel safe with wishful thinking
	Culator|Away	Hell, I'd do it if I wasn;t busy playing TOR.
	grunny	with Havac gone walkabouts
	Jujiggum	Also, his P&T is /severely/ lacking
	grunny	yes
	CC7567	Plus, we'd end up Reduxing with all the recent stuff—not to say that's a bad thing, but it's the same result in the end
[14:30]	Jujiggum	Yeah
	CC7567	Jagged Fel killed
	Same story
	Jujiggum	Yep
[14:31]	That P&A is awful...
	CC7567	3 absentees for extend, 1 for kill
	grunny	yeah, though that would be a pain to go through the FAN again with...
	CC7567	Sucks for whoever does that
	Culator|Away	I say extend that one also.
	grunny	is anyone working on it?
	Jujiggum	Nope
	It needs an update for /Conviction/
	Not just /Ascension/
	Toprawa	Is it a substantial update?
	like a whole novel worth of crap?
	or novels*
[14:32]	Jujiggum	He wasn't one of the main characters in the novels
	But yes, it's substantial for both bio and P&T
	And since Conviction was /months/ ago
	grunny	I only see one absentee vote for extend, three for kill
	Jujiggum	...
	Toprawa	I'd be more willing to grant extend if it wasn't a huge chunk missing
[14:33]	but it sounds like it's a lot of work with no imminent progress
	CC7567	Cav, Tommy, and Tranner /kinda/ say extend but defer to those at the meeting
	Jagged Fel, Corran Horn - I'd hate to see these articles dropped, but if consensus is for kill, then so be it
	Corran Horn killed
	grunny	Menk, Cav, Xd, and GT all say kill
[14:34]	CC7567	Oh, nevermind
	Toprawa	I just haven't had time to do this
	Jujiggum	No changes
	Toprawa	I haven't had time to do any editing at all recently
	I'm comfortable with whatever you guys decide
[14:35]	I'll certainly try and have it done by next meeting in any event
	Jujiggum	Do you want to request an extend? If you do, that's fine -- this doesn't need nearly as big an update as Corran or Jag
	CC7567	Jon, what's your take? Is there a lot of new info?
	Yeah, Cav says there isn't too much
	Toprawa	yeah, that would be the only grounds for an extend, IMO
	it's not a big update
	Culator|Away	Extend is fine, assuming it gets done.
	Toprawa	two small paragraphs at most, probably
	Jujiggum	Basically, just mention that the /Vote Snaplaunce/ existed
	Toprawa	yeah
	grunny	I'd be willing to extend under Tope's assurance that he'll do it
	Toprawa	if you guys want to extend, that's fine with me too
[14:36]	CC7567	Extend with (some) mercy
	Toprawa	I have the damn book
	I just need to find time to do it
	I should be more open in a few weeks
	CC7567	Sure
	TIE/sh shuttle extended
	Toprawa	thanks
	Jujiggum	Aye
	Heh extend
[14:37]	CC7567
	Jujiggum	Some things were taken care of, but not all
	ie P&T hasn't been fixed yet
	Toprawa	I'd say it still needs a general copyedit
	CC7567	Rune Haako: Extend. Fourdot took care of most of the outstanding objections, and he and I have been working together to beef up the Sources list. Update from the Character Encyclopedia should come very soon. As with Ossus, you have my word that I'll work on this.
	Extend on that
[14:38]	Toprawa	redirected, unitalicized book title links in in-line text tells me it needs a cleanup
	Jujiggum	Hmm, okay. But it'll probably need a redux afterward
	Extend for now though
	Toprawa	Extend with all of that
	CC7567	Rune Haako extended with the understanding that it will get a copy-edit and cleanup, and probably be sent to Redux after that
[14:39]	Kay, no other old articles I can see
	On to the new!
	Update needed from an Insider 127 excerpt of Shadow Games
	Jujiggum	Probe
	Toprawa	Probe
	grunny	probify
[14:40]	CC7567	Absentees say probe
	Canderous Ordo probed
	Probe everything save for the articles still on the RFAN page (Naga Sadow, Voss Parck, and Daric LaRone), as we specifically decided that we wouldn't probe anything still on the RFAN page. Voss and Daric have objections more than three weeks old, though, so if someone wants to vote them off the page before Sunday's meeting, go for it. Menkooroo 07:17, September 9, 2011 (UTC)
[14:41]	Toprawa	I would be ok with voting stuff off
	Jujiggum	Same here
	CC7567	I suppose we leave LaRone alone for now, though I honestly can't see that big an update getting done on the RFAN
	Hopefully it will
	Spare LaRone?
