"I am Raklo-Mo. To me fell the task of breaking tradition. I saw a vision. The Empire and Republic destroyed Voss. I told the interpreters. The interpreters have grown lazy. The took the vision. They did not look at the details. The called the vision false - clearly, Voss was not destroyed. I stood on the Step of Harmony. If the Three did not retrain the interpreters, I would walk out of Voss-Ka. Since, the interpreters have been trained better. We protected our art. It was threatened by outside influences. My vision showed it."
―Writings of Raklo-Mo[src]

The Writings of Raklo-Mo were composed by a Voss Mystic named Raklo-Mo sometime after his planet was discovered by the galactic society. The writings were etched on a carving outside the Shrine of Healing in the Old Paths.


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