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"I'm not familiar with the type of thing I'm seeing."
Host The Four Dot Elipsis [sic]
Content Director The Four Dot Elipsis
Technical Director Xwing328
Transcript Writer Jorrel Fraajic
Converter Dudes Darth Culator
Seasons 2
Episodes 11

The Wookiee-Cast is a podcast hosted by Thefourdotelipsis. It is dedicated to bringing you Wookieepedia news coverage that is highly satirical in nature. The first episode was released on February 20, 2007.

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Mt. Sorrow, the official mascot of the Wookiee-Cast.

Wookieepedia-based Star Wars news coverage, done in a satirical fashion. But, nevertheless, proper news coverage. Expect regular, pure-Wookieepedia segments as well. Wookiee-Cast does not necessarily represent the opinions of Wookieepedia or its editors. All Star Wars content is subject to the licensing of Lucasfilm Ltd.


Main feed

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For users with iTunes

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Alternate hosts

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Not listening

Early access: playing M4A audio

Wookiee-Cast episodes are released as M4A files first, and converted to MP3 and Ogg Vorbis later. If you can't wait for it to be converted, here are some instructions.


To play AAC files in any DirectShow-compatible media player (like Windows Media Player), install the AAC codec.

  • Download the ZIP archive.
  • Extract it to any folder. Just remember not to delete it.
  • Run register_release.bat.

If you don't care what media player to use, you can use VLC, which can play nearly every audio and video format in existence with the default install.


Both the GStreamer and Xine backends support AAC audio, and your distribution may already have the necessary codecs installed. If not, this means MP3 support is probably also absent by default. If your distribution does not play M4A/AAC files out of the box, consult its official website or IRC channel for information on how to enable them.

If you don't care what media player to use, you can install MPlayer or VLC from your distribution's software repository. Both support AAC playback via the libfaad decoder.


They can be played out of the box.


Episode Length Release date Description Download
Episode I 9:02 February 21, 2007 The first Wookiee-Cast Out of print
Episode II 25:20 February 25, 2007 The second Wookiee-Cast Out of print
Episode III 55:56 March 4, 2007 The third Wookiee-Cast Out of print
Episode IV 40:47 March 13, 2007 The fourth Wookiee-Cast

Out of print

Episode V 60:02 March 19, 2007 The fifth Wookiee-Cast

Out of print

Episode VI 53:45 April 1, 2007 The sixth Wookiee-Cast

Out of print

Episode VII 42:17 April 8, 2007 The seventh Wookiee-Cast

Out of print

Episode VIII 48:38 April 16, 2007 The eighth Wookiee-Cast

Out of print

Episode IX (Part I) 34:15 April 25, 2007 The ninth Wookiee-Cast
Hosted by Solus


Episode IX (Part II) 22:12 April 25, 2007 The ninth Wookiee-Cast
Part II


Episode X 1:59:10 May 7, 2007 The final Wookiee-Cast mp3 ogg
Episode XI 38:52 November 27, 2007 The New Wookiee-Cast: Burl Ives Special Edition m4a mp3 ogg

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