	Jujiggum	(I'm going to have to run in about 15 minutes, just in case we're not done by then)
[14:42]	Toprawa	give me a reason to spare it, at least
	What's your justification?
	Jujiggum	I'm good either way.
	CC7567	I'm trying to look for what Menkooroo's referencing
	This was from two meetings ago, I believe
[14:43]	I'm fine either way, but if we probe it, we need to make sure that the rules either get changed or are set in stone for future meetings
[14:44]	Anyone?
	Jujiggum	Well, if we probed, we'd first vote it off the RFAN since we have enough of us to do so, right? So we'd not be breaking any rules
	grunny	spare under the previous Inq rule
	I don't mind waiting a little longer for it to get voted off the RFAN
[14:45]	Toprawa	whatever works
	let's just keep this meeting moving
	Jujiggum	Aye
	grunny	^
	CC7567	Let's vote LaRone off the RFAN and probe
	Toprawa	Fine
	Whatever is fine with me
	Jujiggum	Sure. Remove it, and then probe it
[14:46]	CC7567	LaRone voted off RFAN and probed
	Toprawa	hah
	Toprawa	how is there an update needed from a 2001 book
	CC7567	*
	Toprawa	that's amusing
	Jujiggum	heh
	CC7567	Revision as of 14:48, 8 August 2011 (edit) (undo)
	Zakor1138 (Talk | contribs | block)
	(Refering to Jacen Solo's rock lizard)
[14:47]	Toprawa	Probe it
	CC7567	Havac is bad
	Jujiggum	Probe
	CC7567	Caedus probed
	The first of many, I'm sure
	Update for Ascension?
	Jujiggum	I guess. I honestly don't remember his role in it, so it must've been pretty minor
	But yeah, probe
	Toprawa	Probe
[14:48]	CC7567	Darklighter probed
	Update for a recent TCW book
	Jujiggum	Probe
	Toprawa	Probe
	CC7567	Nachkt probed
	Update for Choices of One
	Jujiggum	Probe
	Toprawa	Probe
	CC7567	Pellaeon probed
	I'm getting really irritated with this one....
	Jujiggum	Probe
	CC7567	I'm not sure what Jaina Solo's status is, so I'll defer to Jugs on that one. Menkooroo 07:17, September 9, 2011 (UTC)
	Jujiggum	P&T is severely lacking, as is the P&A
[14:49]	CC7567	Probe
	Toprawa	Probe, with a severe inclination to want to kill
	CC7567	Jaina Solo probed
	Jujiggum	heh
	CC7567	sigh
	CC7567	*sighs
	Choices of One update
	grunny	probe
	Jujiggum	Probe
[14:50]	Toprawa	probe
	CC7567	Jorj Car'das probed
	Same story as Nachkt (TCW book)
	Jujiggum	Probe it
	grunny	probe
	CC7567	Katuunko probed
	Knight Errant update, apparently
	Jujiggum	Probe
	Toprawa	probe
	CC7567	Probe
[14:51]	Jujiggum	Although i don't remember what was mentioned about him...
	grunny	his son
	CC7567	Kressh probed
	grunny	elcho was mentioned in Knight Errant a few times
[14:52]	Jujiggum	Spare Sadow, it's on the RFAN
	CC7567	Hmm
	Toprawa	Spare it
	CC7567	The update tag was added in July (
	Jujiggum	no outstanding objections to remove it
	CC7567	And the update isn't currently an objection on the RFAN, actually
	Toprawa	We should add it, then
	CC7567	Tm_T has been working on the article since then, but the update hasn't gotten covered yet
	Jujiggum	Yeah
	grunny	spare and add it to RFAN objections
	Jujiggum	FWIW, it's a pretty minor update
[14:53]	CC7567	To me it looks like the whole timeline of Great Hyperspace War within this article needs to be rewritten as how it is now described just doesn't fit with the information from Lost Tribe of the Sith ebooks. And thus, should this be removed from here and be moved to redux? Or simply dropped the status and renominate when the work is done? –Tm_T (Talk) 14:53, September 3, 2011 (UTC)
	Tm_T is both objecting to the nom and working on it at the same tim
	Jujiggum	Nice.
	CC7567	It looks like he's requesting removal here
	grunny	multitasking
	CC7567	I would vote remove from the RFAN and move to Redux, based on all of this
	The article's potentially going to get an overhaul
[14:54]	Jujiggum	Eh, works for me
	Remove and redux
	Toprawa	Fine
	grunny	fine by me
[14:55]	CC7567	Kressh removed from RFAN and sent to Redux for update for Pantheon and possible overhaul based on the Lost Tribe of the Sith books
	*Sadow, sorry
	Exile and Ascension update tag
	Jujiggum	Probe
	Toprawa	Probe
	CC7567	Probe
	Dorvald probed
	Update for Ascension
[14:56]	(Anything else, Jon?)
