"It is true that in the past Major Wortin would have been executed, but we cannot afford to squander our personnel with such abandon anymore."
Ysanne Isard[src]

Wortin was a major in the Imperial Navy.


In 7 ABY, Wortin served at the flight coordinator on the Interdictor Black Asp. When Ysanne Isard issued orders to capture Bror Jace, Wortin failed to prevent the destruction of his X-wing. Because the Galactic Empire was unaware of Jace's plan to fake his own demise, it appeared that Wortin's crew had killed him. Director Isard was displeased, as she wished to imprison Jace in the Lusankya facility for brainwashing.

Wortin insisted that the ship had exploded by accident—which, though unknown to Imperial investigators, was actually true. Kirtan Loor prepared a detailed report on Wortin's "incompetence", and it was his opinion that Wortin should have been executed for his failure. Isard agreed with this conclusion, but the Empire needed to be more conservative in its personnel management. She decided to transfer Wortin to the Inexorable under Thrawn's command.


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