The "Trooper Cadet Plastoid Torsoplate" is a piece of Tier 1 armor, equippable to the Torso slot, that appears in Star Wars: Uprising. It's a member of the "Trooper Armor" armor set and is at its initial evolution level (E0).


Known Location(s)
Sector Battles
General Equation



Stormtrooper Plastoid Torsoplate (Upgrades To)
Trooper Armor Set
Stormtrooper Pack (T1,E1)
Stormtrooper Plastoid Torsoplate (T1,E1)
Trooper Cadet Plastoid Helmet (T1,E0)
Stormtrooper Plastoid Helmet (T1,E1)
Stormtrooper Power Gloves (T1,E1)
Trooper Cadet Power Gloves (T1,E0)
Stormtrooper Plastoid Greaves (T1,E1)
Trooper Cadet Plastoid Greaves (T1,E0)

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