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""Ah, home on Kubindi, most beautiful of all worlds. I can almost taste its succulent wroches, its tender termytes! Here, my hive grows the plumpest and tastiest spydrs in the galaxy. Soon we will feast on delicacies you have never imagined!""
―Udin speaks of the delicacies of his homeworld.[src]

Wroches were a food eaten on the planet of Kubindi. The indigenous, sentient Kubaz considered them to be a particularly succulent delicacy. In the year 0 ABY, when the Kubaz Udin returned to his homeworld with a number of bounty hunters, wroches were amongst several delicacies he claimed to be looking forward to eating.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Wroches were first mentioned in 1998 in Star Wars Missions 6: The Search for Grubba the Hutt, a novel written by Dave Wolverton as part of the Star Wars Missions series.


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