"Without McQuarrie, there wouldn't be a Darth Vader helmet, or a Boba Fett suit, or Storm Trooper armor, which means you would have spent an entire decade of your childhood dressing up each Halloween as a ghost or a skeleton or some bullshit. Unless you did do that, in which case, you should watch Star Wars, it's really good."
―On Ralph McQuarrie, from Cracked's "7 Artists Who Secretly Made Your Favorite Movies" by David Christopher Bell[src]


  1. NaruHina Talk Anakinsolo 02:43, May 15, 2012 (UTC)
  2. Clone Commander Lee Talk 11:04, May 15, 2012 (UTC)
  3. IFYLOFD (Floyd's crib) 00:09, May 17, 2012 (UTC)
  4. Menkooroo 02:47, May 18, 2012 (UTC)
  5. Sometimes Cracked is good. Gal-icon OLIOSTER (talk) 15:27, June 10, 2012 (UTC)
  6. —MJ— War Room Sunday, June 17, 2012, 01:48 UTC
  7. TIEPilot051999 01:39, June 18, 2012 (UTC)
  8. LOL {{SUBST:User:Darth henry/Sig 2}} 19:02, June 27, 2012 (UTC)
  9. Cavalier OneFarStar(Squadron channel) 11:30, June 28, 2012 (UTC)
  10. With much respect to a fellow artist who helped influence my painting style. Trak Nar Ramble on 03:27, July 1, 2012 (UTC)



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