Rejected search icon proposalsEdit

Icon What is depicted Reason for rejection
MaxRabbitSearch Max (bunny) Poor crop.
BolaboSearch Bolabo Hujaan Low quality.
RoboLeiaSearch Leia Organa II Poor cropping.
File:DaineSearch.png Daine Jir Poor cropping.
4-LOMSearch 4-LOM Poor placement.
Mastercomsearch Master-Com Poor placement.
HKSearch HK-47 Poor crop.
SionSearch Darth Sion Poor crop.
DurgeSearch Durge Poor crop.
SearchYVH YVH 1 Poor crop.
SearchXizor Xizor Poor crop.
SearchWA7 FLO Poor crop.
SearchVisas Visas Marr Poor crop.
SearchRemote Remote Poor cropping.
SearchKillik Killik Poor crop.
Searchicon28 Tarfful Poor crop.
Searchicon32 Zayne Carrick Poor placement.
Searchicon36 Carth Onasi Poor placement.
Searchicon41 Rugor Nass Poor placement.
Searchicon49 Lando Calrissian Poor cropping.
SearchGH7 GH-7 medical analysis unit Poor placement.
Nexu-search Nexu Poor crop.
Searchiconnuteandrune Nute Gunray and Rune Haako Blurry.
File:BibbleSearch.png Sio Bibble Low quality cropping.
DS-search Death Star Poor crop.
File:ObiWanSearch.png Obi-Wan Kenobi (ANH) Low quality.
File:ROTSObiWanSearch.png Obi-Wan Kenobi (ROTS) Low quality cropping.
Search Kashyyyk Kashyyyk Poor crop.
TT8L-search TT-8L gatekeeper droid Low quality.
Krayt-search Krayt dragon Poor crop.
Gundark-search Gundark Poor crop.
File:Fambaa-search.png Fambaa Poor crop.
File:Han1-search.png Han Solo Low quality.
Luke-search Luke Skywalker Low quality.
Oola-search Oola Low quality.
Rodian-search Rodian Poor crop.
Sarlaac-search Sarlacc Poor crop.
Shistavanen-search Shistavanen Poor crop.
Tauntaunheadbutt-search Tauntaun headbutt Poor crop.
Tauntaun-search Tauntaun Poor crop.
Utai-search Utai Poor crop.
Vaderkneel-search Darth Vader kneeling Low quality.
Wookiees-search Wookiees Low quality.
Aayla-search Aayla Secura Low quality.
Aurra-search Aurra Sing Poor crop.
Leia1-search Leia Organa Poor crop.
Sidious-search Palpatine Poor crop.
Yodacw-search Yoda Poor crop.
Coldclone-search Clone cold assault trooper (concept) Poor crop.
Moncalfem-search Mon Calamari dancer Low quality.
Mygeetan-search Lurmen Low quality.
PolisMassan-search Kallidahin Low quality.
TIEpilot-search TIE pilot Poor crop.
Ironknight-search Iron Knight Poor crop.
Arcgrip-search Advanced Recon Commando Poor crop.
Elscol search Elscol Loro Poor crop.
Voolvifmonn-search Voolvif Monn Low quality.
Guri search Guri Poor crop.
Lukespeeder-search X-34 landspeeder Low quality.
Hologram-search Hologram Low quality.
Dookusaber-search Dooku's lightsaber Poor crop.
Asajjsaber-search Asajj Ventress' lightsabers Poor crop.
CogHood-search Tall-Yor Poor crop.
Deathwatchsearch Death Watch Poor crop.
Flint2-search Flint Poor crop.
TsavongLah-search Tsavong Lah Poor crop.
Daala-search Natasi Daala Artifacts.
LeiaBespin-search Leia Organa Poor crop.
Dexter-search Dexter Jettster Low quality.
SnowKingSearch Snow King Poor crop.
Larry-search Larry Low quality.
Xanatos-search Xanatos Poor crop.
Morlish Veed-search Morlish Veed Poor crop.
Obi-search Obi-Wan Kenobi Low quality.
Sanders-search Harland Sanders Poor crop.
Search ANH heroes Heroes of Yavin Poor crop.
IceOnStick-search Ice-on-a-stick Poor crop.
Durane search Giles Durane Poor crop.
Gryph search Marn Hierogryph Poor crop.
Marstrap search Windy Starkiller's father Low quality.
