The Worker sector was one of the two sectors of New Apsolon. Its inhabitants were called the Workers, the poorer inhabitants of New Apsolon. Most of the buildings were build cheap, using durasteel or the native gray stone. The crudely built buildings offered no heat during the winter. None of the buildings were higher than six stories. The sector had been closed in by an energy wall until it was taken down after the revolution.


For years the inhabitants of the Worker sector had been suppressed by the Civilized and their secret police, the Absolutes. In 47 BBY they rebelled against their oppressors and managed to install a democratic system on the planet. Memorials, consisting of lighted glass, were placed on the places where Workers had been arrested or killed by the Absolutes. When Qui-Gon Jinn visited the sector in 41 BBY he remarked that it was much cleaner and better maintained than six years before, although it still was in stark contrast to the Civilized sector.


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