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The Wrath was an Assertor-class Star Dreadnought.


The Wrath was among the first ships of its class to have been developed, prior to the Battle of Yavin, being the only ship in existence other than the lead ship, the Assertor. Like other ships in its class, it acted as a sector command and control ship, and was often flanked by Bellator and Mandator-class dreadnoughts when undergoing fleet maneuvers.[3]

At one point it led a Base Delta Zero operation.[1] It was important enough within the Imperial Navy to necessitate the usage of TIE/D Defenders to accompany it on the mission.[5]

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Similar to the class of Star Dreadnought it belonged to, the Wrath originated as a fanon design by Ansel Hsiao, envisioned as a 15 kilometer long warship with power generation approximately equivalent to 400 Imperial-class Star Destroyers.[6] The design entered continuity when it appeared in The Essential Guide to Warfare, on which Ansel worked as an illustrator. Jason Fry, author of The Essential Guide to Warfare, confirmed in his blog that the class name and specifications have been officially recorded by Lucas Licensing.[2] When questioned about the large amount of TIE/D Defender starfighters during the Wrath's Base Delta Zero operation and at Naval Station Validusia, Hsiao implied that their presence was because of the strategic importance of the ship/its mission and the location, respectively.[5]

According to Hsiao, the Wrath in the BDZ artwork was originally supposed to be focused on the stern as it was beginning the BDZ, with the main engines firing up in order to compensate recoil. However, an editorial decision resulted in him having to flip the vessel around to make it "more clear," and was not able to adjust the turbolaser volleys (which were originally going to be on the central batteries on the hidden side of the ship) to match the new ship. Because of this, Hsiao had to rationalize that it was merely the beginning of the fleet bombardment, but turning to face an enemy force coming in offscreen from behind camera.[7]


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