Muzzer search Muzzer Poor crop.
File:Teebo search.png Teebo Poor crop.
File:Tokkat search.png Tokkat Poor crop.
File:MK09-search.png MK-09 Poor crop.
Callista search Callista Ming Poor crop.
Ulic search Ulic Qel-Droma Poor crop.
EnergizerBunny-search Energizer Bunny Low quality.
Kylesearch Kyle Katarn Poor crop.
CamdroidSearch Hologlide J57 cam droid "Search" text too small.
MaraSearch Mara Jade Skywalker Low quality.
Searchicon15 Gamorrean "Search" text too small.
Searcheyecon Trioculus "Search" text too small.
Searchicon20 Isolder "Search" text too small.
Searchicon23 Gaeriel Captison "Search" text too small.
Searchicon31 Gamorrean "Search" text too small.
Searchicon33 Raana Tey "Search" text too small.
Searchicon graak Graak "Search" text too small.
Searchicon38 Plo Koon "Search" text too small.
Searchicon40 Clone trooper "Search" text too small.
Searchicon44 Jabba Desilijic Tiure "Search" text too small.
Searchicon48 Twi'lek "Search" text too small.
Searchicon50 Deliah Blue "Search" text too small.
Boba Search Boba Fett "Search" text too small.
Searchicon11 Jarael "Search" text too small.
Searchicon12 Zuckuss "Search" text too small.
Searchicon13 Tunroth "Search" text too small.
Searchicon14 Quarsh Panaka "Search" text too small.
Icon3Keyan Keyan Farlander Artifacts.
Searchicontater Darth Tater Artifacts.
Lumiya-search Lumiya Artifacts.
Youngboba-search Boba Fett Low quality.
MSE6-search MSE-6-series repair droid Artifacts.
File:Chewie search.png Chewbacca Awkward image/crop.
Imperial gunner - search Imperial gunner Bad crop.
NRN99-search NR-N99 Persuader-class droid enforcer Overlaps "SEARCH" text.
Searchiconmandaloretheultimate Mandalore the Ultimate "SEARCH" text too small.
Naboocruiser-search J-type diplomatic barge Poor resizing.
YsanneSearch Ysanne Isard Poor resizing.
Icon3Crab LM-432 crab droid Low quality.
Search-jadensfighter Far Wanderer Low quality.
HalagadSearchIcon Halagad Ventor Poor crop.
KaiHudorra-search Kai Hudorra Low quality.
WolfSazen-search Wolf Sazen Poor crop.
Icon3Stagorr Stagorr Poor crop.
Icon3Roan Roan Fel Poor crop.
Icon3Rancor Bull rancor Poor crop.
Icon3Plif Plif Poor crop.
Icon3Orman Orman Tagge Poor crop.
Icon3Keeper The Keeper Poor crop.
Icon3Jerec Jerec Poor crop.
Icon3Flint Flint Awkward crop.
Arrogantus-search Serji-X Arrogantus Poor crop.
Demon-search Smoke Demon Poor crop.
Figurine-search Fairwind unicorn Poor crop.
Itchy-search Attichitcuk Low quality.
Lonn-search Lonn Idd Low quality.
Palpyclone-search Palpatine Poor crop.
Search-appropriate Rasha Bex Poor crop.
Barabel-search Barabel Poor crop.
Eopie-search Eopie Poor crop.
Geonosian-search Geonosian Poor crop.
Graniteslug-search Granite slug Low quality.
Iktotchi-search Iktotchi Poor crop.
Jawa-search Jawa "SEARCH" text distorted.
Maul-search Darth Maul Poor crop.
Nautolan-search Nautolan Poor crop.
Nikto-search Nikto Low quality.
Crumb-search Salacious B. Crumb Low quality.
Aethersprite-search Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor Poor resizing.
Elegos-search Caamasi Poor resizing.
Amidala-search Padmé Amidala Poor resizing.
Imperial Marine-search Imperial Marine Low quality/low contrast.
Celegian search Celegian Tiny artifacts. --Imperialles 17:10, 4 December 2007 (UTC)
Verpine search Verpine Small artifacts.—Darthtyler Scuba_Diver.gif Talk 06:48, 25 November 2007 (UTC)
Falleen search Falleen Artifacts. --Imperialles 17:10, 4 December 2007 (UTC)