	Jujiggum	Nope, pretty much same situation as Gavin. Probe.
	CC7567	Probe
	grunny	probe
	Toprawa	Probe
	Jujiggum	I've got to run guys, sorry. As a note on Bob's discussion item later, I'd suggest reduxing.
	CC7567	Celchu probed
	|<--	Jujiggum has left freenode (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 5.0/20110615151330])
[14:57]	RFAN candidate, but the objection (Choices of One update, same thing as the tag) is currently outstanding
	I vote remove from RFAN and probe
	as do the absentees
	Toprawa	Do it
	CC7567	(well, the absentees kinda say that)
[14:58]	Voss Parck probed redlink in the infobox
	Toprawa	That looks like it needs an actual reference note
	grunny	probe
[14:59]	CC7567	Tope: yeah, probably
	Toprawa	since it's probably derived from certain info
	but probe
	CC7567	Rokko probed, requiring handling of infobox redlink and perhaps the addition of a source note, in which case the entire article would require referencing
[15:00]	Recent RFAN failure:
	Toprawa	That article needs to be amended to match the LG format as well
	grunny	probe
	CC7567	Guardian of Forever probed for issues listed above
[15:01]	Outstanding RFAN stuff:
	Toprawa	Probe
	CC7567	With absentee votes, The Keeper probed
	(under 1000 words, I believe)
[15:02]	Toprawa	Probe
	grunny	probe
	CC7567	Ives probed
	Toprawa	That should be noted to be checked for if it's nto already
	CC7567	Sure thing
	Darth Plagueis – really needs updating for current FA standards. Lack of linking, various grammar errors, general copy-edit-needing places, and messy succession boxes are apparent for an article that will soon need a major overhaul. CC7567 (talk) 03:07, August 26, 2011 (UTC)
	Might I also suggest a stub page for "spontaneous generation," as it is currently linked to Wikipedia? And I made some grammar corrections while I looked it over. Trak Nar Ramble on 07:36, August 30, 2011 (UTC)
	Toprawa	Probe
	CC7567	Probe
	grunny	probe
[15:03]	CC7567	Plagueis probed requires Choices of One update
	according to Mauser
	Toprawa	Probe
[15:04]	CC7567	Zaarin probed
	Hey, guys, just a heads up that I recently overhauled Squib, both to incorporate information from Ascension and to bring it up to current standards, as shown here. I'm not sure if this merits a redux, but I wanted to bring the matter to your attention. Thanks, ~SavageBOB sig.png 21:49, August 31, 2011 (UTC)
	Toprawa	depends how much stuff was added
	I would absolutely say yes from that
	We need your vote
[15:06]	grunny	redux
	Culator|Away	Quite.
	CC7567	Squib Reduxed
	Culator|Away	Also, belatedly, God dammit Zahn.
	CC7567	Anyone have any more new articles?
	grunny	lol
[15:07]	Toprawa	possibly
	Culator|Away	Unless 4dot does it, which he won't, I'm going to have to update Zaarin. Or GT will.
	Toprawa	one second
	CC7567	I'm looking at right now, and I see both and have outstanding objections
[15:08]	Both users handling them have been here recently but haven't fixed the stuff yet
	Wait...actually, this doesn't fall under new articles
	Hold on those Reduxes
	Mauser just added this update tag
	probably should probe it for the update
[15:09]	CC7567	Probe per Tope
	Culator|Away or Grunny?
	Culator|Away	Dammit, Zahn. Again.
	Yes, probe.
	CC7567	Executor probed
[15:10]	Okay, back to the stuff above: and have outstanding objections on the Redux page
	Shall we vote to kill?
	Toprawa	how old are each objection?
[15:11]	CC7567	Brashin's is over a month; Fives has several that are over three weeks
	Toprawa	Kill from me
	CC7567	bumps Culator|Away and Grunny
[15:12]	Culator|Away	That's plenty of time. Kill.
	CC7567	Brashin and Fives killed from Redux
	Kay, anyone have any other articles that might need to be probed or Reduxed?
	Toprawa	Nope
[15:13]	Xd is up for both Inq duties this time
	CC7567	Oh, I pity him
	Kay, that's it for Meeting 44, guys
	Thanks for hanging around this long

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