"We have a betting pool going on down in Planetary Sciences. If something takes out the World Watch Plaza building in Gorse City in this calendar year, I'm taking my shore leave on Alderaan!"
―Lieutenant Deltic tells Captain Sloane about her bet on the building's destruction[src]

The World Watch Plaza building was a structure built in Gorse City, capital of the planet Gorse. The building served as the headquarters of the media and advertising company Transcept Media Solutions along with its surveillance division Myder's Mynocks. During preparations by the industrialist Denetrius Vidian to destroy Gorse's moon Cynda, the planetary science department on board the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Ultimatum set up a betting pool concerning what destruction the moon's destruction would cause on Gorse with Lieutenant Deltic betting the World Watch Plaza building would be destroyed within a years of the event. Deltic later informed the Ultimatum's Captain Rae Sloane of her bet on the World Watch Plaza building and revealed she hoped to spend her winnings on shore leave to the planet Alderaan.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The World Watch Plaza building was first mentioned in the novel A New Dawn, which was written by John Jackson Miller and released in 2015. In the book's twelfth chapter, the building is accidentally misnamed the "World Window Plaza".


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