Official Friends of Wookieepedia are web sites or individuals that Wookieepedia publicly endorses, and in turn, they publicly endorse Wookieepedia.

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Official Friends of Wookieepedia

Club Jade

Club Jade is an online community that started in 1995 for discussion of Star Wars novels. Dark Spork, webmaster of Club Jade, designed Wookieepedia's current logo, and the Club Jade website has a permanent link to Wookieepedia.

Daniel Wallace

Daniel Wallace is a veteran Star Wars writer, who has penned several Essential Guides titles in addition to numerous articles for the Star Wars Insider. He is very active in the Star Wars community and confesses to being "a giant fan of Wookieepedia".

Indiana Jones Wiki

The Indiana Jones Wiki is Fandom's home for the Indiana Jones saga. This online encyclopedia covering all things Indiana Jones began in September 2005. Wookieepedia is proud to bring Star Wars and Indiana Jones, Lucasfilm's principal franchises, together in official friendship!

Lego Star Wars Wiki

The Lego Star Wars Wiki is an online encyclopedia about Lego Star Wars toys and games. The wiki was originally founded by Grubish360 in August 2007 and continued its growth under the leadership of Jedimca0.

Star Wars Fanboy Association

The Star Wars Fanboy Association (SWFA) is a website that features varied Star Wars articles and essays from authors such as Pablo Hidalgo, Abel G. Peña, and Daniel Wallace. Many SWFA members went on to contribute to the Expanded Universe.

Star Wars Fanpedia

Star Wars Fanpedia is a wikia dedicated to reporting on and discussing news and rumors relating to Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, Star Wars Rebels, the stand-alone films, and all other future Star Wars projects. Its secondary focus is to document the many different forms of non-canon Star Wars fan activity, including fan clubs, fan films, and fan websites.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki

Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki is a wiki dedicated to the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG by BioWare.


SWGames is a wiki dedicated to the gaming side of Star Wars.


TeeKay-421 is the Belgian Star Wars Fanclub. It is run by Tim Veekhoven, a well known Star Wars fan who has contributed no less than 3 entries to the Databank, and is a casual Wookieepedian. TeeKay-421 helped celebrate Wookieepedia's First Anniversary, and has interviewed one of our administrators for its magazine., the Transformers Wiki, is a wiki dedicated to the world of Transformers, with unique Star Wars "Crossovers" content.

Tom Hodges

Tom Hodges is a Star Wars artist whose work includes Reversal of Fortune, Evasive Action: Recruitment, Evasive Action: Prey, The Mandalorians: People and Culture, and You Can Draw: Star Wars.

Nominations and selection process

If you are a member of a site that would like to be an Official Friend of Wookieepedia, or if you just want to nominate another site, please see Official Friends of Wookieepedia/Nominations.