A workbench in Taris's Upper City.

A workbench was a table equipped with various tools needed to upgrade armor, lightsabers, blasters and Melee weapons. It could also be used to break down items into components which could then be used to create another item of similar complexity. However, some weapons couldn't be upgraded, or if could, were limited in upgrade options, for instance: Blaster carbines, Shyarns, Zabrak Heavy Pistols, and Trandoshan Swords weren't fit for upgrades.

Workbenches and lab stations were found on many planets. There was at least one on each planet that Revan and the Jedi Exile visited, with the exception of Korriban. There was, however, one on the Ebon Hawk and T3-M4 could also be used as a workbench.

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