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Wupiupi coins

Wupiupi coins

«Are you going to pay for that? It costs seven wupiupi.»

The wupiupi was a unit of Huttese currency, used in the Outer Rim Territories before the reign of the Galactic Empire. It took sixteen wupiupi to equal a trugut, which itself was a quarter of a peggat. The value of one wupiupi was around 0.625 Galactic Credits, the main currency in use in the galaxy.[1] According to Gragra, a gorgmonger that worked in the marketplace of Mos Espa, the gorgs at her shop cost seven wupiupi.[2] The young Bothan Dorn reported that it took ten thousand wupiupi to smuggle a slave off world,[3] while five wupiupi would generally be enough to buy a ticket to a public slave execution.[4]



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