The requests for protection page is where users can request permanent or temporary page protection. Alternately, this page is also used to request unprotection once the dispute has been resolved.


Wookieepedia administrators can raise and lower protection levels at will to prevent vandalism.

Page protection is an administrative power that restricts editing access to certain types of users. Pages can be semi-protected, which means that anonymous and users who have had a registered Wookieepedia account for fewer than four days cannot edit the page or any of its sections. For more severe situations, pages can also be given full protection (aka "locked"), meaning that only the administrators can edit it. An example of a page that is permanently locked is the Main Page. (So don't ask for it to be unprotected.)

In addition, users can request unconditional protection and unprotection of pages in their userspace, like user pages, signature pseudo-templates and talk page archives. Talk pages themselves, however, can only be protected in case of repetitive vandalism. For a more detailed explanation of what pages can or should be protected, see Wookieepedia:Protection policy.

Please add a new request for protection/unprotection under the appropriate heading, either "Requests for protection" or "Requests for unprotection," in the following format:

===Current date=== 
#[[Article name]] Give a brief reasoning for changing the page's protection level. Sign with your signature (by typing ~~~~).
#*Subsequent details should be added under the initial report in this form.

A member of the friendly administration will then review your request and make a decision. (Note to Mods: All administrative postings on this matter are encompassed under administrative autonomy.)

Always preview the page before submitting your report to avoid problems with formatting.

Listings on this page will be removed after one month and stored in the archive.

Also, one can approach an individual administrator and request for a page to be locked or protected on their talk page.

Requests for protectionEdit

Requests for unprotectionEdit

June 23, 2017Edit

I would like to request that the protection level be lowered from full to semi or super-semi for:

  • Template:DBhistory says "protected due to being high risk template" in 2006, though no evidence of risk was provided and not a single instance of vandalism had occurred prior. It was briefly lowered and raised again, without explanation, in 2008.
  • Template:Whistory shows this was semi-protected in 2008, then bumped to full protection in 2009 based on a single incident in the intervening seven months (by a user who is now banned). Super-semi would be a reasonable level for this one.

The notes above attempt to document that semi- or super-semi-protection would be sufficient to block the types of vandalism these templates have experienced. (I'd actually be very surprised if super-semi-protected pages were ever vandalized—anyone who creates an account just for vandalism will be blocked before they get to 150 edits, and anyone who's stuck around long enough to make that many good-faith edits probably isn't doing it just to create a platform from which to vandalize later.)

More philosophically, letting long-established users edit pages such as these is a good way to indicate trust in them, strengthening the community. It's an acknowledgement that a wiki is a collaborative platform, and a wide range of people have positive contributions to make. Even minor cosmetic changes improve the wiki, and that burden needn't be on a small group of admins alone.

For things that aren't the Main Page or policy pages or such, it seems easier for an admin to adjust the protection level and allow others to fix things, rather than having to fix everything themselves. It also saves a step, since otherwise a regular user must describe the change to an admin rather than just making it directly. Many hands, light work, and all that rot.

Thanks for considering this. Asithol (talk) 05:37, June 23, 2017 (UTC)

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