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WookieeProject Entertainment and Culture is a collaborative effort to make Wookieepedia a trustworthy, realiable, and comprehensive database containing everything there is to know about entertainment in the galaxy far far away. From music, dance, performing arts, and food to casinos, clubs, and restaurants, we aim to bring you all the information on how the citizens of the GFFA spend their free time.

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The Upper City Cantina was a drinking and dining establishment located in the Upper City of the Outer Rim ecumenopolis of Taris. The cantina was a place where many Tarisians, including nobles, local merchants, pazaak players, and well-off spacers, enjoyed the galaxy-famous Tarisian ale, as well as the famous dueling ring located there. During the Sith Empire's occupation of that world at the height of the Jedi Civil War, many off-duty Sith troopers and officers from the nearby Tarisian Military Base frequently visited the establishment along with its regular customers and offworlders trapped on the planet because of the quarantine, which was aimed at preventing the escape of Bastila Shan. While in search of a way to rescue the missing Jedi, Galactic Republic officer Carth Onasi and the amnesiac former Dark Lord of the Sith Revan visited the cantina in hopes of gathering information on Taris. The establishment, along with much of the surface of Taris, was destroyed as a result of the orbital bombardment of the planet that had been ordered by Darth Malak.


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