Writings of Medo-Ja

The Writings of Medo-Ja

"These are the words of Medo-Ja. Greatest healer ever born. Tharal-Ra's disease is incurable. But not for me. Limbs regrown. Hearts uncleaved. One of the Three fell ill. Deadly. Only I could save. Davel-Ka said I could not heal. His vision forbade it. If I healed, it would fail. It was seen. The Three must be preserved. I stepped aside for a young healer. No Voss is perfect. No Voss is above vision."
―Writings of Medo-Ja[src]

The Writings of Medo-Ja were composed by a Voss healer named Medo-Ja many years before his planet was discovered by the galactic society. The writings were etched on a pillar erected outside the Shrine of Healing in the Old Paths. A traveling hero recorded the writings and gave them to Ker-Na.