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Wuja Wojaine was a female Pydyrian who represented the Almanian sector in the Outer Rim in the Galactic Senate of the Republic before the start of the Clone Wars.


During the Separatist Crisis, Wojaine, a fradulent being, allowed a Thalassian slaver organization—illegal in the Republic—to operate in the Almarian sector while the senator received kickbacks from the Thalssians.

In 22 BBY, it was discovered—along with fellow Senators Tikkes, Bufus Ritsomas, and Danry Ledwellow— that Wojaine was collaborating with the slavers, resulting in all four senators being arrested on corruption charges, as well as having their positions censured. It was later discovered Wojaine had joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems, a separatist movement that had broken away from the Republic.


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