This page is a centralized collection of comments from users who disagree with certain speedy deletions (archive, talk page archive).

See also: Contested candidates for speedy deletion.

A polite note: When CSDing images on the basis of having a better version, please provide a link to the better version in the reason.


Place new comments at the bottom of this section. Thank you.

List of candidates for speedy deletionEdit

If nothing is seen, it means there are no pending deletions. (force page update)

PageLast EditLast Contributor
Unidentified Alliance fleet (Red Flight)03:42, December 13, 2017Vitus Infinitus
Mission to Kril'Dor (Nightswan)20:20, December 9, 2017Lewisr
Mission to Keitum11:10, December 9, 2017Lewisr

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