The Wroshyr was a saucer-shaped ship that belonged to the Wookiee bounty hunter Chenlambec during the Galactic Civil War. He named it after the Wroshyr trees of his homeworld Kashyyyk.

In 3 ABY shortly after the Battle of Hoth, Chenlambec and his bounty hunting apprentice Tinian I'att boarded Darth Vader's personal flagship, the Executor, as part of an elaborate plan to capture the Trandoshan hunter Bossk. Because their true intentions were not to seek the posted Imperial bounty on the passengers of the Millennium Falcon, the Wroshyr and its crew intentionally docked with the Executor too late to be scrutinized by Vader for the job, though it is uncertain if they were first cleared for the job by Vader's screening crew, who had rejected other hunters.

Chenlambec and I'att formed a partnership with Bossk to secretly lead him away from Han Solo and Chewbacca. To do so, they were forced to embark on their masquerade aboard Bossk's own ship, the Hound's Tooth, and to leave the Wroshyr docked in a hangar bay within the Executor. To formally do so, they were required to pay Imperial docking costs by the day, but Chenlambec would never retrieve his ship. After capturing and collecting an Imperial bounty on Bossk, the two hunters took his ship as their own.

The Wroshyr was left aboard the Executor.

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